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  1. The seller said the 501E is the 72 inches 🥶
  2. You got a email or number I can contact you with brother because it I get the 501E I Need proper guidance for the machine I want to talk to you direct
  3. Ok bet but I found one for a good price 1695
  4. I feel it thanks for the info but what about the Crane machine I posted is that a heat machine?
  5. I know it’s hard at all but I plan on expanding Big in my city if I can have a entire line of machines that doesn’t need to be serviced with a rod or shim I be winning
  6. I’m damn near ready to just buy this 😂
  7. Bro nobody is ignoring you I want a machine that doesn’t require me to change the shims
  8. I don’t have time to change shims what’s the best deal the V721 or even one like it
  9. I have another question I decided I do NOT WANT a machine that you need to change shims and rods for the can sizes guide me to the best adorable machine that bends with less work
  10. Thanks again for the knowledge angrychris yea I think I’m going to start with the 501E for my first machine✊🏾
  11. Thanks orsd and everyone from the bottom of my heart I appreciate everything you guys have shared with me I wish nothing but good things for y’all and y’all’s business if I have any other questions I will post all love remember ignore the social media black or white all lives matter we belong civil ✊🏾
  12. Ok I think I’m going to go with the 501E American flag best option I think out of all 3?
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