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  1. Know any place I can get one? I've been researching and looks like I can order some rather "cheap looking" ones from Asia(don't know if I trust it) but I would rather get something domestic in the U.S./North America.
  2. So as the title suggests I’m trying to figure out the best way to weatherproof these. Both will be in separate damp environments though one is in a shed like environment (so technically inside). The other that is not inside and I expect it will face all the elements. Rain and heat mostly. (doubt it will ever see snow) So I have a plan but I just want to ask if y’all had to do something like this and if I missed anything? My plan is simple: Step 1: Buy a GFCI cord for both machines. Take care of the damp connection. Step 2: Buy either some weather proof caulk or sealant to place inside the machine. Particularly around the glass window front and the top of the machine where there may be gaps. Step 3: Buy some UV film to put over the glass. (Probably on the inside - after the caulk has dried). Step 4: Buy some “Gardner Vender” for the wires inside. My big concern is the motherboard and all the internal equipment. The product inside the machine is not food/beverage related so I’m not worried about spoilage other than the sun bleaching the packaging. (Hense me trying to mitigate with the UV tint) My final questions are these: Will it be enough? (By enough - will I be able to get a good life cycle out of this so five years-assuming I give it standard maintenance.) What did I miss that I could also do? Is there anything I could put around the motherboard to protect it? I’m also using nayax and I know they are supposed to be waterproof but I know they also sell a waterproof case(should I get it?)? Thanks for the advice in advance. Just started in the vending business and these will be my first two machines. Thanks again.
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