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About Me

As of November 2015 I am the new owner of VENDiscuss.

This is almost a shock to me. Just slightly over 6 years ago I made my first post on VENDiscuss, as I was deciding on getting into vending.

Prior to getting into vending I had spent over 2 decades thinking about owning and running a vending business, but fear held me back. I learned as much as I could, and this forum really made a difference. What I learned here, not to mention the help of the members made me feel confident enough to take action, and then to run, grow, and even shrink my business. (Making things more efficient.)

Everyone has their own goals, and mine was not to create an income from vending, but to create a source of investment funds to move into real estate. This happened a little sooner than I expected, and in 2013 purchased my first investment property.

(2019) I had attempted to build an app for vending management, but that project is currently on hiatus. I would like to get back to it, and regret not working on it right now, but my focus isn't there, and I'm just not satisfied with it. 

My time in vending has been good to me, but I am in the process of moving more fully into real estate, and that is coming at the expense of my vending business. I pulled my last machine to fix, but haven't even decided if I am going to put it back.


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