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  1. actually the first time I got it the vending machine to work was with $1 bills. Later I got it to work with quarters, albeit for a few minutes.
  2. Oh ok I understand. I will check this tomorrow!
  3. Where am I looking for the coin return linkage? Do you mean what looks like the coin machine's power chord? Sorry all of this is way out of my field, I'm just the new office assistant.
  4. there is product in the machine. The exact change lamp has not worked on our machine since we purchased it (it is used). But when I had the machine vending a few days ago for a few minutes, it would only take "some" quarters. That led me to believe the coin changer was dirty, but it was only very slightly dusty on the inside.
  5. well i went out to get the model number, and i went ahead and tried it again. it worked. 3 quarters makes the light go out and it vends so, go figure why it wasnt before! Thank you every one though! I still have the model number, if this happens again i wouldnt mind having something to check. The coin machine model number is 3200-S
  6. I'm not sure what you mean, but I inserted at least 7 quarters and the "use exact change' light wouldn't go out (which it did for the 25cent and 50cent). I'll check again if there are any nickels and dimes in the tubes. Also, the quarter tube is about 1/3 full but its sending all newly inserted quarters into the bucket at the bottom.
  7. so I've taken it apart, cleaned it as best I can (it was only a little dusty), and from what I can tell it still isn't reading the quarters, there's a little "compression button" that looks like it should be pressed down to then sort the change into their tubes, but it isn't getting pressed in so the quarters just roll into the "return" slot. before I got it to at least shoot the quarters into the bucket and then vend, but now it isn't even doing that. The magnets seem fine, no cracks or any damage seen, so I assume it is sensors. I unfortunately don't know how to test the sensors.
  8. So I got it vending for 25 cents and 50 cents, but for some reason it wont work for 75 cents. They said it used to work fine, but now we cant figure this out.
  9. Our DNCB 440mc pepsi machine is giving me a run for my money. After getting a new T-bolt installed, we're at the (hopefully) last piece of the puzzle. Its a one price machine with a Mars coin changer, its set to take 50 cents per can. however, if we insert any coins it returns them. I had it working for a few minutes before, but now its not taking them again. I cant find any jamming or debri, but I'm still in the process of taking it apart.
  10. there is no click, no jamming, no motor turning. it doesn't return money either. Its set for 75 cents, but I want to check that to be sure and I don't know how.
  11. We have a DNCB 168m soda vending machine in our shop. everything seems fine with the machine, EXCEPT it TAKES our money but won't vend any soda. It has cans in it, everything works except this one issue. its bout to drive me crazy, hopefully someone has an idea on how to fix this
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