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  1. Are they pushing 6 machines for $2,490? Or $415 a machine? If so this is what we call a BizOp. Business opportunity. Those machines are overpriced for what you get, their promises are often over the top, and they often say they will locate the machines for you, and you may end up with horrible locations for half, and half in your garage. I am remembering from people who have posted about other BizOps in the past and had this happen to them.
  2. Why isn't it ever in the second to last place you look?
  3. I found that if you just squirt water into the bucket it eventually just pushes the one above it out.
  4. The theme is having an issue. Also for some reason I can't get the default theme changed, or uninstalled. Unfortunately I couldn't work on it the past few hours.
  5. I updated the forum, which required me to update the theme, and the theme seems to be having issues, so I will be working on it. Just a heads up.
  6. A thanks to David Krasnow for donating to support The VENDiscuss Forums.
  7. I dropped the ball, and didn't get out my Happy Thanksgiving message this year. (And my happy Thursday for everyone outside of the US.)
  8. Gesundheit I thought all anime was hentai... I must be watching the wrong stuff.
  9. I think this is called anime
  10. Somehow this got missed, sorry for the delay approving it.
  11. Recently VENDiscuss had a bigger than normal and unexpected expense. I didn't have the final bill when I requested the help from the members of VENDiscuss. But I have 2 pieces of good news. First, the issue seems to have resolved itself better than I had hoped, (for now,) and resulted in a bill half of what was estimated. Second, the members of VENDiscuss stepped up and donated more than I was expecting. About 40% of the remaining bill was covered. In the end that left me with only 28% of the original estimate to cover. Again I appreciate everyone coming together to help out.
  12. Thanks to DNCSI SOLUTIONS for donating to support The VENDiscuss Forums.
  13. Thanks to Kay Daily for donating to support The VENDiscuss Forums.
  14. Thanks to EvanPaddock for donating to support The VENDiscuss Forums.
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