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  1. Signatures

    I was just asked by PM how to add a signature, and realized many here might not know how to do it. So here are the instructions on how to add or change a signature: On a computer, click on your name at the top of the page, scroll down to the account settings link. Signature will be on the left side. On a phone click the Menu (≡) button, select Account, Account Settings, and the ≡ Settings Area ▼ drop-down button.
  2. Donations 2017

    A thank you to Cat6 for donating to support VENDiscuss
  3. I smell a rat

    From what I have read, not so much, at least by themselves. They temporarily cause the mice to run around more until they become accustomed to the sound. They have been found to work better in association with a trap. Since they move around more in reaction to the sound, they are more likely to come into contact with a trap.
  4. Like button

    Sorry, out of town, tried to manage with my... uh... phone. You are right, this is not Facebook. (Looks like you aren't a fan.) I don't think they are trying to be Facebook, just taking one of the ideas. Though they should have stole the whole idea and kept the like as a like, without the heart. I am keeping my eyes open for a developer who might update the like buttons. I will say that my brain is in my phone. I spent years attempting to use paper planning systems, but it never worked for me. Now I have tons of alarms and events in my calendar. I do check Facebook daily, especially with VENDiscuss. There are a couple interests I have attached, and a few friends, and acquaintances, (not very many,) but I am not very vocal. I blocked all game requests, and without blocking my friends, I have blocked some of the sites they share. Half the time if I am doing something, I'm responding to my Daughter. Usually doesn't take too long to long for me to check it. Like anything, it needs to be managed.
  5. Has anybody ever had meat only?

    The best way to test out products is to put the standard stuff in most of it, and in a slot or two out your test products. If you're right, it will sell out , and you can add more. If not, the other stuff will pay for part, if not all of your experiment. But then again if cost is no issue for you than run whatever experiment you want.
  6. Like button

    I think it started with Facebook. People posted things like I stated above, or that their Grandfather died, and people wanted something other than saying they liked their post. If they liked it, it sounded like they liked that the person's Grandfather died, but at the same time liking it spread that story to more people. So they came up with the reactions idea. Although they differentiate a reaction and a like. Here we have a Like, Sad, Confused, Haha, and Thanks. So no dislike button, no angry button, no death threat button.
  7. Like button

    Not sure I can change it back. It is part of the IP Board update, and I haven't found any way to edit or alter it. What are you worried that might look like a dislike? I understand if somebody posts that their dog died, and you react with a (HAHA) I could see how that might not look good. Or are you worried that one will be added? I'll keep researching, but before I would take any action on something like this, I would probably want to get input from our community. I have a feeling that IP will be updating this more, with feedback from all the people running sites with their software.
  8. Tapatalk App

    After 2 weeks, (and months of other issues,) I am giving up on Tapatalk. Their last solution again did nothing, but give me more work. I have been quite frustrated with this issue, and their lack of meaningful dialog is not helping. I think there is one issue that I have pointed out repeatedly, yet they have ignored it. If it isn't an issue, I believe they should tell me. If it is the problem, they should be dealing with it. Either way, they should at least respond to that part of my comments. I am only mentioning this because I want people to be aware of my motivation in deciding to remove the Tapatalk app. As I said, the poll wasn't a vote as much as a survey. I was trying to find out if there was a decent core of users that really wanted to keep the app. I posted on Facebook, Tweeted about it, and posted an announcement on it here to find as many people as possible who wanted to keep the app. I do not think the numbers even justify the work and effort I have already put into it. I am sorry for the inconvenience to those who used and supported the app.
  9. Okay, what's going on now?

    A day and a half of a bot attack. I have been trying to find anything that might have happened, and don't see anything right now on my end. Let me know if anything is still going on. The bot attack is over, so hopefully, it shouldn't be affecting things now.
  10. Tapatalk App

    It hit us at about 1 am, July 30, and ended about 11 am July 31.
  11. Tapatalk App

    Unfortunately, as I have been working on this, we got hit by a bot attack. Looks like they didn't get through. Not good timing for that. Made it look like we had 9 times the users for a day and a half, which does negatively affect the forum. Beyond that, I am waiting for Tapatalk to respond. Support for the app is up to 5 people as I am typing this. In the past, there are plenty of times I had to contact them more than once before they finally responded to me. I am done doing that, and will just wait for them to respond. If I don't hear from them by Thursday, I will pull the plug on Tapatalk. If they do respond, I will play it by ear.
  12. Tapatalk App

    And the solution I had hoped was nixed by Invision Power Boards. Tapatalk wanted me to install a plugin, and Invision Power Boards say they will no longer support the plugin system and wants them to fix the application instead. (We are not the only board with issues.)
  13. Tapatalk App

    I have had more contact with Tapatalk, and have still been working, trying to get it up and running. Obviously, the weekend would slow things down, so I am going to give them a little more time. I am still working on another solution though. At this point, I'm thinking that if it can't get back up and running by the weekend, I may just give up on it. I know going into this poll that many wouldn't care either way and wouldn't respond. Others who don't like, or want to use the app really aren't affected if it goes away, so counting those two groups are a much larger number than the total that responded to the poll. The ones who want to keep the app are the ones most likely to respond, and that was the group I was most interested in. The point is, only 3 people care enough to vote for keeping the app, and I am not sure that is enough to warrant the effort to keep it. I have personal reasons as to why I would prefer it was gone, but that is more on the management of the forum. I do know that sometimes the members on Tapatalk may miss the benefits of the classified section, that, as far as I know, was never available on Tapatalk.
  14. Donations 2017

    A thanks to Sgolembiewski0903 for donating to support VENDiscuss
  15. Tapatalk App

    I figured people some people may not be aware of some of the benefits of the site, and how it can be navigated on a mobile device, so I put the following together. The left icon will show all the unread content. There is also an option to filter all the content, for example, any content you started or posted in. The right icon opens a sidebar. A collapsed version of the full sidebar. The top two icons at the top of the sidebar below, are for notifications (globe) and your inbox (speech balloons). Selecting Browse, and then Browse again will take you to the homepage, but so will clicking on the LOGO at the top of the screen. Browse will also get you to the download, and the gallery. Activity is another way to choose to see unread content, content you started, follow, posted in, and members you follow. What's cool is that you can create your own content stream. If you're on a full computer or decent size tablet, you will see the full site. If you shrink the browser window, you can see how it looks on smaller devices. The site is responsive based on the size of your screen, so we don't need a separate mobile site. There are also some things that aren't available on Tapatalk, like the classified section, which was just updated.