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  1. You are making me seem like I'm some sort of pervert. I was keeping that a secret.
  2. The link was on archive.org http://web.archive.org/web/20160418083406/http://www.vendoco.com/Documents/E-Z Load Service Manual_FINAL.pdf
  3. It was the change in software update. I always apply the updates for security. But they decided to change all the levels, and I wasn't aware of it until it was applied. I believe they reset the statistics for how members are ranked. Maybe I'm not the best person to run this forum since I never really paid attention to stuff like that. I came here for the info, not to be ranked based on how long I have been here, or the number of posts I have had. Those always seemed arbitrary to me. The update implemented a new point system, and the points were all set to 0 with the update. I'm not sure if there is any way to alter it so people are ranked differently based on history. There might be a way to do it manually, but that would be a full time job for a month. Although I could just shut the whole thing off. Maybe I should put up a poll so see if anyone really wants to be ranked?
  4. A thanks to BenFire for donating to keep VENDiscuss up and running
  5. Forgive me but do you work for this company? Your IP address looks like it is about a little more than an hour drive away from that company.
  6. Which government? There is a recent news report in the Wall Street Journal, but I am not sure if it was verified, that lab workers were treated at a hospital in November for extremely similar symptoms when the first reported infection was in December. The WHO is supposedly investigating, but you can guess if China will be forthcoming about it. But it looks like an accident. Possibly negligence. And there is that recent report that links the "experts" who were saying that anyone saying it was from the lab is a conspiracy theorist, actually had links, some financial, to the lab and it's research. So people should get in trouble if they were covering it up and lying to protect their asses. Problem is they are in power and probably won't ever see justice. Anymore than Cuomo would for putting infected patients into nursing homes with elderly, highest at risk people.
  7. Alex Jones can be fun if you do not take him seriously. He had admitted before that his schtick is done for ratings, and it is mostly an act. Still he shouldn't have been taken off of YouTube while the people are still posting about giants, and flat earth on there. Back to the inoculation, I really do not think a wait and see attitude is wrong. Some people want it first, and we get to see how they respond. By now we at least know how many people respond to it after a few months. But nobody should be forced to take it. The key as I said above is herd immunity. Every person who gets the vaccine, or had the virus is hopefully immune, and provides a roadblock to the virus. The more roadblocks, the fewer paths the virus has to travel. We both had the virus, but since she has a weakened immune system she is planning on getting the vaccine. With how the virus hit her, she wishes she got the vaccine before that. I am not as worried since I should be immune myself. There is a small chance that I could have a repeat, but that is a really small chance. (Regardless of what we are being told.) And these vaccines haven't gone through the rigorous testing a vaccine would usually go through, but then again the final test is always the public rollout. Because of the slow rollout, and the limited supply we have been able to watch and see what happens as the vaccine is rolled out. The people who want it get it, and the people who want to wait, make it more available to the people who want it sooner. Now more vaccine is available, and more people are willing to take it because they are willing to accept the minor issues some people have had. Others aren't, and some still want to wait a little longer. I still think that's fine. But from what we have learned, not just from this virus, but the faulty thinking about all viruses, we can improve things dramatically for many diseases just by adding uv lights to heating, AC units, and air filters.
  8. Too much bread.
  9. A thanks to Vendq8y for donating to keep VENDiscuss up and running.
  10. We just got the virus. It was like a cold for me, but for my wife, it hit her pretty hard. I'm not surprised with all the inhalers she's on. I always have a wait and see attitude about most things. And with how they are rolling out the vaccines, we "should" have a good idea how it works by the time it would have gotten to me. But now I don't know if I see the benefit since I had the virus. There is always the possibility of reinfection, but so far it doesn't seem to have happened that often. The whole goal is to get to what's called herd immunity. Each person that gains an immunity will result in a roadblock to the virus spreading. When they got smallpox down to a very tiny number they decided to aggressively vaccinate around areas where the virus popped up, and that immediately kept it from spreading, and now it looks like smallpox may be eradicated. Rinderpest which attacks cattle was the second disease to be eradicated. Polio and malaria are on the list of diseases that may end up being eradicated. I bring these up because they were doing that right. They focused on the areas that needed to be treated. This disease is very heavily attacking older people, so that is where the major focus should be, although I can see getting young people inoculated would be a great idea since they are the ones that are most likely handle any reaction, and are the most likely to be out and about spreading it.
  11. Are they pushing 6 machines for $2,490? Or $415 a machine? If so this is what we call a BizOp. Business opportunity. Those machines are overpriced for what you get, their promises are often over the top, and they often say they will locate the machines for you, and you may end up with horrible locations for half, and half in your garage. I am remembering from people who have posted about other BizOps in the past and had this happen to them.
  12. Why isn't it ever in the second to last place you look?
  13. I found that if you just squirt water into the bucket it eventually just pushes the one above it out.
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