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  1. How much you want for them? Pulled from working equipment?
  2. Yes - what is the recommended 4 tube MDB coin mech? I also have some Quantums, not sure if I like em or not, but if/when they fail like to know what the "go to" mech would be....
  3. Holy Shnikeys!!! This is fantastic - been looking for reasonable pricing on these decks, 600 for one with a new compressor and 2yr warranty is a find. Excellent information. ABC
  4. Ha - have learned that Vending gives you endless stories....... Have an old AP 6600 snack at a machine shop - does about $200/mo gross so not terrible, rough environment lot of dirt dust but that old tank keeps on chugging. The staff there are some solid people - I had a bulb going out and on those old AP's a flickering bulb can sometimes cause the coin mech to randomly jackpot....those guys saved every nickle, dime & quarter and handed it over to me in a coffee can when I showed up for the next service - I threw out a bunch of freeebies in their breakroom for having my back. Funniest story at that account was I showed up one day and a couple of the crew came over and let me know the machine had a couple of hangups that they had fixed.....they were super proud they didn't shake my machine, nope, they just drilled holes in the top of the cabinet, used welding rod to fish out the stuck bags and then welded the holes back closed I thanked them with a straight face (they sincerely thought they done good) and took a look at the top of that old machine - counted 17 welded shut holes in the top of the cabinet, obviously been at it for a while. I had this great idea to put another old 6600 on a dock on puget sound - got permission from the marina to put it on the end of the fuel dock under the over hang of a little shack - plan was to have it there May-Sept and stock it with fishing gear - Spoons, Hoochies, plugs, leader, etc... (note, don't try lead - even the small sinkers are too much for the augers to push reliably) Anyway - freaking disaster from day one. Machine is obviously not outdoor rated - I made a little "roof" framed with 2x2's and used that corrugated stuff on top - for the most part kept the machine dry and never had any issues with it malfunctioning from being outside for the 2 months it survived. But boy howdy, them fishin' boyz are some cheap bastages - every one of them knew exactly how much a spoon costs at Cableas and don't appreciate paying even one nickel over retail - and I was haven a hell of a time finding wholesale tackle that anyone wanted. Had to service that thing every-single-day - Sat/Sun the trucks & trailers start queueing up at 4:00 am to launch and by 8:00 that machine would be nearly empty - and by 9:00 am some crack head tweaker would be go after that thing hammer & tong trying to get at the $$. I had signs I'd put up saying "machine serviced daily/no cash in machine" but that hardly slowed them down. Glass smashed within days, cleaned it up and stuck plexi in there. Twice had some jokers stuff fish in the delivery bin - english sole and a dogfish. Kept at it best I could, made some $$ but gave up when it finally got pushed off the dock - cost me over $200 to get it yarded back up on to the dock (leaving it down there was not an option - so I was told) Got many more.. ABC
  5. Yep, been begged, threatened and bribed for product that goes past date before getting consumed. Had a 10 selection Vendo stacker that had decent sales - main contact at the account told me I HAD to put in Mellow Yellow (because everyone was clamoring for it!) - told him no problem, which one do you want to take out - he's says no one likes Diet Pepsi so that one can go..... Mellow Yellow was a golpher for me to find - at least up here in Seattle hardly any stores carry it - finally found a couple cases at Target of all places. Loaded the machine, sold about 3 cans a week for 4 weeks and then nada for months - not a single can. Started getting notes and requests to put Diet Pepsi back in the machine, found out the guy who demanded I put the stuff in there got transferred and no one else had any interest. Had a rough looking gal at a metal fab shop offer to show me her tata's if I'd stock Diet Mt. Dew (I passed on the Tata's - most of the guys there had already seen em and told me I wasn't missing much) Diet Mt. Dew sold like 2 cans before it went past date. Seems like very time I get one of these requests, the requestor claims to be speaking for the group when in reality they are only speaking for themselves - sometimes it works out - had a guy claim that "everyone" at the account wanted me to stock Nutty Buddy bars - I figured he was full of bs, but filled a spiral and damned if it wasn't empty next time I was in there - so I filled two, damn near emptied both of them during the next cycle, so I kept them full and sold the hell out of Nutty Buddies for the next year and a half, then it just stopped - didn't sell a single one for weeks - found out that just one guys was eating 3 or 4 of those a day, every day - and he got fired so that was the end of that. I hate selling the energy drinks - everyone has a favorite and although I can stock lot's of different options in the bottle drops, never seem to pick the right ones - Monster sells the most reliably for me, NOS, Rckstr not so much - Red Bull is really hit or miss
  6. I have a bunch of the DN bottle drops - this happens periodically on my machines, for whatever reason a selection or five gets pouty and won't trigger the solenoid and gives the "make another selection" message. Sometimes you have to Disable/Enable the selection to get it to work, sometimes it loses pricing memory for that selection and defaults to $99.98 and you have to re set pricing. But most of the time, if pricing is correct and the selection is Enabled all you have do is the Self Test (Test Mode, C) - for some reason that wakes up the dead selections on my machines every time. Note: the Master Reset is a last resort and don't ever hit Auto Sequence on a full machine......ask me how I know that one....
