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  1. I just picked up a dn240-5 and a dn310-5. My dn240 has the same inside. It seems almost impossible to get some good information on them. They are no where near as hard as my cavalier C6-252. That machine is impossible.
  2. Can anyone please help me find some information on this beast of a machine. All I can find is some basic knowledge. Like it holds 252 cans. It’s a coke machine made by Cavalier, and that’s about it. Compressor will run for a little bit and then it will just clunk like a rod was thrown in a engine. I posted all the info in the pictures if anyone is interested on helping me out. I also have 3 more Dixie Narco I picked up. Some really nice . If I can’t find any information on this C6 I’m going to gut the whole thing. Then turn it into a gun safe.
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