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  1. Hi All, I need to purchase some spare parts for DN 440 (push buttons, shims, rotor motor...etc) I have 10 machines and need some good quantity, please if any help or suggestion? Also I have 5 machine Dixie Narco different models but they are single price! any thoughts how to upgrade them to MDB? Regards,
  2. Hello, I was wondering if there is any way to upgrade Dixie Narco vending machine from single price to multi price? please if there is any way for adding control board or something else will be very gladful to learn Regards,
  3. it works! thanks a lot for cooperation
  4. Hi, I have Dixie Narco 440 SIID locked, when I press the setting button can not enter any menu and shows (loc) dose any body know how to unlock it? thanks
  5. Thanks for reply, do you know how? any recommended website or video? how much dose it cost? regards,
  6. Hi, I have 10 snack machines 7600 need to operate them in note acceptor only because in my country we don't have COINS only notes but i face difficulty in running them properly as the coin acceptor in the machine needs to be connected and full with coins which is OK but the coin mech must return the rest of the note when enabling the multi vend after 15 seconds. the 15 seconds is a setting in the machine as I read it in the manual so it means when the customer insert a bill (example 1$) and wanted to vend in 75cent then after 15 second the rest (25cent) will be return automatically from the coin mech even if the customer wanted to vend another item in 25cent! in general I want to run my machines in notes only and multi vend enabled without return any thing! Coin mech type: TRC6000 Note acceptor type: ITL NV9 and BV20 Protocol: Puls (non MDB) I will be very thankful for your answers regards,
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