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  1. there was complaints about people leaving roster spots open and not managing their team. i did something about it and now everyone wants to complain about that. i know a simple solution to all this. deuces!
  2. you can always choose to manage your own team, or let your wife do it for you. and before you say something slick about my record i already know my team is garbage and your wife probably could have done a better job with my team than me this year. haha
  3. i did it, and gave our favorite fosters funneling aussie friend a defense
  4. i updated 4 teams to to account for byes and injuries. just so everyone knows if i have to add someone to your roster it makes me drop a player first regardless if there is a roster spot. this is the second week in a row that one team was not managed. so if there is someone wanting to play let me know and i can assign that team to a new owner.
  5. just speaking of the teams this week that hasnt updated their rosters to account for byes. Im sure most of them will, i think the group we got is pretty good at keeping their teams up. but since they're people wanting to join it just makes sense to give those a shot if someone doesnt have time to do it.
  6. 4 teams still need to update their rosters before todays games. Ill do it myself if its not done an hour before kickoff then anyone still wanting to join can pick a team that is not being managed.
  7. Thanks for the trade I needed to move some dead weight before the game tonight moondog! Watch Rodgers this weekend, season ending injury.
  8. Ok you bunch of needy bastards made a few changes. Have a look and let me know if y'all want anything else changed.
  9. so whats the general consensus, the first time you fail to adjust your roster you get the boot as long as we have a replacement? theres not a bye until week 5 so players injured and ruled out that remain on a roster through sunday will be the most likely scenario.
  10. I want who I want not really concerned if where I take them doesn't fit simulated drafts. I did miss one guy I had on my list, Amari cooper.
  11. no one else signed up so everything back the way it was. good luck drafting fellows! 7pmCST
  12. I felt the same way moondog but didn't want this to seem like I'm just doing whatever I want with it. I'm gonna lock it in at noon regardless of whos signed up and can return the same draft order and just put anyone else that signs up at the back of the draft.
  13. unlocked the teams so Kandy golpher could join cause lets face it we will never hear the end of it if we don't. gonna need one more so kiwi bring on the wife if she wants to play. as soon as we hit 10 ill finalize it again and let the computer randomly generate another draft order. https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/322766/invitation?key=94d8a66a2dd1860b&ikey=762f907ba18fbcde
  14. Kandy queen would make 9 so yes we would need a 10th. A 10th that is gonna manage their team and not abandon it by week 3.
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