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  1. Seattle is not a big city by NY or LA standards but certainly not rural - good luck finding machine movers up here. Been running vending up here for last 10 years and not once been able to find a for hire mover when I needed one. Sometimes people will pop up on Craigslist claiming expertise and ability to move vending machines, always keep the contact info, but when the time comes - they are out of business or have transitioned to running their own vending operation and have not time for moving machines. Got to where we won't accept any accounts with stairs or otherwise difficult machine access. The advice on here is solid - got to be able to move your own equipment - the Penske places up here have 16' box trucks with rail lifts - those are the bomb, with a mini pallet jack, a couple of crate movers and one of those trucks, have moved a lot of machines on my own. (that said, I did buy a Hyster forklift last year to make loading/unloading from my shop easier - best investment ever) Same with service techs - not many around, been times I had to just buy new refer decks because couldn't find anyone willing to repair existing decks. ABC
  2. Is the light bulb flickering? I have a bunch of AP 6600's in the field - they do all kinds of weird things (when using the OEM boards) when the bulbs start to fail. Have had them jackpot and randomly spit change, have had coils randomly cycle and drop product and have had them lose pricing just as described. Swap out the light bulb or upgrade to LED. ABC
  3. ABCVending


    $15.45/hr minimum wage in Seattle - burger flippers that can get 40hrs/wk making $32k annually - manager up here cost at least $50k/yr and they'd get offers from competitors if they proved to be any good. note: $15.45/ hr min is for companies considered "large businesses" - think that means more than 500 employees - small business like most vending operations do not have to comply yet as it is being phased in, but to compete in the job market up here, $15/hr is rock bottom. ABC
  4. Cans are $1 ea. Was selling them at $.75 until the flying monkeys on the Seattle City Council levied a $.0175 per OUNCE tax on ALL sweetened beverages as of Jan 1. ABC
  5. $12-$15 per machine sound about right? I get that it depends on electricity costs - Hydro power up here in the Pacific Northwest is cheap, just seeing if there is an accepted "average". Have a customer that wants commission - really try to avoid paying that if I don't have access to the locations customers - if I am in a breakroom for a large company, no commission (I would just raise prices the amount of the commission and make the employees pay for it) - most companies get this if you can reason it out with a decision maker. Keeps my prices low for the convenience of the employees which is the whole purpose of the machines anyway. On the other hand, if I am in a big retail space or hotel and the locations customers have access to the machines, then sure, makes sense to give them a cut. This particular company has a new sheriff in town, and he is going to set thing right... 1st order of business: order the vending guy to report immediately for a face-to-face and demand concessions. He wants 5% of gross and no price increase - justification is so the machines pay for their power consumption. I am leaning toward a flat rate if it is about power - nothing for the snacks (all have LED conversion so they draw next to nothing) - figure I'd offer him $24 mo for the two bev machines ($12 ea). - sound about right? ABC
  6. Gaaaagggghhhhh In my continuous fumbling to try and make a few sheckles in the Vending biz, I have a couple questions: Where the HELL are all the vending machine movers? Out the 3.7 million people that live in the greater Seattle Metro region, there aint a single one among them that wants to have anything to do with moving these heavy golpher machines. Google, Craigslist, you name it, there is NOT ONE person advertising the willingness or ability to move a machine 10 feet much less 10 miles - if I had machines located up any kind of stairs I'd abandon them in place if it came time to move. Sure, I get it - if you want to make it in the business, move your own stuff - and I do, snack machines are no problem, just about any beverage machine I can get a pallet jack under no problem - I start losing interest on the heavy golpher Vendo stackers that sit damn near flush on the floor - HATE moving those things. I have Crate movers, piano dollies, I get that you can rock 'em up on 4 x 4's and get a pallet jack under them.... but any kind of incline and that sucker just might get away from you quick. I've used the swoopy Dutro hand trucks with the kick out wheels - those are nice, but there are times it would be nice to throw out a $100 or so and leave the moving to someone else. I tried calling a couple companies that advertise moving pianos - no bueno, no interest. I've called competitors, they hate moving their own stuff, much less anyone elses. Anyway - looking for out of the box suggestions for where to look for movers that would might be capable - like maybe safe movers or something? Note to self: look into possibly starting a vending machine moving company. Moving on - any of you guys use what I like to call "stopper" bags in any of your selections? These are the shatty chips that nobody likes but have reasonably long shelf dates - Veggie Straws come to mind. I have one account that consumes EXACTLY 10 bags of Lays plain potato chips every week - not 8 (and not 11, I tried filling two rows, that was a waste) - somehow it is always 10 - and boy do I hear about it if that row is empty when I show up to service the machine - because it is EMPTY!!!!!! So what I started doing some time back was stick in 9 bags of Lays in a 10 count spiral and a bag of Veggie straws in the 10 slot - woohoo!! They eat the 9 bags and the Veggie straws sit and hold the spot until I get there to re-fill - no more complaints about EMPTY rows! Sure - I lose out on the sale of one bag, but if I use two rows I lose even more sales because I have to remove a selection that other people might like.... Have gotten to where I have a selection of stopper bags (or un-sellable candy like Plain M&M's) stashed in the machines so I can set up a stopper if I am short on Doritos or something - seems to work out pretty good, I have most of my locations set up to be at least 50% sold out (shooting for nearer to 70%) when I show up to re-stock, but with my stopper bag set-up, all the selections still have at least 1 bag left in 'em so the machines visually looked fully stocked- anyone else doing something similar? Next up - I posted about this before, but I have had a "Vending Services Management Company" pop up at one of my locations and claim they have obtained a "national contract" and that I need to join the collective and started kicking them out tribute in the form of "commissions" or else they will kick me out - based on the advice I got on here I passed on the invite to start giving them money for absolutely nothing in return and told them let me know when you have my replacement and I will move my golpher - that was over a year ago and although I am still plugging along, they have re-appeared asking for Certificate of Insurance for the account - I sent one over as requested, but the account is the holder NOT the Management company - they didn't like that they want their name on the COI - does that sound right? Not gonna do it - I have no relationship with these people, don't pay tribute, didn't sign any agreement, probably finally going to get kicked out.....which is why I am lookng for movers..... Round and round it goes.. ABC
  7. ABCVending

