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  1. Can you rephrase this. I recently got a new coin mech thinking that will fix the “use excact change” problem and it didnt go away. But it dosent really need the exact change. So i was wondering if its the motherboard but i dont know anymore.
  2. Hello guys recently i bought a Ap studio 1 snack machine. When i got the machine everything checked out good. But now im having a few problems. With the coin mechanism full and working it said “use exact change” with putting in a dollar and trying to buy a 75 cent selection it shot the money out. But then i put the dollar back in and selected the 75 cent selection again and then it worked and even gave me change back. Another problem i ran into is that the bill acceptor is only accepting 1 dollar. I putt all the selections to 2 dollars to test it and it still only accepted one dollar then the
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