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  1. And a thanks for yet another donation from poplady1
  2. And a thanks to Mehehe for his donation supporting the forum.
  3. A thanks big thanks to lacanteen for supporting the forum. lacanteen has done a lot to support the forum, and to help out the members. I appreciate it.
  4. l created a new word: Plagiarism
  5. A thanks to arkhusker for again donating to support VENDiscuss.
  6. This happened to me, when I had a landline. Hung up the phone wrong, referred to her as that .... very loudly, then realized the phone wasn't on the hook right. But after I noticed it I realized I didn't care if she heard me, and kind of hoped she did.
  7. You should be able to. Everything seems to be working, and I just tested it. You are below your limit, but that should only affect incoming messages. I just increased everyone's PM storage, so that may help, if the people you have been attempting to PM have filled inboxes. Doesn't hurt to prune those every once in awhile.
  8. I was worried this might happen. There was an update to the software, along with some supposed important security fix. Also when I updated the skin I used also had to be updated. Problem is the update has the potential to erase manual settings that force the ads into the right space. (Supposedly.) And now I have to look up how I did that. Unfortunately the ads started providing revenue again, so I am not sure if the fix throttles that revenue for some reason. I will get it fixed, hopefully tonight, but give me a day or two just in case.
  9. Account deletions are a complex thing. If done completely it can affect the posts of other people, so we are reluctant to do that. There is a way to remove the account, but leave all the posts with an anonymous name attached, though any references would be left that would show the name. Can I ask why you want to do this? PM if you want.
  10. People have been emailing me about selling VENDicuss. I keep telling them no. I recently was asked to call somebody, without reason. I responded by asking about what? They responded with the possibility of buying the site. Well I responded with this: Interestingly I haven't heard back from him. I forgot that I would add that any sale would require a new buyer to sign a contact agreeing that these clauses be added to any agreement.
  11. I've always recommended getting one or 2 machines, take them apart and put them back together if your doing bulk. Full line you do want to know the inside of the machine, and learn to fix it, but not take it apart unless you need to. Place it/them, then start figuring out how well they do, and how much you like vending. If it just doesn't work out for you, you aren't out as much, and don't have a bunch of brand new machines sitting in your garage. But you might find you can locate machines and make yourself take care of them fine, so you start expanding using the profit to help you expand. Expanding more slowly like this isn't just cheaper, it lets you learn without getting thrown in at the deep end, and getting overwhelmed. Then you grow as you get more efficient, and figure things out. This can be cheaper than spending $5 grand up front, and your profits can be plowed back into the business, giving you the choice of growing slowly with only the profits, or using your money to speed up the expansion. Doing it this way is less risky, and when you are ready to use more of, or the rest of that money it will be on something you are familiar with. Instead of investing that money on something you hope would pay off, you would be investing it in something you are already experienced with, and that is a much lower risk.
  12. Looks like a classic BizOp to me. You are not buying an established route if they are supplying you with brand new machines. That right there should be a red flag. What kind of vending are they pushing? Are these bulk machines? Full line? Claw machines? Pinball? A classic BizOp will sell you machines at over-inflated prices, promise you the moon, locate those machines in areas at least as good as the bottom of the ocean, probably stop locating the machines after they get half of them located, and suddenly ignore your phone calls. I believe I found their Facebook page, and they have what looks like an 1800 machine, with a cup dispenser on the side. Don't ever put cup dispensers on the side of your machines, and I believe 1800 is out of business.
  13. What attachment do you want to delete, and why? It looks like you have one attachment. If you are worried about space I always recommend using an image hosting site and linking images.
  14. Could swear I responded to this. Utopia does in fact come from the term "No Place" - οὐ ("not") and τόπος ("place"). It comes from a book from 1551. (Thomas More) But the good place would actually have been eutopia, from the Greek εὖ ("good" or "well"). It was in fact an error to refer to the eu form, and was further cemented when the term dystopia was introduced in 1844.
  15. I don't think he is trying to buy from them, but from members here who might want to sell them.
  16. I have a friend who was just diagnosed with stage 3 cancer, and just went through surgery. My Daughter set up a Go Fund Me page in an effort to help with costs and lost wages. https://www.gofundme.com/cancer-fund-for-my-friend?pc_code=fb_co_postupdate_a&rcid=377c12533f174703b6246a9f24e3fd30&fbclid=IwAR1NnrlfPC7qnx4zgyMERygjC8ejPfSZXlrLKLNAP2F3s2bzIi12ARWpf0E
  17. Ah, nobody's responded. I know Canteen is a big name in the industry. One of our members is associated with their Louisiana branch.
  18. Everyone is convinced the dog was named Bingo, I think it was the Old Farmer's name.
  19. Illiterate people live by a set of unwritten rules.
  20. Wednesday used to be my favorite day of the week for the first few years of my marriage. Until my Wife's friend told her, "That's not what hump day means."
  21. To save money this holiday season, instead of buying a Santa gift leave them a signed letter telling them they were naughty this year and are getting nothing from Santa.
  22. Hey caserri, I'm attempting to keep thing going. It's had it's ups and downs, including a denial of service hack, and multiple offers to buy the website. (I have so far ignored those, worried somebody wants to turn it into a porn site.) Hope you're doing well. You're always welcome here.
  23. A thanks to Sir SnackAlot Vending for donating to support VENDiscuss.
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