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  1. It's been unplugged everytime I've messed with it. The dip switches were all over the place. I will try again tomorrow and see what I come up with.
  2. I just tried again and the only common plug is the square 9 pin male on the validator and a female 9 pin on the bottom left of the board. They match and click but I get now lights or anything at validator. Tried seeing if it would accept a dollar and nothing. Validator was a reman still in the plastic with the receipt of repairs so I dont expect the validator to be faulty. I'm going to see if my buddy has a BA32SA I guess and try that. In the coin mech it had a switch for "$ accept" and made sure that was in the on position too. This thing is driving me nuts. Any other suggestions I would appreciate it to. Thank you.
  3. My coin mech says 24v only so can I run a 110vac? I'm sorry for sounding stupid I just dont understand how they work. I can wire a car all day but this is new to me. The kids like the dollar bill thing and I didn't pay for the machine because so wiring was broke on the fans so I dont mind putting a little into it. I have access to other ones if needed. Thanks again.
  4. Looking at other tread that looks exactly like my machine. 10 can and everything. So what I gather I have to find a validator specific for my machine? Or anything that is 24v and not mdb? Thanks for the help thus far I just have no idea how this stuff works and I'm trying to learn.
  5. This is the picture of the validator. I hope this helps. Like I said I've never had a machine and just want it to mess around at my garage. I'm hoping someone has some knowledge to point me in the right direction. Thanks for the help.
  6. It will not let me upload the pictures of the plugs. I'll keep trying.
  7. Hi everyone...I'm new to this and recently acquired a vending machine for cans. I suspect it's from the 90's bit have no confirmation on that. I know I have a coin co 9300 series 24v coin mech and trying to find a bill validator. I use this for my own personal use and for my kids. No business at all but I purchased today a coin co model ba32r validator complete with box and either I'm an idiot or this thing doesn't work or missing a cable or something. I have no idea how these machines work and looking for some help. Thanks again.
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