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  1. I've ran across 2 of them on facebook in the last 2 days, thinking they might be royals I was interested...
  2. I have an early gen3 royal 660-9 with a 24V coin mech acting ownry, It was operating fine until I unplugged it-and plugged it back in while the machine was still powered up... Now it either doesn't take coins(Just refunds them) or it just takes the first quarter and refunds the rest.. sometimes the inside coin eject buttons dont work unless I go into the menu and force payout coins and it starts kicking coins out again....if I fool with it enough it starts operating normally so I think I may need a new one. I dont have the model number currently, but could anyone recommend a dependable replace
  3. Im very much a noob so I assumed this was going to be a sold out light. Now I understand. Thank you everyone.
  4. I haven't actually tried vending the empty columns... I just assumed the little orange lights next to the empty selections would automatically be lit orange. I will go try to vend them tomorrow.
  5. Like the title says early GEN 3 Royal 660-9 Machine 99% empty but not showing sold out. I have cans in the columns assigned for selection 1 and can buy a coke, but everything else is empty but none of the sold out lights are on...whats up?
  6. Thank you for your fast reply, I've been reading your posts for months. Do recommend a distributor to buy from?
  7. Got my first early Gen3 Royal 660 machine with a Coinco 24V MAG52BX LED Flashing 7 Times Wont Accept Bills. The first time I every powered up the machine it pulled a bill in and spit it back out once and now it doesn't even try and pull in a bill. Ive unplugged it, filled the coins, cleaned it... still nothing. Any ideas? If it is ruined what would be a good replacement model that will take $1,$5's
  8. I have an early version GEN3 Royal 660-9 that forgets settings and prices every time I unplug the machine. I am assuming its some type of replaceable memory back up battery but I cant seem to find it. Anyone have some insights for a noob? Posting a picture of a board similar to mine.
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