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  1. Not shocked because I'm not sure where this guy is, but if he's found a location ready 5591 for $500 he should buy it. I sold one this weekend for $1400 - guy that bought it was happy, he knows what they are and already has a couple. Hate bottle drops or not, for a small operation guy like me they fill a niche between old stacker and $4,000 Bevmax 4: If a customer wants more selections than a stacker will give and is big enough to warrant an equipment upgrade, I would rather throw out $1000-$1500 for a bottle drop than $4,000-$5,000 for the latest and greatest - 90% of the customers can't tell the difference anyway. I am not a member of the Vending Operator Elite - just a ham and egger trying to make some side money - if they're mdb and credit card capable, they work for me. ABC
  2. Sure - sent you a message.
  3. She says the "vending nonsense" is absorbing too much time....and she might be right, beginning to interfere with golf and fishing. (Note: I don't call her WIfey to her face, noooooo, that is my internet tough guy act - I am not sure what would happen if she actually caught me at it, best we don't ever find out) Been at this for 7 years as a side hustle, collecting accounts in close proximity to my day job so I can hit them before/after work and lunch time. Kind of at a tipping point now - 14 locations with 30 machines and find I have gone from juggling tennis balls to juggling flaming cans of gasoline - not so much a hobby anymore. Not sure how many of you guys are doing this as a side job - but that was always my intent, with maybe down the road using vending to supplement whatever I've managed to scrape together as a retirement plan. Anyway, weekdays are for work so have no problem dedicating an hour or two every day during the week to the vending gods - it's the weekends that are precious. Up until recently, vending got 4 hrs on Saturday, 2 times a month - now I am out every Saturday for at least 6 hrs, that is no bueno. Pairing back is tough, never sold off an account and have only lost one in 7 years so this is new territory. For me, I have three types of accounts: Slow $100/mo (min) but slow service cycle as well about 1 x month. Middle $ 200-$ 300 mo - service cycle 2 x month Core $ 600 -$ 800 mo - need these to keep it rolling So I am going to try and find that sweet spot, the perfect balance of time/money - knee jerk is to single out the slow accounts and dump em but some of those are nice because they don't require much time and are reliable and stable. Core accounts are not going anywhere if I can help it. Leaves a half dozen middling accounts - think a couple of these time suckers have to go - easier to sell, free up bigger chunks of time. Flawed logic? Better to keep the middles and dump the slows? ABC
  4. Route Value?

    Oh - bad wording - In Seattle bottle drops are hard to find. I don't think they are hard to find because people hate them, I think they are hard to find because there is a strong market for them up here and anything location ready for $1500 gets snapped up in quickly. Seattle recently passed a 1.75 cent per ounce tax on soft drinks - $.21 increase PER 12 oz can - ouch. Has really increased interest in glass fronts up here due to the variety of product that can be vended.
  5. Route Value?

    All good brother - not looking to buy any more bottle drops right now, I was joking that I'd take them for free if people hate them so much they are giving them away... Probably not being clear: Look at it from this angle: I have a 5591 location ready sitting in my shop, and I have a 5591 sitting in a location earning money - I figure they are both worth $1500 as they sit but seems like someone would rather buy the one on location than the one in my shop - maybe that is wrong. Was just trying to get a feel for what you guys would sell them for. I was just looking at this as an equipment sale and the fact that they are earning money now is just gravy - the locations may be slow, but they are earning and I don't see how that devalues the equipment - maybe it does and I just am too dense to see it. Anyway, have had the ad up on Craigslist for 4 days and have had 11 inquiries - 4 lowball offers of around $3000-$3500 based on gross (proves your point I guess) 2 guys that want to start the negotiation at $4000 1 guy that really, really wants to get into vending and is cool with $5,000 but needs me to carry half the money for 90 days. and another 4 that just want to ask questions (so far) I don't want to stick it to some newbie if the asking price is unreasonable so figured I'd check on here - I know I paid a hell of lot more for lesser equipment when I was starting out. ABC
  6. Route Value?

    Damn, I am on a ROLL! - think I have one of each of those.....maybe if I bundle them as "rare" vending machines I can get a few hits..... Lol - I don't think bottle drops are hard to find because nobody wants them, pretty sure if I offered up a half dozen location ready 5591's for $1000 ea they'd sell in a day. Was just trying to get a feel for what you guys would sell for - again, I know some of you hate 'em and won't buy them but pretty sure even the most anti-bottle drop guy on here isn't going to give them away (if you are, PM me and I'll arrange for trucking to come pick them up)
  7. Vinyl wrapping on site....

    Amazon - DIYAH 4D Black Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap Sticker with Air Release Bubble Free anti-wrinkle (84" x 60" / 7FT x 5FT) $23.00 Shipped - enough for three of the bottle drop doors.
  8. Route Value?

