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  1. jayhawk22

    1" toys - what's selling well?

    1” Fluff from Flatline is blowing out for me at $.50! Also 2” stress balls from Cardinal are emptying out everywhere at $.75 and $1.00! Best 2” seller ever!
  2. jayhawk22

    Tomy Gacha Machines

    I had these in movie theatres and the employees could pick the product area lock with a paper clip. Like others said they are all keyed alike so you will definitely want to use a padlock on the coin box on the back of the machine.
  3. jayhawk22

    Squishie question

    No. That isn’t it. Go to Brand Vending’s website to see it.
  4. jayhawk22

    My Company Will Be Starting A Vendor Locating Business

    I’m interested also whenever you get started.
  5. jayhawk22

    Equipment liquidation

    Was the bulk sold in the lot too or just the cranes? Thanks!
  6. jayhawk22

    Equipment liquidation

    Is your 1” at $.50 and 2” at $.75? I may be interested if they are.
  7. jayhawk22

    New Machine!

  8. jayhawk22

    Midwest/ Great Plains Area Vending Partners Needed

    Steve. I replied back to your e-mail. Doug W.
  9. jayhawk22

    Icky Sticky Mix Display card

  10. jayhawk22

    Used sticker machines

    The Allstar's are great machines. I also like Advance, Peninsula and Brand. 4 columns are perfect. I generally run 1 boy tat, 1 girl tat and 2 stickers. It's a great mix. I also run a bunch of 6 columns in bigger locations. I buy 4 columns all the time for $50. I definitely wouldn't give more than $100 for one though. I think I like or do better with flat than many on here.
  11. jayhawk22

    Restaurant chains

  12. jayhawk22

    Restaurant chains

    I am in 40+ Pizza Huts. No dice on McDonald's.
  13. jayhawk22

    mall kiosks with single bulk heads

    30% of gross. Honor system as there is no way to track vends.
  14. jayhawk22

    mall kiosks with single bulk heads

    I bought it.
  15. jayhawk22

    mall kiosks with single bulk heads

    Not great. About $300 per month. I had a similar setup in this mall years ago that did $500-$600 a month.