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  1. Thanks for the advice gumball guy! I tried setting the wheel one setting bigger and it vends a lot more consistently now. Also, I will make sure to not fill it more than half way from now on!
  2. Hey guys! I’m having a problem where my “dubble bubble machine size refill gumballs” are vending only about 70% of the time out of my vendstar machine. I think it is because they are getting stuck on eachother thus not allowing gravity to drop them down the chute. I have the wheel set on the number 6, which vends 3 mini-gumballs per quarter. Anyone else have this problem with their vendstars?
  3. Hello fellow vendors! Just wondering if anyone knows if you need any special permits to vend bulk candy in the state of Ohio. I’ve looked all over the Internet, but the government has a great way of making the wording so complicated that it basically means nothing lol.
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