  7. Seattle is not a big city by NY or LA standards but certainly not rural - good luck finding machine movers up here. Been running vending up here for last 10 years and not once been able to find a for hire mover when I needed one. Sometimes people will pop up on Craigslist claiming expertise and ability to move vending machines, always keep the contact info, but when the time comes - they are out of business or have transitioned to running their own vending operation and have not time for moving machines. Got to where we won't accept any accounts with stairs or otherwise difficult machine access. The advice on here is solid - got to be able to move your own equipment - the Penske places up here have 16' box trucks with rail lifts - those are the bomb, with a mini pallet jack, a couple of crate movers and one of those trucks, have moved a lot of machines on my own. (that said, I did buy a Hyster forklift last year to make loading/unloading from my shop easier - best investment ever) Same with service techs - not many around, been times I had to just buy new refer decks because couldn't find anyone willing to repair existing decks. ABC
  8. Is the light bulb flickering? I have a bunch of AP 6600's in the field - they do all kinds of weird things (when using the OEM boards) when the bulbs start to fail. Have had them jackpot and randomly spit change, have had coils randomly cycle and drop product and have had them lose pricing just as described. Swap out the light bulb or upgrade to LED. ABC
  9. $15.45/hr minimum wage in Seattle - burger flippers that can get 40hrs/wk making $32k annually - manager up here cost at least $50k/yr and they'd get offers from competitors if they proved to be any good. note: $15.45/ hr min is for companies considered "large businesses" - think that means more than 500 employees - small business like most vending operations do not have to comply yet as it is being phased in, but to compete in the job market up here, $15/hr is rock bottom. ABC
  10. Cans are $1 ea. Was selling them at $.75 until the flying monkeys on the Seattle City Council levied a $.0175 per OUNCE tax on ALL sweetened beverages as of Jan 1. ABC
  11. $12-$15 per machine sound about right? I get that it depends on electricity costs - Hydro power up here in the Pacific Northwest is cheap, just seeing if there is an accepted "average". Have a customer that wants commission - really try to avoid paying that if I don't have access to the locations customers - if I am in a breakroom for a large company, no commission (I would just raise prices the amount of the commission and make the employees pay for it) - most companies get this if you can reason it out with a decision maker. Keeps my prices low for the convenience of the employees which is the whole purpose of the machines anyway. On the other hand, if I am in a big retail space or hotel and the locations customers have access to the machines, then sure, makes sense to give them a cut. This particular company has a new sheriff in town, and he is going to set thing right... 1st order of business: order the vending guy to report immediately for a face-to-face and demand concessions. He wants 5% of gross and no price increase - justification is so the machines pay for their power consumption. I am leaning toward a flat rate if it is about power - nothing for the snacks (all have LED conversion so they draw next to nothing) - figure I'd offer him $24 mo for the two bev machines ($12 ea). - sound about right? ABC
  12. Gaaaagggghhhhh In my continuous fumbling to try and make a few sheckles in the Vending biz, I have a couple questions: Where the HELL are all the vending machine movers? Out the 3.7 million people that live in the greater Seattle Metro region, there aint a single one among them that wants to have anything to do with moving these heavy golpher machines. Google, Craigslist, you name it, there is NOT ONE person advertising the willingness or ability to move a machine 10 feet much less 10 miles - if I had machines located up any kind of stairs I'd abandon them in place if it came time to move. Sure, I get it - if you want to make it in the business, move your own stuff - and I do, snack machines are no problem, just about any beverage machine I can get a pallet jack under no problem - I start losing interest on the heavy golpher Vendo stackers that sit damn near flush on the floor - HATE moving those things. I have Crate movers, piano dollies, I get that you can rock 'em up on 4 x 4's and get a pallet jack under them.... but any kind of incline and that sucker just might get away from you quick. I've used the swoopy Dutro hand trucks with the kick out wheels - those are nice, but