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  1. Hillbilly

    Gumball coaster what are they worth?

    No, I think somebody kept sabotaging it.
  2. Hillbilly

    Gumball coaster what are they worth?

    I have 8 machines in a location because of a Gumball Coaster. Always out of order.
  3. Hillbilly

    Powder Coating

    I've had quite a few powder coated. I bargained on the price allowing my guy to get to them in between his big jobs. Sandblasted and powder coated $30 each. If you have space for all the machinery its actually pretty easy. A 5 hp 80 gallon compressor is what you need. Should be able to get one for about $1500 or maybe less new. Be sure you put screws or bolts in any holes or you will damage the threads with the sandblasting. NW will also need new Mylar.
  4. Hillbilly

    NORTHWESTERN 50 cent mechs

    Don't forget it can be done with a little fabricating.
  5. Hillbilly

    Flat vending

    Yep, what Bravo Duck says. The Advance is my favorite machine as well. The thing about stickers and tattoos is you will need many machines to rotate the product and a few high volume locations where you can blow out the leftovers at a quarter. You can also put them in 2" capsules to run in a mix to blow them out.
  6. Hillbilly

    hair salon/nail places

    There is a potential "sugar junkie" in every spot. I had a hair/ nail salon that did $100-150 every 2 months for years. I've also had some that didn't do hardly anything. You never know til you try it. What I do is see how many stylists or nail technicians are working there. That will determine amount of traffic.
  7. Hillbilly

    Brand new-sticker/tattoo machine help

    Red one appears to be an Advance machine. Sold by A&A Global. Black one may be a Steiner.
  8. Hillbilly

    Brand new-sticker/tattoo machine help

    They are not ESD machines. That is a brand of coin mechanisms. You will need to identify the machines and contact the manufacturer if they are still in business. Post a picture of the machines. Somebody here will be able to id them for you.
  9. Hillbilly

    Any one use Vline?

    I dont have plastic on my Beaver machines. I take it off and throw it away. I use Oak Acorn bodies.
  10. Hillbilly

    Ask Beaver!

    Is there a conversion fee from US dollars to Canadian dollars that we will be charged if we order?
  11. Hillbilly

    Any one use Vline?

    I dont know what a collar is.
  12. Hillbilly

    Any one use Vline?

    An Oak Acorn body will fit The Beaver base, turning it into an all metal machine. I take the round globes off and use a 300 Oak globe too. If you want a picture of how it looks give me a text. I have done quite a few that way.
  13. Hillbilly

    Newbie Info

    I usually dont pay a set percentage. Its probably around 20% of gross or so. I only figure on the bouncy balls. Whatever is easy to figure. A lot of mine are no commission at all.
  14. Hillbilly

    Newbie Info

    I run a bunch of 1" gumballs and 2" bouncy ball setups. This is my favorite setup. I do the bouncy ball @ 1.00. Stability is just fine. I like it because of not having to rotate product. Just collect and fill. Quick servicing.
  15. Hillbilly

    Mis Vends

    In my experience, the 850 GB gets sliced. Then get a service call.