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    I don't see any donuts
  2. Convince her that you aren't recognizing that she is getting any older, and by forgetting her birthday, she doesn't have to add to her age that year. Win - win.
  3. I let Google take over the ads on this site. Didn’t implement it, but didn’t take any action to stop it. The good news is the payments have improved. The bad is I can no longer decide who sees the ads. And I’m not liking how it looks on my phone. I’m usually on my computer and it doesn’t seem as annoying as it is on a phone. I’m beginning to think of trying Patreon and Subscribestar, and cut down on the ads if not eliminate them entirely. So what do people think of this?
  4. Do you know how many McDonald's employees would be put out of business?
  5. They usually want to sterilize and abort. What I usually hear is something along the lines of limiting parents to a single child, like China did. But recently China has relaxed the rule. Especially with their severe imbalance of males to females. In 2017 they had over 33 million more males than females. Pretty much the myth comes from people seeing exponential growth and not realizing it is the left side of a bell curve. Right now, it is so easy to debunk. There is something called Demographic Transition. It is 4 stages that countries go through as they develop. Stage 1: Pre-transition High child mortality rate, and high birth rate. If people want to have a child make it to adulthood, they need to have 4-6 to have 2 make it to adulthood. Stage 2: Early-transition Death rate begins to fall, but birth rates remain high. The result is rapid population expansion. Stage 3: Late transition People adjust and birth rates decline. Population growth decelerates. Stage 4: Post transition Low birth rates and low death rates. Population doesn’t grow, and often declines. Europe and the US have both gone through this and if it wasn’t for immigration there wouldn’t be any population growth, and in fact a decline. The world population growth hit the peak in 1968-9 with a 2.09% growth rate. 1999 it was down to 1.71%, 2010 it was down to 1.22%, and at the beginning of this year it hit 1.05%. This is both good and bad news. The population is getting older, and fewer young people are going to be there to take care of older people. Although technology is improving especially in health care, so older people may end up being healthier for longer. Recently a popular scare tactic is that robots are going to be taking our jobs. It’s mostly BS, but the truth is we need robots and automation to do jobs because there will not be enough people. The trucking industry is short between 50K and 100K employees. They are thinking of automated trucks, not because they want to replace the drivers, but because they can’t find enough. Right now, the world is getting richer. Abject poverty was 44% of the world population in 1980. (World Bank.) That was actually a massive improvement at the time, but by 2015 it had dropped to 9.6%. By 2018 it was down to 8.3%. 2018 was also the year that 50% of the population hit middle class or better. (Defined as $11 - $110 a day.) Brookings institute predicts that this will climb to 2/3 of the population by 2030. I may have written all this before. Though now the world had a little “hiccup”, but many people will be surprised at how quickly things bounce back. I believe there is a 5th stage that will be coming up as technology explodes, and abundance becomes the norm.
  6. A big thanks to Steve Courtney for again donating to support VENDiscuss
  7. our worries are over, finally the experts are getting involved.
  8. What do you expect with people staying at home? Another effect staying at home has dramatically increased my wife's urge to divorce me. But staying at home also has it's downsides.
  9. Where did you get the picture of me?
  10. Eliminate the coronavirus on your phone by microwaving it *Note: The above is a joke, please do not microwave your phone. This warning has to be included because some people are just plain stupid.
  11. Good news, were going to Disney World
  12. And a big thanks to MAW Vending for donating to support VENDiscusss
  13. Coronavirus free means free coronavirus for everyone.
  14. Ran virus software on the site and we are coronavirus free. Then we proceeded to surround the website with piles of toilet paper, because apparently the virus cannot pass through toilet paper. At least I assume that's why everyone bought tons of toilet paper.
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