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  1. I'm a System Analyst who join in this vending world ( and I'm loving it ), I need help to find what the operator want and need. Is there anybody here who use it, Power BI or something like that?
  2. What is me necessary inventory to a month ( or 15 days)??? What is my daily, weekly or monthly sale hate? And more and more questions. Last week I spent about 2 hours to create a report to figure out how much coke ( or Pepsi) I have to buy for a month. Or how long a 40 count box of Lays Classics will last. Then i talked with a cousin which is working with power BI and he said: Power BI is your answer. I sent a message to Vendsoft, they use Google Data Studio, but with only a few reports, not all the data you have in the database. Does anyone here tried
  3. Thank you guys, you are fast. The upgrade is something like this? https://www.dsvendinginc.com/p-1580-d950d-1-inone-kit-ap-lcm-series-machines.aspx I paid $300 for this machine. I think the investment will worth it.
  4. Hi, I've tried to find in the forum something about it, but no look on that. I couldn't find anything specific about it. I have this AP LCM4 and I was thinking about add this reader. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mars-MEI-VN-2712-compact-mask-bill-acceptor-1-20-bills-Tested-good/184519722588?hash=item2af63b865c:g:sC4AAOSw7P9f4OzA Has anyone here tried this before? I will add some photos of my machine here.
  5. I'm just starting in this world of Vending Machines, do you mind to send me a link where I can buy one of this Bill acceptor?
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Created in Google Docs and exported to Word.
  7. Hi, I have this old Dixie Narco, I got it from a route that I bought. The bill acceptor is not working. There is anyone can help me to identify it and choose a bill acceptor compatible? Thanks Diorgenes Mello
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Just need to punch the holes.
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