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  1. City of Seattle has a soda tax (all sweetened beverages) of $.0175 per ounce - that adds up quick. Now the flying monkeys running the state into the ground want to expand this tax to the whole state - if Coke jacks the price $2/case the State of Washington plans to add another $5/case on top of that. Costco stores within Seattle city limits actually have signs up near the pop recommending people buy sweetened beverages at their stores outside of the city - guess now they are going to recommend people shop in Oregon/Idaho
  2. I have a bunch of the bottle drops out on location, they work for me but am aware that a lot of people don't like them. Think I only still have 1 of the short gate 2145's, everything else has been updated to at least equivalent of 5591. Vendingworks has advertised refer decks for these: https://vendingworks.com/collections/dixie-narco-compressor-decks/products/dixie-narco-1600-bottle-drop-refrigeration-unit-2145 Price seems good, but not sure when/if they are ever available. I bought a new deck years ago from Crane or whoever runs the show at Dixie now - brand new fact
  3. Good info - thanks! Scratch that idea - got enough machine inventory as it is right now.
  4. These have been sitting on Seattle Craigslist: https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/clt/d/seattle-coin-operated-full-size-popcorn/7225736817.html At $100 ea - thinking I might grab them and strip the coin mechs and validators... Anyone have any of these on location? Don't think I want to mess with popcorn.
  5. Think so - they work with the MEI validators. Can probably buy them from multiple places, pretty sure I got mine from USATECH when I needed cc readers for some machines.
  6. Right now do not see the 3-in-1 (or 4-in-1) masks on the USATECH website - been a while since I bought one, might have to call them or something.
  7. I have a bunch of 5591's - one of them has a USATECH eport mounted just above the bezel - no cutouts needed, just some holes drilled for mounting screws and cables. Sloppy job, but it was like that when I got it and works fine. Rest of the one's I have CC readers on, I just buy the 3 in 1 mask from USATECH and put it over the DBV - a little bit spendy, but makes for a clean install that I have not had any issues with.
  8. Pennies - shitloads of pennies.... Any place I have a machine that the public can get to - pennies start to appear. Most of the machines can handle a random penny or two, just spits them out to the coin return - hand full of pennies can cause jams. Like kids think if they ram 20 or 30 pennies through the coin mech, candy bars are magically going to fall from the spirals - drives me crazy. In the Fall, have one place that must have kids around because the DBV starts getting jammed up with leaves - leaves! Have had a couple attempts at fishing with tape stuck to dollar bil
  9. Ha - I did that with an old Vendo - stuffed it full of beer, set the price at $.50 so my buddies would remember to chip in for the beer fund - have a large outbuilding with shop and have a lot of people hanging out coming/going so that vendo got a lot of use. Took on a location as a favor to a friend, was not to enthused about the account, maybe 50 people and some drivers and customers so figured to put in some inexpensive equipment. Cleaned up an old AP 7600 I had and decided they would get the beer vendo so cleaned that out as well. Got everything set up at the new account and
  10. I started out using a full size Sierra pick-up - put a Lund hard tonneau over the bed and a bedslide inside - worked pretty well for up to 12 machines (vending part-timer) - the bedslide made it slick, just drop the tailgate and pull the slide out like a drawer, could carry 1000 lbs not problem, slide was rated for 1500. Only thing about the slides is careful on inclines - hehe, opened that thing one time with the nose pointed up hill, took me off my feet and had to unload about half the truck to get it back in. When I got up to 24 machines, switched out to a used Astro van - dedicat
  11. This - saw a Youtube video where the guy opened a cheap tube lock with a disposable bic pen in like 10 seconds. Mine are now Abloy - Medeco is as good or better.
  12. Good point - the Polyvend I have works fine but you are right about parts availability - should probably just sell that on Craigslist and be done with it. I have some AP 6600's - one of those should be fine. Went to the account at lunch today - they had video of the event. Homeless woman - she was in the building for hours, took a bath in the restroom and left all her disgusting clothes (underwear and all) on the floor. She then went after the snack machine with a vengeance - tried a crowbar around the lock side of the door, bent everything all to hell, couldn't smash the p
  13. Desperate times. Marginal account - put a snack & pop in there as a favor to a friend that was working there (corporate offices for a waste management company) - head count around 50 gross is maybe $175 monthly. Was skeptical about the account when I set up there about 6 or 7 yrs ago, but have a large account 4 blocks away so agreed - didn't want to invest much in equipment so they got a Vendo stacker and this USI snack I got off a Craigslist for $166 (guy I bought it from won it at a storage auction - no idea why he wanted exactly $166 but didn't haggle) Got an email from t
  14. WuFlu sucks. Have learned a few things during the Corona reaction: If you wipe down chip bags with Isopropyl alcohol, be careful with the freshness dates - they wipe right off - have bags in the machines now with no dates - not sure if that violates some rule/reg but is what it is. Masks are weird to wear all the time - i have a lot of facial hair so not sure how much good they are doing me anyway, but at least it minimizes my chances of spreading this crap if I some how have it and don't know it - which they say is a thing. My hands are too big to fit in L nitrile gloves -
  15. Washington State issued the Stay Home order on Monday - but that only affected about 25% of existing accounts - most of the rest are declaring "essential business" status. The retirement homes locked vendors out couple weeks ago. Had a couple of cases of the pocket sized purell hand sanitizers (not hoarding, had long before COVID19 was even a thing) - put those in a snack machine in one of the hotel accounts and they sold out (for $.75 ea - not gouging, think they cost $.35-$.40 ea) - in about 1 hr (two full spirals) and can't get anymore and keep getting notes about re-stocking.
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