    Was looking at it more like an equipment sale - bottle drops are hard to come by out here (whether you hate them or not) - if they were old Vendo stackers, price would be less than $3k for everything. Yep, probably should just hang on to em - stable, weekend access - what's not to love. Don't have an account with bottlers am sure free machines are the way to go - too bad you can't get free product from them as well. I don't get the issue with the bottle drops - they vend everything and are simple to work on - as AZ Vendor has pointed out multiple times, with correctly aligned drop sensors, mis-vend issues are minor - keep em clean and rotate stock. Your killing me Smalls.... The question should probably be not what YOU guys would pay (most of you apparently get free machines and scrap bottle drops like used condoms) - but if you were selling a nice bottle drop at a stable location - $1200/gross yr - you think $1500 is in the ball park. Again, like them or not, pretty hard to lay hands on a location ready 5591 for under $1k and that is usually a pig in a poke with high shipping charges. ABC
  9. Route Value?

    FYI - kidding, sometimes forget that people can have thin skin when they can't tell you are joking around - like to hear what consensus is on route value, thanks
  10. Route Value?

    So I have more locations than I can efficiently manage at this point - looking to cull a few from the herd. Have a nice little group of 3 accounts all within a couple of miles of each other, beverage only, equipment all DN bottle drops - 1 2145 and 2 5591's. Pretty sure the 2145 was a Dixie refurb - has the 5591 board, tall gates etc. The accounts are meh - average bout $100/mo gross ea - but the equipment is in good shape and the accounts are stable, competitors are not banging on the door trying to steal the business (and they are regularly serviced, no stales, no service interruptions) I figure the equipment is worth $4500 and the locations $500 for a total of $5000 for everything including inventory in the machines at time of sale. This sound about right? (I know some of you guys hate the bottle drops, but they are MDB, Credit Card ready, can vend almost any beverage and have good coin mechs and validators in them) - location ready, obviously as they are sitting in locations earning money. DN Bottle drops go anywhere from $1200-$3000 on Fleabay, and you have to pay for shipping on the cheap ones. I hardly ever see them for sale locally, and always around $1500 when they do come up - and that is never on location. Never can find em when I need em, and will probably regret selling them off, but the shop is full and I hate to yank them off of stable locations despite the low volume sales - seems like someone starting out could get their feet wet with this set up.... Opinions welcome - unless they suck and I disagree with them. Thanks ABC
  11. Agreed 30 head count for an entray shelf is no bueno -
  12. Who Will Service My Machine(s)?

    Short answer: there is no one, for the most part you are on your own. Long answer: Bill/coin jams are pretty straight forward and you should expect to deal with these, frequency will depend on number of machines and operating environment. Validators and Coin mechs are consumable items in this industry - easy enough to replace, annoying to have to buy - lot of us roll the dice on Fleabay - or any number of different refurb sellers on the web. ALWAYS UNPLUG OR TURN OFF MACHINE BEFORE PULLING APART CONNECTIONS - connecting "hot" leads can fry your logic board -ask me how I know..... Refrigeration repair is where I throw in the towel, I will replace a deck if I can find one fairly priced - but I have had to go out and find someone "certified" to re-charge cooling decks on location. Read the threads on this site specific to your machine, take pictures and come back and ask questions when you are stuck - Vendiscuss has save me a boatload of cash over the years helping with diagnosis of equipment problems. ABC
  13. So I have a number of bottledrops at various locations - mostly DN 5591's & a couple of 2145's. One 5591 in particular had an UGLY door - looks like it had been painted with a rattle can of Krylon - didn't lay it down smooth, lot of over spray, etc. The machine is in a public location in a business that was grumbling about appearances - armed with information off this site and youtube videos I decided to try and wrap that ugly-golpher door with some vinyl wrap I got off of Fleabay. Long story short - took me about 2 hrs to completely disassemble the door, apply the wrap, re-assemble the door - everything appeared to be functioning normally, so stocked the machines, cleaned everything up, and as I was preparing to leave, decided to check and clear errors on the DN before I left - that's when I found out the selection membrane had been damaged in my fumbling around and the *, 0 & clear keys no longer worked...... 2 choices - walk over to the bar and start day-drinking in earnest, take off and steal another membrane out of one of my other machines at another, slower account.... Robbed Peter to pay Paul - took the defective part and swapped it at another locations (1st disabled all selections that were affected) - got the wrapped machine up and running and was able to grab another part from my shop and swap out the other machine the next day. Getting pretty good and taking these bottle drop doors apart - think I should have the Mission Impossible theme music playing in the earbuds while I am tearing them apart....NOT THE RED WIRE!!!! 2hr project turned into about 4 1/2 hrs but looks pretty good, and I aint a-scairt to try it again. ABC
  14. I am in Seattle. Would be interested in any leads for accounts South of the downtown core - possibly Eastside as well. ABC
  15. Healthy vending?

    Freeze dried fruit pouches - they have like a 2 year shelf life, love those things - nobody buys them put them in a couple of selections as a nod to "healthy" and ignore them for months. Kars trail mix, Cliff bars, Granola bars, fiber one bars, pistacios, almonds, veggie straws, sugar free gum are about it for my machines - am open to healthy suggestions from the customers but not if the product has a short shelf life. Vending machines are the perfect example of the Pareto Principle: 80% of the sales come from 20% of the items - as long as Doritos, Fritos, cheetos, Lays Potato chips, Peanut M&M's, Snickers, Famous Amous and a couple other snacks/candy are allowed to stay, I'll cram the rest of the selections with "healthy" crap and walk away happy.