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  1. Blast from the past! I am selling worki g and for partd wowie zowies 217 248 1511
  2. The key is an ilco 1568 for the blank. Last time I called beer or they wouldn't sell me a key.
  3. I had a key made and it says ilco 1568 on it
  4. How much are those beaver mechs for N/W ?
  5. you had said you were going to pick these up then you didnt even reply to my calls or messages,what happened to you coming Labor day weekend?
  6. dang it!!! I just saw this, it would have been my kind of auction, vending machines and restaurant equipment.
  7. I would use the toys that seem "the best" for your live display. the bigger toys or handcuffs for example.
  8. live displays always work better than flat displays
  9. if its a great location Id leave it be!! even if eventually you`ll get kicked out you`re currently making money off of it!!
  10. the opinion on price will always change if you`re the buyer or the seller!!! do research! if you can pay it if in 18 months tops go for it!
  11. che tipo di "vending machines "hai ?? in quali negozi li metti??
  12. I would keep looking for a machine and keep rat poison in bottom.spend a little extra for a newer machine and if it takes $5 `s even better.
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