    Seattle Washington New in vending business

    Whoaaa.... Welcome to the vending biz - I don't know as much as these guys about vending in general, but I do know something about vending in Seattle.... It's a tough row to hoe - you do know about the Sweetened Beverage Tax the flying monkeys on the City council imposed in Seattle on Jan 1? $.0175 per ounce on just about everything you want to vend out of a beverage machine - pop, gatorade, energy drinks, etc.. - brutal. I am not accepting any new locations within city limits and taking a hard look at some existing locations to see if we want to keep operating in the city at all. Work on finding locations just outside the city - if you are South, Renton, Tukwila, Kent, Auburn, etc. If North, Lynwood, Everett, Mukilteo, etc. I have a few locations that I could sell if you are interested, (PM me) - but they are bottle drops and may not be the best for someone just starting out. ABC
  8. My brother had an old Ford F150 that got inhabited by a mice - wasn't a daily driver so took him a bit to catch on.... Damn that thing stank like mice pee - tried everything, had best results with: Dryer sheets under the seat - those things absorb odors better than you would think a pound or two of fresh ground coffee in a sock tied off at the top - expensive air freshener but it finally made that truck tolerable.
  9. ABCVending

    DN 2145 Fridge removal

    Man, I feel like a dumbaxx - that's why I could never figure out what people were talking about on the threads about non-removable decks - it was the 2045's NOT the 2145's - I don't have any 2045's and always thought the 2145's didn't look any tougher than the 5591's..... Now if I could only source refer decks for these things that didn't cost $850 ea., I'd be set!
  10. ABCVending

    DN 2145 Fridge removal

    I have a couple that I need to try to remove as well - some threads on here say you cannot remove the entire refer deck on the 2145's intact because of the way they are integrated into the machine. Other threads imply that it is possible to pull the entire deck - there is not a lot of information on youtube or elsewhere on the early ECC/Dixie bottle drops. The 2145's mostly had dual condenser fan decks - the new replacement decks are single fan, I managed to swap one out in a 5591, but have not attempted the 2145 yet - not sure what part is so difficult on the 2145's but suspect the evaporator is difficult?
  11. Dixie Bevmax refer decks are at least $750 - don't think Vending Works has them.
  12. ABCVending

    Crate mover from northern tool

    I have a set of these - one of the first pieces of moving equipment I bought for vending machines. Pros: Yep, you can clam shell machines through doorways - the crank handles can be fumbly but usually can rotate them out of the way. Allows for easier solo handling of machines - especially lifting super low machines up onto pallets and/or pallet jacks Larger wheels than piano dollies like these: https://www.newhaven-usa.com/product/11/NHP6B/PIANO-CARRY-DOLLY-w4-7-STRAPS?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI2vuV39SC2QIVDHp-Ch1huABDEAQYBSABEgIVQfD_BwE Makes it easier to maneuver over rough surfaces. (I also have a set of those piano dollies and those are pretty good for certain machines - usually low beverage machines) They work equally well with Snack and Beverage machines - they can accommodate taller legs. Cons: Clunky and awkward to store and haul around That straps the come with them are garbage and potentially dangerous - have had them fail - replace with better/heavier straps. Toe plate is a little flexy with a heavy machine - not a problem a couple inches off the ground, but if you are lifting higher to get on/off a 6 or 7 inch pallet, kind of a white knuckle endeavor. No brakes - careful on inclines Summary: They are ok for solo handling on smooth flat surfaces and navigating door ways - but I find that I hardly ever want to mess with them these days in favor of a narrow shorty pallet jack.
  13. ABCVending

    Which pallet jack to buy

    I've been using that Strongway mini pallet jack for about a year, before I was using a combination of crate movers, dollies, handtrucks with the kick out wheels etc.... Not any more - the pallet jack is far and away the best piece of equipment for moving these machines - even when clam shelling machines through door ways, preference is to use the jack over the crate movers. The narrow shorty jacks are nice to use inside the box trucks when moving machines - easy to spin the machines inside the truck to maneuver (much easier than a standard 48" jack) I was initially concerned about the smaller 5" wheels vs the 6" on the full size jacks - but after pulling a big Dixie Narco beverage machine down one of those busted up alleys in downtown Seattle, am convinced that is a non issue, have not had any problems and that sucker has been abused.
  14. ABCVending

    Which pallet jack to buy

    This is the newer version of the one I have: https://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200680712_200680712 The old one only had a 1000 lb rating - but it only weighs 75 lbs so tossing it in/out of the truck is no big deal. This one weighs more but has higher load capacity - still a short/narrow jack. I put adhesive velcro strips on the forks and have cut pieces of pressure treated 2 x 4's that I can add or remove depending on height the equipment I am moving.
  15. I have a couple like that - I was going to dump them but they aren't time consuming, hit them every 4-6 weeks pull a hundred bucks, works for me for now. I only give them one diet option (shelf life) and they are almost all old Vendo stackers - nothing fancy.