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  1. Does anyone know where I can find the flavor strips for 501E - 16.9oz (Soda) bottles (various) 16oz Monster 20oz Gatorade (various) 16.9/20oz Aquafina
  2. @AngryChris thanks for that info. I do have a Pepsi distributor in town. I will have to call them tomorrow.
  3. @AZVendor that makes sense. Do you know where one can locate the either the 16oz or 20oz vending quality waters. I was told that Dasani and Aquafina are the two option because they have the stronger plastic bottles. But I can’t seem to locate at Costco right now. Even an internet search is not bringing me good luck. I’m in South Florida.
  4. Hello all, My name is Mack and I am getting into the vending business. I am looking at a DN501E machine and would like to know if any knows if the machine would vend 12oz Gatorade bottles
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