there are times it would be nice to throw out a $100 or so and leave the moving to someone else. I tried calling a couple companies that advertise moving pianos - no bueno, no interest. I've called competitors, they hate moving their own stuff, much less anyone elses. Anyway - looking for out of the box suggestions for where to look for movers that would might be capable - like maybe safe movers or something? Note to self: look into possibly starting a vending machine moving company. Moving on - any of you guys use what I like to call "stopper" bags in any of your selections? These are the shatty chips that nobody likes but have reasonably long shelf dates - Veggie Straws come to mind. I have one account that consumes EXACTLY 10 bags of Lays plain potato chips every week - not 8 (and not 11, I tried filling two rows, that was a waste) - somehow it is always 10 - and boy do I hear about it if that row is empty when I show up to service the machine - because it is EMPTY!!!!!! So what I started doing some time back was stick in 9 bags of Lays in a 10 count spiral and a bag of Veggie straws in the 10 slot - woohoo!! They eat the 9 bags and the Veggie straws sit and hold the spot until I get there to re-fill - no more complaints about EMPTY rows! Sure - I lose out on the sale of one bag, but if I use two rows I lose even more sales because I have to remove a selection that other people might like.... Have gotten to where I have a selection of stopper bags (or un-sellable candy like Plain M&M's) stashed in the machines so I can set up a stopper if I am short on Doritos or something - seems to work out pretty good, I have most of my locations set up to be at least 50% sold out (shooting for nearer to 70%) when I show up to re-stock, but with my stopper bag set-up, all the selections still have at least 1 bag left in 'em so the machines visually looked fully stocked- anyone else doing something similar? Next up - I posted about this before, but I have had a "Vending Services Management Company" pop up at one of my locations and claim they have obtained a "national contract" and that I need to join the collective and started kicking them out tribute in the form of "commissions" or else they will kick me out - based on the advice I got on here I passed on the invite to start giving them money for absolutely nothing in return and told them let me know when you have my replacement and I will move my golpher - that was over a year ago and although I am still plugging along, they have re-appeared asking for Certificate of Insurance for the account - I sent one over as requested, but the account is the holder NOT the Management company - they didn't like that they want their name on the COI - does that sound right? Not gonna do it - I have no relationship with these people, don't pay tribute, didn't sign any agreement, probably finally going to get kicked out.....which is why I am lookng for movers..... Round and round it goes.. ABC
  13. Whoaaa.... Welcome to the vending biz - I don't know as much as these guys about vending in general, but I do know something about vending in Seattle.... It's a tough row to hoe - you do know about the Sweetened Beverage Tax the flying monkeys on the City council imposed in Seattle on Jan 1? $.0175 per ounce on just about everything you want to vend out of a beverage machine - pop, gatorade, energy drinks, etc.. - brutal. I am not accepting any new locations within city limits and taking a hard look at some existing locations to see if we want to keep operating in the city at all. Work on finding locations just outside the city - if you are South, Renton, Tukwila, Kent, Auburn, etc. If North, Lynwood, Everett, Mukilteo, etc. I have a few locations that I could sell if you are interested, (PM me) - but they are bottle drops and may not be the best for someone just starting out. ABC
  14. My brother had an old Ford F150 that got inhabited by a mice - wasn't a daily driver so took him a bit to catch on.... Damn that thing stank like mice pee - tried everything, had best results with: Dryer sheets under the seat - those things absorb odors better than you would think a pound or two of fresh ground coffee in a sock tied off at the top - expensive air freshener but it finally made that truck tolerable.
  15. Man, I feel like a dumbaxx - that's why I could never figure out what people were talking about on the threads about non-removable decks - it was the 2045's NOT the 2145's - I don't have any 2045's and always thought the 2145's didn't look any tougher than the 5591's..... Now if I could only source refer decks for these things that didn't cost $850 ea., I'd be set!
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