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  1. Hi My Name is Nate i'm fairly new as well but from my understanding but my understanding is offer anywhere from 35%-50% of the profit now profit make sure you subtract the product cost and cost for next product to fill so all you have to do is talk to people i recommend not calling but going out to local mom and pop shops and talking in person always ask for the owner if the owner is not there maybe the manager but usually there to sceptical so anyway recommend talking to some others too thanks this is nate from Northeast Amusements
  2. thank you, this forum is the best everyone is so friendly
  3. Got 2 New Bulk Locations In My New Area i Installed them Yesterday the owners were so pleased i cant wait to get the next one in 15 years old so thankful to this forum for all the help and support
  4. Hi, have a golden tee 2k , thats missing the bill acceptor on the left side if you are looking at the game. Can anyone tell me which one I need for it or what will fit there, or what came with that cabinet?? The hole and plug is already there, just no bill accpetor. I dont have the manual either. Any info would be great.
  5. Ok So I Got Contacted By A Guy Who wants 12-14 Machines For An Arcade In His Restaurant I Told Him We Only Had One As It States On Our Website But I Would See What I Can Do , He Said Ok And i Really Want This Location But Im 15 and he is 1 hr Away My Parents are No Help They Dont Want Me Even Doing Arcades They Said Stick with Bulk I Dont Beleve In My Bulk Part Of My Busneiss Cause to make money in bulk you need like 30 machines i only have 2 locations and a part time job that ive been saveing every penny for this arcade thing but i still dont know what to do NEED HELP Nate From Northeast Amusements
  6. I Have An Old Golden Tee 2k What Might The Best Location Be For Maximum Money Makeing Potential I Live In A Suburb Thats Like A City So We Have Pretty Much Everything Also It Has A Coin Accepter working on a dollar bill accepter
  7. hey so i have a golden tee 2k would that needs a bill acceptor ill take them
  8. Yes i Agree With don't do Keymasters Right Now https://www.polygon.com/22573590/sega-key-master-arcade-game-class-action-lawsuit
  9. try ebay bro im sure u have already have
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