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  1. Got it figured out now!!! Thanks everyone! 🙂
  2. Yes I did, it would seem Like it’d register, because it showed the price after I pressed the number it was set on, and the # symbol, but then when I preview price after shutting the door and going to the main screen that’s where it shows $2.00 still. We tried even putting change in to what we wanted the price at (example: $1.25) and it would say credit $1.25 it’s weird.
  3. Yes I meant what was in the picture, and that’s what I figured I just wasn’t sure If it had anything to do with the whole machine or not. I did end up following the instructions exactly and it still didn’t seem to work. I’ll keep trying I suppose I was or am just really hoping someone on here will know the exact issue and would be able to help out, thank you though. I know that person was trashing that machine but we have had no issues with it except the pricing for the one we just got, we’ve had zero issues with the other one we’ve had this whole time. We Wanted this one in particular because it’s refrigerated and there haven’t been many that are used that are refrigerated, so that’s why we got this one. I am just hoping there’s some sort of solution to this. I even tried doing the same steps as I did for the vending machine we have had this whole time, and those steps don’t work on this machine so that’s why I looked on the manual, and followed the steps, and still didn’t work.
  4. Thank you so much! I found that manual and printed it off, and followed what it said in there to reset the price and it still didn’t work. So that’s why I Am confused as to why it won’t work. Lol
  5. Thank you for getting that off your chest, but I’m looking for a solution.
  6. We just got a max menu healthy eating VCM 3000 vending machine that my work bought used the place before us programmed everything to 2 dollars, but we don’t want everything to 2 dollars, I go to program it thinking it’s the same way we do with the same vending machine we have in the other shop, it seems to register it, but then when you preview price before entering money it still shows that the price is at 2 dollars we’ve tried everything we can think of. We think that maybe the keypad got switched, the original vending machine we have has the numbers and then 3 blank keys underneath. The vending machine we recently got has the numbers but then under the numbers it has ACD. We contacted the person to ask if there is a manual, but he couldn’t find it. So we’re stuck on what to do. The picture attached is from the machine we just recently bought it’s all a digital board. The original one we have isn’t digital, so we’re thinking it has something to do with what’s programmed on this digital board. I went through the options on that, and there is a system reset but you need a password to do it, and we don’t know the password, so is there any other way we can system reset the whole thing? Or change the price? Thank you
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