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  1. This - saw a Youtube video where the guy opened a cheap tube lock with a disposable bic pen in like 10 seconds. Mine are now Abloy - Medeco is as good or better.
  2. Good point - the Polyvend I have works fine but you are right about parts availability - should probably just sell that on Craigslist and be done with it. I have some AP 6600's - one of those should be fine. Went to the account at lunch today - they had video of the event. Homeless woman - she was in the building for hours, took a bath in the restroom and left all her disgusting clothes (underwear and all) on the floor. She then went after the snack machine with a vengeance - tried a crowbar around the lock side of the door, bent everything all to hell, couldn't smash the plexi so tried prying that out - no luck. Next target was the coin mech and bill val from the front - she managed to smash everything and bend the hell out the openings, but...... SHE DIDN'T GET A DIME! Never did access the cash box on the val or any part of the coin mech (she smashed them up but never got any $$) Account called the cops - they had no interest, guy said they were kind of annoyed to be bothered with it - I'm not calling them or reporting i, been down that road giant waste of time and in Seattle, no one is going to put a homeless person in jail for much of anything short of violent assault and that is only an overnight stay most of the time.
  3. Desperate times. Marginal account - put a snack & pop in there as a favor to a friend that was working there (corporate offices for a waste management company) - head count around 50 gross is maybe $175 monthly. Was skeptical about the account when I set up there about 6 or 7 yrs ago, but have a large account 4 blocks away so agreed - didn't want to invest much in equipment so they got a Vendo stacker and this USI snack I got off a Craigslist for $166 (guy I bought it from won it at a storage auction - no idea why he wanted exactly $166 but didn't haggle) Got an email from them today saying they had a break in last week (been servicing that account about every 3 wks due to WuFlu) and sent me the pictures - that machine is done. Got an old Polyvend that works, gonna swap that in there and move on with life - think that there was maybe $10 in there at best (doesn't look like they got the coin mech - probably more $$ in there than there was in the validator) Lot of work and risk for $10 - freaking tweakers.
  4. WuFlu sucks. Have learned a few things during the Corona reaction: If you wipe down chip bags with Isopropyl alcohol, be careful with the freshness dates - they wipe right off - have bags in the machines now with no dates - not sure if that violates some rule/reg but is what it is. Masks are weird to wear all the time - i have a lot of facial hair so not sure how much good they are doing me anyway, but at least it minimizes my chances of spreading this crap if I some how have it and don't know it - which they say is a thing. My hands are too big to fit in L nitrile gloves - need the XL's - think maybe they base the sizes on these gloves on the hands of the workers that make them - not sure if this is a stereotype or not but if they are making these gloves in China, maybe the Large is "China Large" which translates to US Medium? Only box of gloves I have is Large and I tear about 30% of them up trying to force them onto my meathooks - I have used nitrile gloves before working on my broken golpher down Snack Wagon van and never noticed the problem (why I had a Large box) - wearing them all the time has made it obvious - fat guy in a little glove... People got too much time on their hands and spend it practicing picking vending locks - the smart ones only take about 1/3 the cash so they can keep going back to the well - don't track sales close enough to catch on right away, but I suspected something was up at an apartment complex I have a couple of beverage machines in - always seemed to under perform relative to the amount of stock going in - rat bastards finally messed one of the locks up and couldn't get it back to set and alerted me to the problem. When I got picked before, I swapped that account out to Abloy locks - this one gets the Abloy cores in the T-Handles AND an Abloy core in a hardened puck lock - hahaha, beat that one suckers....(they'll probably just smash the machine now) WuFlu sucks
  5. Washington State issued the Stay Home order on Monday - but that only affected about 25% of existing accounts - most of the rest are declaring "essential business" status. The retirement homes locked vendors out couple weeks ago. Had a couple of cases of the pocket sized purell hand sanitizers (not hoarding, had long before COVID19 was even a thing) - put those in a snack machine in one of the hotel accounts and they sold out (for $.75 ea - not gouging, think they cost $.35-$.40 ea) - in about 1 hr (two full spirals) and can't get anymore and keep getting notes about re-stocking. Since this is a side-hustle for me and I don't want to get sick or get anyone sick, I am only going to re-stock if/when accounts call to request it. Go in gloved up (mask if there are a lot of people around) and wipe the machines down with Clorox wipes, re-stock and get the hell out. Don't consider my business essential but will service machines at essential accounts if they request. ABC
  6. I had some Mercury/Mercruiser marine paint laying around - same paint the put on the Mercruiser outdrive that will last yeas in salt water. Not sure where I got it but Amazon or West Marine probably have it - super tough and pretty easy to work with.
