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  1. Hi, I Found a solution for my problem. I bend the trailing switch. And it works great. Special thanks to vendomike and AZVendor.
  2. Okay thanks for the quick reply. I'll take a look at the wiring during the days. Maybe I find the mistake. Thanks to all for your help
  3. Are you sure? Because there is 4 price in the lower right corner? And the wiring in the relay socket also appears in the plan.
  4. You're right. Inside was this circuit diagram. Does that mean that I don't have to put a relay in my machine?
  5. Okay, thanks for the hint. Why are all the relays that can be found for DN, single price relays? Are there no others?
  6. I just checked out what my relay looks like. And I think the previous owner removed that. That's the slot where the relay belongs in, right? Oh, and does anyone have experience with this replica relay? KUP93-14A11-120 Thanks in advance😊
  7. Okay thanks, that's something I can work with. Isn't it likely that it is the relay, because it affects every vend motor?
  8. I know what you mean, but my problem is that It doesn't make a difference how long I press the button. It really don't work. I really try it, I pushed the button 30 seconds and it stops at this point.
  9. Yes, did you think I can solve this problem by bending the trailing switch. So that the trailing switch and the leading switch comes closer together?
  10. Yes this machine is new for me. The machine is empty and not adjust to any packages. I make two pictures of one of the vend motor, the first Bevor I press the button. And the second is after pressing the button I think the problem is, every second time it's stop to early. But I don't know why. Can I adjust the stop mechanism?
  11. First, thank you for answering. When I press the selection longer, it is the same issue. You have to press two times. So I have to half the prices and every customer have to choose 2 times. Is there not a better solution?
  12. Hi, I'm from Germany, so sorry for my bad English 😅 My issue with my dixie narco is, that it don't vend. The first hit on the select button start the vend motor, but only a few inches. When I hit the same button the second time it will vend completely. (all 8 selections and vend motors) Thank you for your help.
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