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  1. seems to have intermittent problems..vn2511 flashing 2, i replaced theTRC 6000. it worked for a week no problems then #2 code again, has a S2 control box(the big one), back of the box is warm to touch behind the transformer in box. I unplugged for bout 45 minutes , it worked no problems again tor a week. #2 code again and no connection w coin mech. hard control board to find, hate to just throw parts at it... any ideas no obvious wire p[roblems,,,,,, thanx in advance no problems w this machine before, but it was dumping change twice in several months
  2. i'm sure AZ is right, there is another thing you could check. I have had this problem before, make sure the control board is under the hold down tab. There is only one, and it is easy to install the cb on top of the tab where it will still work until the machine is shaken or the door is closed and resets.
  3. are they complete,do you have a USA Tech account, will you be able to verify purchase by emailing usa tech, what is asking price...sorry for late response i had the flu

    1. matthew0582


      200 dollars each, these devices are currently in my name

  4. anyone selling ..... also is g8 card reader/bezel compatible w/ g10 Telemeter??
  5. thnx...was the validator, also blown fuse in pc
  6. dn 276e ... after unplugging /reset, will take in first bill... vend product then flash, Bill will not stack. Rest machine and same will happen. is this a pc problem?? thnx in advance... im gonna swap a known good pc tomorrow
  7. i was reading your post from a few months back... i am in that spot now... but wasnt clear..i have 170,2 eproms, will i need to upgrade

    also, where did you mount the cc reader on gpl171??  i'm gonna put a few eports on a cpl soon

    great little versatile machines

  8. no they are longer and have different ends
  9. and if your purchasing machines for this...get a contract.... 10% is pretty good, get this account
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