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  1. I have a Dixie Narco 276e and I really like it (Smaller in size and capacity than the 501e). Check out this video for a comprehensive look at bottles versus cans:
  2. Cans will generally have a longer use by date on them, when compared to bottles. So that gives you a little more margin for error when starting out; for example filling your machine right up and then finding out certain flavours don't sell very well or at all. A longer shelf life gives you more time to sell that product or move it into another machine where it will sell.
  3. All sorted now, thank you! Powered down the machine and checked all the motor connections, with no obvious issues found. Powered back up and into diagnostic mode; the columns that were not working were all showing as jammed. Motor Tested each column a couple of times, vending product no problem. Closed up and back into sales mode, inserted coins and all columns working again. Now keeping a handful of 6amp fuses in my locker at work! Going to order a motor assembly to replace the suspect one on column 3. Will report back with progress once I have that put in! Thanks everyone
  4. Thanks orsd, appreciate your input. I'm going to hopefully pop back in tomorrow and will have a look at that.
  5. Replaced the 6 amp motor fuse this morning; inserted money to do some test vends... only column 7 is vending, all the other columns say 'please try another selection' when you press them. Do I need to clear the faults off? Or have I manged to do something more serious when swapping the motors on Column 3 and 4? Many thanks!
  6. Thanks everyone! Spent some time tonight troubleshooting; removed the motor from column 3, the rotor turns okay with no real rubbing (Just catches the back spacer a little at the rear). Decided to remove the motor from column 4 to compare how the rotor feels trying to turn it, actually feels slightly harder to turn than the problem one on column 3. Decide to put the fully working motor from column 4 onto column 3 and confirm its the motor at fault.... nothing happens. Put the 'problem' motor from column 3 onto column 4, also nothing happening. Try motor testing and vending all the ot
  7. Hello everyone, I have been playing around trying to get column 3 in our Dixie Narco 276e SII-D machine back up and running. It has been sitting with one of the connections to the motor disconnected and previously having problems with the odd dry vend. When I connect it back up and power the machine up the motor tries to home every minute or so. It tries to home for maybe 20 seconds or so. The cam and rotor are turning incredibly slowly and the motor is making a loud noise. Once the arm of the vend switch eventually drops into a notch on the cam it still continues to keep homing
  8. You are very welcome! I have learnt a huge amount about my machine in the short time that I have been here.
  9. The first image is a magnet mounted on a small right angled bracket close to the bottom vending machine door hinge, on the door side. The second image is a small metal box that has some electrical components in. When the vending machine door is closed over the magnet on the door sits pretty close to the metal box. (I marked the black lines on so I knew roughly where the magnet interacted with the metal box). When the magnet is next to the metal box there is power to the door display & the machine goes into sales mode. A press of the blue button and we are in service mode. My
  10. That's no problem at all, I'm just grateful for all the assistance you guys gave me. I would probably have ended up paying for a service engineer to visit otherwise. I have not seen anything online about a set up like that and the instructions inside the machine make no mention of it either. Whether it is something specific to the UK or the refreshments company that owned the machine before we purchased it I don't know. I will attach some pictures later on for interest! Thanks again.
  11. Great news... we got into service mode! A lot of head scratching tonight at work and going over some of the many suggestions that people here have kindly given me, but we finally worked it out. Down on the bottom of the door, right by the hinge is a little magnet, when the door closes over the magnet lines up right next to a metal box. This seems to tell the machine that the door is closed. Unscrew the magnet from the door, tape it to the metal box, press the magic blue button on the control board and hey presto we are in service mode. Massive thanks again to everyone who w
  12. I carefully swapped out the main control board for a reconditioned replacement tonight, the replacement board is working fine in sales mode. However, I've still got the original problem of not being able to get into service/diagnostic mode! Even with the replacement board in, nothing happens when I press the blue service button. I tried playing around with the door switch again etc, but no luck. Can anyone help me out with any other suggestions please? I really thought I had cracked it tonight. (I have put the original board back in, as the selection price on the replaceme
  13. Just a quick update; The EPROM on my existing board is 381.41 and the reconditioned replacement is also 381.41 so no problems there. Managed to careful swap the main control board out tonight with no disasters..... unfortunately it didn't solve my original problem! Back to the drawing board on that one.
  14. Thanks Mike, great information as always. I will compare the existing board and the replacement when it arrives. I hadn't thought much past sorting my current two problems (getting into diagnostic mode and fixing the third column. ) Cashless is probably something I should consider for the future.
  15. Thanks very much for your input as always Vendo Mike. I will have a look at the control board tomorrow and see if I can identify the firmware version, I think I remember reading that it was marked on the board somewhere.
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