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  1. I dropped the ball, and didn't get out my Happy Thanksgiving message this year. (And my happy Thursday for everyone outside of the US.)
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    Gesundheit I thought all anime was hentai... I must be watching the wrong stuff.
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    I think this is called anime
  4. Somehow this got missed, sorry for the delay approving it.
  5. Recently VENDiscuss had a bigger than normal and unexpected expense. I didn't have the final bill when I requested the help from the members of VENDiscuss. But I have 2 pieces of good news. First, the issue seems to have resolved itself better than I had hoped, (for now,) and resulted in a bill half of what was estimated. Second, the members of VENDiscuss stepped up and donated more than I was expecting. About 40% of the remaining bill was covered. In the end that left me with only 28% of the original estimate to cover. Again I appreciate everyone coming together to help out.
  6. Thanks to DNCSI SOLUTIONS for donating to support The VENDiscuss Forums.
  7. Thanks to Kay Daily for donating to support The VENDiscuss Forums.
  8. Thanks to EvanPaddock for donating to support The VENDiscuss Forums.
  9. Thanks to Harry K for donating to the forum
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  11. Thanks to Erica Finstad for donating to VENDiscuss
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  13. Disney knew that if it became known that he was interested in the land that the price would skyrocket. He even delayed the filing of the paperwork until large areas of land were under contract. Still it did eventually become known that somebody was buying up real estate. An "East coast Disneyland" was even one of the rumors, but apparently NASA was more popular. (I watch too many documentaries.)
  14. and a thanks to wastenotrecycling for donating
  15. A thanks to Zachsea for donating.
  16. A thanks to Ivy Video for donating I am not sure who that is, and there isn't any membership under that name. If that is you or if someone knows who this is please contact me.
  17. Thanks to Snickers for donating to support VENDiscuss
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  20. And a big thanks to gumball guy for donating to help support VENDiscuss
  21. A little update. Taking advice from the Lawyer. He thinks it's best if I don't make too much noise right now, so I won't. But from what I am hearing it looks like I am in a really good position. So I probably won't be taking this public like I thought I might. But I am still holding on to that plan if it comes to it, but it may not go much further. Time will tell.
  22. And no announcement coming... right now. Whether or not I make this a big public event depends on what happens.
  23. caserri, long time no see. I would just post what's going on, but holding off until a few things happen. I also want to be meticulous as to what and how I post since I do not want to give any ammunition to anyone. The other side has already given me plenty of that. I have no doubt that the law is on our side. It is my belief that this person is attempting to intimidate me into complying. There could be a secondary strategy that I won't mention here, but it really is more of a larger corporation strategy so could easily backfire. But it wouldn't be painless for me, but I am prepared for that too. But the forum may be getting some attention over the next few months. Interestingly just before the virus hit I went to a lecture on internet marketing. If I remember right the company that spoke was surprisingly affordable.
  24. I intend on making an announcement on the forum this weekend. The forum is at risk right now. I won't go into details but I am given a choice. The easy choice takes a few minutes, but would ruin the integrity of this forum, and would go against my ethics. The other option is to fight, and that is what I have chosen to do. I will be posting about it here and on Facebook. I will be tweeting about it, and attempting to make as many people aware of it as possible. This isn't what the other party wants, nor is it what they are expecting. People like this thrive in the shadows, so I want to shine as bright of a light on them (him) as possible. Now I am off to meet with my lawyer, and am working on having a conversation with Coca Cola.
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