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  1. The Mage

    Delete attatchments

    What attachment do you want to delete, and why? It looks like you have one attachment. If you are worried about space I always recommend using an image hosting site and linking images.
  2. The Mage

    Useless (but interesting) trivia

    Could swear I responded to this. Utopia does in fact come from the term "No Place" - οὐ ("not") and τόπος ("place"). It comes from a book from 1551. (Thomas More) But the good place would actually have been eutopia, from the Greek εὖ ("good" or "well"). It was in fact an error to refer to the eu form, and was further cemented when the term dystopia was introduced in 1844.
  3. The Mage

    Healthy4you combo vending machines

    I don't think he is trying to buy from them, but from members here who might want to sell them.
  4. The Mage

    Friend with cancer

    I have a friend who was just diagnosed with stage 3 cancer, and just went through surgery. My Daughter set up a Go Fund Me page in an effort to help with costs and lost wages. https://www.gofundme.com/cancer-fund-for-my-friend?pc_code=fb_co_postupdate_a&rcid=377c12533f174703b6246a9f24e3fd30&fbclid=IwAR1NnrlfPC7qnx4zgyMERygjC8ejPfSZXlrLKLNAP2F3s2bzIi12ARWpf0E
  5. The Mage


  6. The Mage

    Random thoughts

    Bad movie? Schlock?
  7. The Mage

    Hello From Dallas TX

    Ah, nobody's responded. I know Canteen is a big name in the industry. One of our members is associated with their Louisiana branch.
  8. The Mage

    Random thoughts

    Everyone is convinced the dog was named Bingo, I think it was the Old Farmer's name.
  9. The Mage

    Random thoughts

    Illiterate people live by a set of unwritten rules.
  10. The Mage

    Useless (but interesting) trivia

    Wednesday used to be my favorite day of the week for the first few years of my marriage. Until my Wife's friend told her, "That's not what hump day means."
  11. The Mage

    Holiday Money Saving Tip.

    To save money this holiday season, instead of buying a Santa gift leave them a signed letter telling them they were naughty this year and are getting nothing from Santa.
  12. The Mage

    Checking in on my baby

    Hey caserri, I'm attempting to keep thing going. It's had it's ups and downs, including a denial of service hack, and multiple offers to buy the website. (I have so far ignored those, worried somebody wants to turn it into a porn site.) Hope you're doing well. You're always welcome here.
  13. The Mage

    Donations 2018 fourth quarter

    A thanks to Sir SnackAlot Vending for donating to support VENDiscuss.
  14. The Mage

    Donations 2018 fourth quarter

    And a thanks to cvending for again donating to support VENDiscuss.
  15. The Mage

    Donations 2018 fourth quarter

    And a thanks to MAW Vending for donating to support VENDiscuss