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  1. Worked like a charm. I’m going to test all columns again and set the can columns to 2 deep. thanks a million
  2. Update 2/24/2021: so I have the royal 660-12 on site. I’m trying to set it to vend 16.9 Dasani water bottles. I set the rod (product stop) to the first hole for larger vends. I set the sales depth for Column 2 & 8 to 1. I adjusted the retainers to the recommended length for the front (2) - they recommend putting the stop on the 10th notch for the back (8) - they recommend putting the stop on the 7th notch. when I go to test vend multiple bottles fall out. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. 🤨
  3. Update 2/19/2021: So I went in a totally different direction. I was able to procure a RV 660-12 Coca Cola machine for a great price that was closer to me. I was able to get the machine transported to location as well. Can’t believe this is real and finally in motion. Since the machine was placed on its back while transporting. I am waiting the recommended 72 hours before plugging it in. The local Walgreens is currently having a sale on 12 pk cans. Buy 2 get a third pack for free. One pack cost $6.50 each. So essentially for 36 cans it would cost roughly $15 or so. I will be going
  4. Sorry I meant something to put on the floor so it doesn’t mess up the floors at the location. thanks for all the input. I think I’ll just let it sit leveled on the floor on it’s own. I do think I will invest in those sliding discs and heavy duty lifter because the machine is quite heavy.
  5. What are you guys using to support your soda vending machines? Should I be putting the machine on 2 wood blocks? Wood Pallet? Sliding disc you see on as seen on tv? Haha lmk
  6. I did. I reached out directly to royal vendors. You probably missed that post. Thank you for the well wishes.
  7. Update 2/09/2021: I will be moving forward with the Royal Vendors RVCC-660-9 vending machine. I am currently in talks to get the machine transported to where it will live. We got creamed with a massive amount of snow here in NYC. This has slowed the process of getting the machine. When I get the machine I will come back and update. =] This is becoming real!
  8. Thank you for all the advice. This forum is great! So, I spoke with someone at Royal Vendors and they confirmed that I should be good since it is an older machine. The machine is over 15 years old, He confirmed those older machines are phased out of Coke’s line and the older serial numbers - they have no way to look them up anymore. Thank you for the links. Will look into some replacement parts where necessary.
  9. Thank you for the response. How do I go about that?
  10. Update 1/25/2020: I found a pretty beat machine that I was going to get FOR FREE but the “seller” did some funny *hit so that deal fell through. The machine worked but needed some TLC. Now, Im actually in talks to acquire a used Royal RVCC660-9 machine. The guy only wants $300 and it’s only missing the lock and key. Wish me luck! I will come back and update when I get the machine transported and on location.
  11. Welcome! I am brand spanking new and excited to get started. I have one location lined up with no machine =] as yet. I used to frequent Toronto often PRE-COVID (from NYC). Which part/area are you in?
  12. Update 11/30/2020: I went ahead and pitched my friend on having the vending machine at his location and I am pleased to share that he has agreed. We haven’t discussed the structure of the agreement yet. He also shared with me that his clients frequently leave his home (where his studio is currently) to go to the store to purchase drinks and/or snacks. He suggested that the combination could possibly do well as people would knock out 2 birds with one stone while at his new studio. 1. Now, my question is should I revisit a combo machine with snacks that have a longer she
  13. Thanks so much for replying. Whats MDB? When you say coke/Pepsi are giving them away? Do you literally mean Coca Cola/Pepsi brand or you mean resellers with branded machines?
  14. Thank you for all the information. Where do you shop for deals on cans? 12 oz. cans or 16 oz cans? I definitely think I’m going to pitch him on a soda machine. If you know - Where’s a good resource to shop for cc capable used machines?
  15. I am brand new to the vending world with plans on growing a lucrative vending business. I am located in Brooklyn, New York and have a very close friend that just signed the lease to his first tattoo shop. I want to present the idea of placing a vending machine at his brick and mortar location. He is very successful and has clientele booked until May 2021. He plans on bringing more artists at his shop as well. I would want to place a hybrid drink and snack machine at his business to start off - 1 machine purchased refurbished of course. I make decent money with my full time (80k/yr) but w
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