  7. Think so? Damn, well those are the ones I got - think the lock is designed to spin if you try and drill but I am not an expert. Account moved some cameras around and put up additional signage, so will see if that plus the locks make a difference
  8. Yeah I got my no-name brand locks from a place called Lock America - think the website is LAIgroup.com I supposedly have a unique key registered with them so when I need more locks they send me one's ready to go with the keys I have. For the most part, the LAI locks look and perform like all the other vending machine locks I have messed with - buy most of my stuff used of Craigslist or Offerup, soon as I get a machine I swap out whatever lock is on there for one of mine so all my machines are keyed alike - never gotten an Abloy or Medeco lock on a used machine (they cost more so most people probably keep them) - have bags of locks & keys from used machines - some of them like the ones stamped DN25 are on a LOT of machines - probably a Dixie key that got put on a lot of equipment. I do sometimes buy machines that have locks that I already have keys for - why I changed everything to my "unique" key from LAI I think these cheaper locks are pickable with the ebay pick sets - sure looks like they are on the Youtube videos, but I have not tried myself - figured if I ever got locked out of a machine I'd try the picks before drilling just haven't been locked out yet - knock on wood Anyway - the majority of my accounts are in closed environments with no public access so have never really had a problem with people trying to get into them. The few that I do have accessible to the public (like these) are in areas that make it difficult to get much "alone" time with the machine - don't think there is anyway I am going to have a "smash & grab" at this hotel, but a clever guy with a lock pick and some brass balls could get into the machines (obviously) Got a set of Abloy locks on the way for this one account and a set of the thandle covers and some puck locks for another account I am now concerned about - will see if that helps
  9. Seattle metro - mostly East & South of the downtown core
  10. LSI - thanks, will check them out. $100 per machine sounds right - think the covers are $25 from D&S and probably around $75 ea for good quality puck locks - starting out with that
  11. Got my locks from LAI group - but they are just basic locks far as I know - all keyed the same. Will look at the Medeco locks, thanks
  12. T-handle covers!! that's what I was looking for - didn't know what to call them, got a couple on the way now.
  13. You think? They sell those tubular lock pick sets on Amazon for like $30 - I am going to buy one and see how easy they are to use on some of my machines in the shop - will find out pretty quick how tough it is. Am thinking about adding a hasp with one of those hockey puck locks to make things a bit more difficult (will leave the thandle and lock on the machine and add the hasp)
  14. Yep - Hotel has cameras that cover entrance/exit to the area (small room) where the machines are but not actually on the machines themselves - they have footage of the guy they think did it, but only entering/leaving the room, not in the act. Cops got no interest in pursuing a case like this - they got bigger fish to fry. Probably good idea to put up the smile you're on camera sign as a scarecrow - have those up at the apartments.
  15. Ok, been at this for a while, think I got my first machine back in 2008 or 09 Maybe I've been lucky, but in the last 10 years have not had any thefts or vandalism to any machines. Don't really have any high risk locations - picked up a apartment location a few years back with two bev machines and I think a tenant there had a key to the machines and was taking money, but he/she was smart and only took about 10-15% of the cash so it took me a while to catch on (and I was lazy about swapping out the locks) - swapped out the locks and problem went away. Have some places that kids can access the machines and they like to stick crap in the validators/coin mechs - leaves, pieces of paper and pennies...craploads of pennies everytime I get a location where kids have access, pennies start showing up. Anyway, have a decent hotel account with a bottle drop and snack machine in the lobby - nice location probably a 2-1/2 or 3 star hotel - they keep it pretty nice, have after-hours security and cameras. On Sat went for regular service and walk in to see OUT OF ORDER signs on both machines - WTF? They looked fine from the outside, opened them up and son-of-a-biscuit....cassettes gone from both coin mechs, change buckets gone from both machines and validators cleaned out - rotten bastages. Locks were not drilled, no damage to the machines - figure some tweaker got hands on one of those tubular lock pick sets off ebay or something and just opened them up - have registered locks so supposedly no one else has the key and I can account for every one that I've ever received so locks must have been picked. Replaced the cassettes and change buckets, got both machines up and running - my contact there checked the video feed - saw his security guard escort some guy with a tool box into the vending area and then walk back out without him - suspect the guy showed up and announced he was there to "work" on the vending machines and got escorted straight to the machines to rip them off - ballsy. Anyway, like feeding a stray dog expect he will be back to do it again, so need to beef up the locks and have a question: add a hasp with padlock or better quality tube lock? The account has no interest in "solving the crime" - they don't want criminal activity on their property and if the machines are attracting lowlifes desperate to get at the $$ they will want the machines removed/replaced with machines less susceptible. So going to start with stronger locks and then move to cages if that becomes necessary. ABC
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