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  1. I thought people discussed this before. The yellowing is the same as with headlights, and can be treated the same way. Although I have seen some really intense work done with various grit sanding and polishing with headlights that won't work with globes. But here is one person discussing what he does. It is mostly about prevention though: I haven't tried any of this, but the idea of coating your machines with the same thing used to coat headlights doesn't sound like a bad idea.
  2. Nobody on this thread has been on the forum since 2017.
  3. And a big thanks to Southeast Treats for again donating to support VENDiscuss
  4. A thanks to vendbend for donating.
  5. And a thanks for yet another donation from poplady1
  6. And a thanks to Mehehe for his donation supporting the forum.
  7. A thanks big thanks to lacanteen for supporting the forum. lacanteen has done a lot to support the forum, and to help out the members. I appreciate it.
  8. l created a new word: Plagiarism
  9. A thanks to arkhusker for again donating to support VENDiscuss.
  10. This happened to me, when I had a landline. Hung up the phone wrong, referred to her as that .... very loudly, then realized the phone wasn't on the hook right. But after I noticed it I realized I didn't care if she heard me, and kind of hoped she did.
  11. You should be able to. Everything seems to be working, and I just tested it. You are below your limit, but that should only affect incoming messages. I just increased everyone's PM storage, so that may help, if the people you have been attempting to PM have filled inboxes. Doesn't hurt to prune those every once in awhile.
  12. I was worried this might happen. There was an update to the software, along with some supposed important security fix. Also when I updated the skin I used also had to be updated. Problem is the update has the potential to erase manual settings that force the ads into the right space. (Supposedly.) And now I have to look up how I did that. Unfortunately the ads started providing revenue again, so I am not sure if the fix throttles that revenue for some reason. I will get it fixed, hopefully tonight, but give me a day or two just in case.
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