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  1. Hi, have a golden tee 2k , thats missing the bill acceptor on the left side if you are looking at the game. Can anyone tell me which one I need for it or what will fit there, or what came with that cabinet?? The hole and plug is already there, just no bill accpetor. I dont have the manual either. Any info would be great.
  2. Ok So I Got Contacted By A Guy Who wants 12-14 Machines For An Arcade In His Restaurant I Told Him We Only Had One As It States On Our Website But I Would See What I Can Do , He Said Ok And i Really Want This Location But Im 15 and he is 1 hr Away My Parents are No Help They Dont Want Me Even Doing Arcades They Said Stick with Bulk I Dont Beleve In My Bulk Part Of My Busneiss Cause to make money in bulk you need like 30 machines i only have 2 locations and a part time job that ive been saveing every penny for this arcade thing but i still dont know what to do NEED HELP Nate From Northeast Amusements
  3. I Have An Old Golden Tee 2k What Might The Best Location Be For Maximum Money Makeing Potential I Live In A Suburb Thats Like A City So We Have Pretty Much Everything Also It Has A Coin Accepter working on a dollar bill accepter
  4. hey so i have a golden tee 2k would that needs a bill acceptor ill take them
  5. Yes i Agree With don't do Keymasters Right Now https://www.polygon.com/22573590/sega-key-master-arcade-game-class-action-lawsuit
  6. try ebay bro im sure u have already have
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