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  1. sphincorp

    dn p series

    no they are longer and have different ends
  2. sphincorp

    Dixie Narco 720P - 10 Row

    lol. i have 1 p720, very aggravating machine
  3. sphincorp

    dn p series

    i need shims for p720
  4. sphincorp

    New location questions

    and if your purchasing machines for this...get a contract.... 10% is pretty good, get this account
  5. where are you in the big state of Fla.........
  6. sphincorp

    Vending laws in south Florida

    lol, legally you have to pay the city, county n state....city and county by machine,,,state for the surtax of each item...
  7. sphincorp

    Quick books?

    2011, great for invoices....was gonna upgrade, but so used to the ease of what i have.... maybe 1 more year...lol
  8. sphincorp

    Candy bar pricing

    1.00. 1.25 comm.
  9. sphincorp

    vending locks

  10. sphincorp

    DN 501E and ~34.5" Location Doorway

    open the door and bring it in sideways first, someone needs to hold the door for leverage, good luck
  11. sphincorp

    Possible security issue?

    ohh, good call
  12. sphincorp

    Best way to unjam a can in a DNCB 440?

    ditto that.....
  13. sphincorp

    Kicked Out Of Full Line Location

    lousy thing for them to do, but happens...... I dont have many contracted locations, but I have given each stop a placement agreement, which explains 30 day moving notice....it has made me feel much better about not losing my equipment.
  14. sphincorp

    Liability insurance

    Hartford also, about 700, was 230 years ago, but kept adding business' and "additional insured" nonsense..lol