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  1. Maybe we should look into a topic area for those that leave. Call it the Final Word or I'm Out. Like Steve said there may be a behind the scene issue causing members to come and go. As the site grows some things may go unnoticed for awhile. There may be some issues that seem small to most but really bother a few until they just leave.
  2. Yea it is the ones that just disappear that is strange like Nam and Pusherman. An exit area would be nice. Just say what went wrong or why you left.
  3. Beer980


    Not at this time Kelly. Money is short and time is shorter.
  4. Beer980


    Sold my route...CheckI made it to Texas...Check
  5. Well if anyone is interested in playing fantasy hockey I started a league on ESPN. Send me an email or PM for an invite. Draft is an auto pick on Monday am so you don't need to know who is the best player for each position it is all assigned randomly. http://games.espn.go.com/fhl/leagueoffice?leagueId=31708&seasonId=2010
  6. Tampa won the cup the year before the strike so they kept it for two years. Only team to win the cup once and have it for two seasons. House never sold so the bank can have it. They would not work with us at all so they caused the move to Texas to happen sooner then expected. All bets are off on the Coyotes, now that Gretzky resigned the other day. Fantasy hockey leagues are fun and don't take much time.
  7. I guess I am number two then. I have been a fan for quite awhile. Former Caps and Lightning fan, now I am a Stars fan due to my move. I am on two fantasy leagues as well.
  8. Welcome to the group. Stay with the plan and you should be ok. Run the deal by the members here and we can give you pointers on the purchase.
  9. If I was looking for a rack that size I guess I would pay in the $400 range. I am not sure about NW prices though. I may be biased due to my 6 way Beaver that I got for $150 half full of product.
  10. He gives the commission to his girfriend who helps run the place for her to buy clothes or extra spending money. The triple goes to charity though. Most owners don't want to deal with stocking a rack with product that sells.
  11. What about Cuttingd Edge/TNT. I would try the Fast Food Erasers or maybe the Glitter Mini Tats from them.
  12. I am no mechanic and I have not stayed at that Holiday Inn yet so I think something may be up. Why would he be willing to buy a used motor if you pay to put it in? You have no warranty and it is a nice jesture but what is his gain from it? It sounds like he made a good profit on it if he can get you a used engine and still make money on the deal. I hope it is nothing too bad.
  13. Welcome and you have a plan so you know what to work for. I would also suggest getting into racks when you get more comfortable as there is some good money to be made there. I have one rack and it does at least $80 a month. Many here do a lot better then that each month. With that rack and a triple I have in the same location it pulls a good $100 each month after the 10% commission on the rack.
  14. I use Picture Resize. It is a free program and has some nice feature for resizing.
  15. Some people find that a local one has a better advantage of getting in. Others find a national one has more exposure and that may help. I went local and use our Humane Society. They did not have a program so I made up the stickers for the machines. It also gave me a placement in their lobby to add to the visibility of my machines. They both have good points and bad so it comes down to a matter of choice in how you feel.
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