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  1. Stress balls by Cardinal are my best 2” seller ever! Slow rise and Junk Food from Flatline are really strong also.
  2. I run around 75 of these. I love them! My last purchase was for 8 for $50 a piece. I could not get to Nebraska fast enough to buy them! Anything under $100 is a good buy IMO. $50 each was a steal!
  3. Outside of gum and a junk mix everything I have in 1” vends for $.50
  4. Here was my original question: What are they asking for 1” $.50 mechs? Thanks Your picture is a 2” mech ARGH
  5. Are they the type that the quarters go back to back? Can you text me pictures of the front and back of the mech to 785-822-1951. I’ll take them. Thanks!
  6. What are they asking for 1” $.50 mechs? Thanks
  7. Thanks for the tip. I ended up getting 25 of them on eBay for about $15!
  8. Does anyone have the allen wrench for the small security bolts that hold the front trim piece on for displays on the Peninsula sticker machine? It is a security bit and I believe it is is 5/32. I need to purchase 5 of these if possible. Text me at 785-822-1951 if you have any to spare. Thanks!
  9. 25%-30% is high?! Pull it and find a better location.
  10. My 2” is still cranking! Stress balls & power putty from Cardinal and slow rise from Flatline.
  11. I want to change the vend price on the pictured Treasure Chest claw machine from $.50 to $1 per play. Does anyone have the manual for this or tell me which dip switches need to be changed. Thanks!
  12. Stress balls are finally back in stock at Cardinal! If you haven’t tried these call them as fast as you can! They will empty your 2” heads at $.75 and $1 price points. Definitely my top selling 2” cap ever! I got mine.
  13. 1” Fluff from Flatline is blowing out for me at $.50! Also 2” stress balls from Cardinal are emptying out everywhere at $.75 and $1.00! Best 2” seller ever!
  14. I had these in movie theatres and the employees could pick the product area lock with a paper clip. Like others said they are all keyed alike so you will definitely want to use a padlock on the coin box on the back of the machine.
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