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  1. People keep worrying about the virgin forests. Why don't they care about the sexually active ones?
  2. I hate those wine corks. They are such a pain in the butt.
  3. And many people start salivating. (I'm not joking.)
  4. I missed an update for the forum theme, and applied it. Not sure it that was it or not, so let me know if it helps. Screenshots help. Although I have another issue I've been putting off because most people aren't even noticing it. But fixing that might fix this issue. But it might take some time, so I won't do it until later tonight.
  5. What browser are you using? And on what device? Were you getting the ads before, or is this a recent change? Are you having an issue with a specific ad or multiple? In one spot or more than one spot? I used to block the ads for certain members. A few months back Google took over the advertising, and instead of blocking that and keeping it manual I let them manage the ads. It didn't seem to cause problems I had in the past when I tried the auto ads. Unfortunately that means I can't turn off ads for certain accounts. I haven't had any issues, and nobody complained until now, but I had to change the code on my site recently. I am looking at the site on Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. Both in large and shrunk screen. (The forum software changes to mobile format based on the size of the screen.) I am also trying it out on my iPhone and my Kindle silk browser. I am not seeing any issues on these devices and browsers.
  6. In that past people have posted their vending goals for the year. I will keep this tradition alive, but say post whatever goal you have. Naturally you don't have to wait until the New Year to create more goals, but it is a popular time to do it.
  7. It does, you're just not allowed to do it.
  8. And a big thanks to lacanteen for donating to to keep VENDiscuss up and running.
  9. Unless you’re an elephant, than it’s 21 months.
  10. And a thanks to AngryChris for again donating to support VENDiscuss
  11. A thanks to DjVending for donating to keep the forum running.
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