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  1. Epic Fail

  2. Hello Vendiscuss

    Hey Dave, glad you're doing better. Make sure you are taking CoQ10, preferably as Ubiquinol. There is real research behind this supplement benefitting heart health, and reducing the risk of future problems. CoQ10 Getting your kids to learn to invest is great. Have them check out Motley Fool. They unfortunately have gone overboard on their advertising, but what they teach is top notch, low risk, and based on the top investors in the world. Their 13 steps are the place to begin. https://www.fool.com/how-to-invest/index.aspx
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  6. Random thoughts

    Maybe Johnny will think twice before talking back to his teachers.
  7. If people did or didn't notice I was missing last week, I was on a cruise ship with my wife. First time on a cruise ship, so we kept to a 4 day cruise. Figured that if we had any issues with motion sickness, then taking a shorter cruise might be best. (We had no issues, which is a surprise for my wife. She get motion sickness at the movies.) This was our ship. I believe it is about the average size for Carnival. A picture of Atlantis resort from the Nassau port. We took a look inside the hotel, and hit the Starbucks they had inside it. And the claw machine they had onboard, in the casino area. I thought of giving it a try, (and getting a video of me failing,) but this picture was the only time I saw it wasn't in use, and we were headed elsewhere at the time. See, our trip was vending related. (Does this make it deductible?)
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    I only selectively choose to censor myself when speaking. I attempt to have some sort of decorum in social situations, but I dislike trying to prevent myself from using any language myself. Yet I have felt these problems when the birth of a nephew had an effect on one of my jokes. They named him Jacob, and I used to sing the song John Jacob, with the altered words "Stupid F'n S***". Then with a new Grandson, my Daughter didn't want swearing around him, so I changed to using Crap, and Freakin'. It's funny I became a moderator.
  14. Looking for Shootin' Hoops Machines

    No, one of these. A picture I found online. I have one, but I'm in Nebraska.
  15. app

    I spent months trying to get it to work, and going between Tapatalk, and the people who run the forum software. I was about to give up, but ran a poll to get an idea of who was using it, and didn't find enough people wanting to keep it running to justify the time and expense, so I officially abandoned it. Sorry for the inconvenience.