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  1. thanks steve, i think what happened to a lot of people is with the forum change "conversations" got changed into individual messages so a back and forth conversation with like 10 statements from each party got changed into 20 messages. I know I had to delete a ton of stuff at first because it kept saying I was over my message limit
  2. sorry but seriously, this is a problem I have had many times lately, peoples' inboxes are full so I can't send them a pm!
  3. Yes this is exactly what I was trying to accomplish
  4. That helps a lot Steve, thanks
  5. I don't get it Steve you keep saying that but no one seems to know HOW to get to it...?
  6. oh man, ask t-bird about the machine we saw in a car repair place that was infested with ants
  7. arrggghhh I'm pulling my hair out lol... Every forum I have ever used has this functionality it's like the most basic core feature. It's designed to be your home page, your resting place, the main place you go to. So when you first sign on in the morning you click on your bookmark to the cp and you can quickly see an overview of any new updates to any threads you started or have been participating in. THEN you can always go look at the various categories on the forum or almost every forum has a recent content section, I did see that on here so there is really no issue of not seeing new stuff.
  8. How do I get to that view, and where is the option to auto subscribe to threads I start or post in?
  9. Arrrrrggggghhh what is with these people I have never had this issue before, but lately after I refill the candy machines at some places they ask me something to the effect of "Don't you take out the old candy before you put in the new candy?" It's like, what the hell am I supposed to say to these people? NO I DO NOT. If it's not stale, why would I? What I have been saying most of the time is "Well it depends on the location, this location does very well and I'm here every couple of weeks because the machines are almost empty so the candy never gets stale. But if it sat for a while I would of
  10. Here's another example... I wish I could post one from the old VD but I never took any screenshots of it lol. Anyways the thing is, notice how it doesn't show a ton of threads? It only shows threads I am subscribed to that have been replied to, and I that have not yet viewed since they were replied to so therefore the forum knows I have something new to read on those threads. If I want to see a list of every thread I ever subscribed to, there is a button to view all subscribed threads too. Is there any way we could have this functionality? Also, is there an option somewhere to automatical
  11. YES exactly!! Here is a pic of what it looks like on another forum, I used to be able to get to the exact same type of display on VD before the big change:
  12. it's not the same, both those options show like everything you have ever posted, it's oversaturation. Man this new forum thing is driving me crazy, I tried to adjust to it but it's just not intuitive and the effect is basically I've stopped coming here because it's such a nuisance to navigate...
  13. on the old forum (and every other forum I have ever used) there was a section, typically called user cp, where I could go and it would show a list of threads that I have subscribed to or posted in, usually it would only show the ones with posts in them that I hadn't read. Is there a way to get to a page like that on this new forum??
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