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  1. I dropped off these two machines, a candy claw, and a crazy taxi at my laundromat location on Wednesday... I went on Friday to actually restock the rest of the vending stuff. I also had to do a quick repair to the crazy taxi, replacing the volume pot because it was too scratchy. Anyways... I am happy at the small amount that showed up in the cash boxes in just two days. bouncy balls $1.50 gumballs $6 Candy Crane $8 Crazy Taxi $2 I will be anxious to see where everything is at in a month when I collect again. I told the owner that when the gumballs run out w
  2. I have never used these guys, and I know I just told you not to buy stuff on eBay... but it came up while I was looking. https://www.ebay.com/itm/GET-A-BILL-ACCEPTOR-VALIDATOR-OF-YOUR-CHOICE-FULLY-REFURBISHED/283812716194 There's probably other companies that do a similar service, try looking around for deals.
  3. What is the model number? Or post some pictures of the DBA? depending on the cutout it might be convertible, it might not. Yeah, it's easiest to just get a replacement that is the same model, but there's also a reason you're having to replace it. Not that Mars stuff doesn't die too... it's just better.
  4. I tried the emails and phone number on bulkvending.com 's website... no dice. I think it's just vestigial.
  5. Thanks for the reply @gumball guy! Here's pictures of my machines now on location! The owner wasn't super happy about the gumballs, but I told him to wait a month and see how it does. He is a pretty attentive guy, he even noticed the missing flap on one. I reassured him at least it was on the bouncy ball one, and not the gumballs. I will try to get or make a flap I guess... But since I have two in the same location it would be nice if they matched. In case it helps anyone else... I replaced the 8 D cell battery packs inside with a rechargeable 12v battery pack I got on am
  6. I recently picked up 2 of these Carnival Fun! machines for free! They are so called gumball launchers Model GL-1. One is missing the flap on the prize chute and both are in need of replacements for the flipper rubbers. Does anyone know how to get parts for this machine? I've seen this same machine with other skins such as one called Sports Zone. The flippers themselves are smaller than regular pinball flippers. The rubbers that go on them are yellow and skinny like a rubber band. I got some rechargeable 12v battery banks to replace the 8 D cell battery carrier that it comes with. I b
  7. Open up the machine and look at how it's mounted to the door. Is it in a metal plate? Cut out of a wooden panel? Carraige bolts? weld nuts? just get an idea of how it was mounted and if it was designed to be swapped out or not? If you can read the model number off of the bill reader I'm sure someone out there has one for you. eBay is ok but not really the best place to buy vending equipment. I would get the harnesses probably from the same person you buy the dba from, or you can try building them yourself if you're a DIY guy. You probably want to replace it with a comparable model... I'm
  8. how is it mounted? If possible I would try to switch over to a Mars MEI AE2000 series acceptor. If you have to stick with the pyramid one you should just get a working replacement of the same model and swap it out. I wouldn't switch model unless it's a last resort... because you might as well switch to Mars if you're going to have to get new harnesses and make it mount up flush. Is there a coin acceptor on it though? If so you might want to just run it coin only... rainbow crane's are kind of older.
  9. I started my company Road Dog Amusements in 2020 and formed an LLC as well. I haven't found marketing to be much of a factor tbh. I go by the full name and RDA interchangeably.
  10. I do find the new state patterns kind of annoying. I am visually scanning my quarters as I run them through my counter and I pick out any pennies, nickels, dimes, and foreign coins by hand. All of the different types of quarters makes that process slightly more difficult. Yes you can use a machine with an offsort capability (but they are more expensive, slower, and more prone to breaking).
  11. I, too, have had to go through the laborious process of breaking down a cotton candy machine, and cleaning out the sticky, sludgy mess of detritus inside. I am curious if anyone here is still making money with one of these machines a year after putting them into service?
  12. Your machine is likely from before 2008 when the colored $5 bills came out. It essentially looks like a piece of counterfeit money to the dollar bill acceptors and it's doing its job by rejecting it. Depending on the type of bill acceptor it is you can have it updated to accept newer bills. There is also the chance like you implied that the $5 acceptance is turned off. I would say that you should post either the model or pictures of the validator so that we can assist you better.
  13. I took a look inside my Treasure Chest and it has a completely different PCB. There's an analog looking voltmeter. I have a paper printout of the manual stapled together. Not sure if that's how it comes originally or if it's a copy? It says United Textile Fabricators on it? This one seems to be programmed via a bank of dip switches. Did you still need instructions on how to adjust the machine or did following the manual you linked work?
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