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As of November 2015 I am the new owner of VENDiscuss.

This is almost a shock to me. Just slightly over 6 years ago I made my first post on VENDiscuss, as I was deciding on getting into vending.

I had spent over 2 decades thinking about owning and running a vending business, but fear held me back.

I learned as much as I could, and this forum really made a difference. What I learned here, and the help of the members made me feel confident enough to take action, and then to run, grow, and even shrink my business.

Everyone has their own goals, and mine was not to create an income from vending, but to create a source of investment funds to move into real estate. This happened a little sooner than I expected in 2013.

But my focus on vending changed shortly after I had started. I was using vending management software, and found a few problems with it. I started researching, and found that it was a much bigger problem than I thought.

Like my usual self, I overthink things, and spent 6 months figuring things out, and coming to the decision that I would build something better.

It hasn’t been a smooth ride though. I found I didn’t have the skills necessary, so started researching and learning. I built a “proto-app” to see how things were working, then used what I learned to build another.

I moved on to a third incarnation, and let the cat out of the bag too soon. I made quite a bit of progress on it, getting quite far in the development. But I had an issue, and slowed down while I tried to figure things out.

I took time off, and that is when I purchased my duplex. I figured it would only take a few months out of my time as I got it stabilized. Unfortunately the previous owners tried to run it like a slum, and it ended up taking well over a year, and I needed a break from that.

So once things were stabilized, and I had a break, I came back to my project fresh. I took everything I had learned building my previous versions, and again started from scratch. This time I spent months designing it before writing a single line of code. I also have access to experts who will assist with this app.

I was just getting moving on this app when VENDiscuss seemed to be in risk of going away. I decided that I couldn’t let the forum die, and I couldn’t let it fall in the wrong hands. (Imagine what the Russian Mafia could do with power like this. Okay not much.) I wanted to make sure this site stayed at least as good as it was.

I have ideas, but I think it’s a bad idea to go changing everything. I need to get comfortable with running things here, and make the members comfortable with me running it. And as I make changes, they will come along gradually. In a way I hope doesn’t “upset the apple cart”. I will make sure the community is happy with any changes, and may roll them back if my ideas don’t work.

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