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  1. Would do it rite now not scared climb cell phone towers 500 plus feet
  2. Hello everyone looking to purchase bulk vending route in following area. In the following states along the coast. Louisiana Mississippi Alabama Florida Please let me know what you have or if know anyone interested in selling a route. Thanks Everyone.
  3. Just wanted to thank everyone for all the advice and have been changing my pitch and practicing different techniques that everyone has shared. I landed a location today over the phone. It's a small car lot nothing write home about but sure beats sitting in the shed collecting dust. I will continue to call and get better at this sales and cold calling.
  4. Manta.com is a good source for business information and for employee numbers.
  5. Yes it is repairable my buddy had one worse then that had hole in it with ax. Had friend that did body work repair it. He bondo the heck out of it and fixed it up nice. If nothing else you should take vice grips bend that door trim back enough close and put a hasp lock and paddle lock on the machine. And just repair all the components that need fixed.
  6. Sounds good so I need to change my approach completely and in person do you type up small informational brochure to inform them on the program and the annual revenue and how helpful there foot of floor space would be for the kids with cancer. When do you follow up or call again? If say no thanks do call back quarterly or annually to try and land the location? And I can't read people at all my I mean at all my wife gives me grief about it. But my wife on the other hand is pretty darn good at reading people and judge of character and just good with people. I guess I just come across as under confident she said or to extremely confident and in there face pushy almost. But I feel not getting any younger and like to close on the deal like NOW lol and move on to next place. What do find easier by phone or in person I just like that phone is quicker and I can call faster then can drive or walk. Thanks for the advice I will give that a try tomorrow let you know the responses.
  7. I am in biloxi gulfport area basically mississippi gulf coast. Here is my approach Hello I am ......... ................ owner of beach bum vending we are partnered up with NCCS I say whole thing. We are calling to see if you would have a foot of floor space for a gumball machine. Part of the prodeces is donated to help out the kids with cancer.
  8. Hi everyone i have been cold calling local business's and can't seem to get past the gate keeper. I would like to close on the phone or too set up appointment to show them the machine and land the location. This is an example of call. Hello this is bob I say in loud stern voice " Hello Bob is Owner or Manager of the facility available to speak to" All I her is there out or just left or be back at this time and that time. I write down there name if they will give it to me and say Ok I will call back thank you. I have been trying the charity approach with national children's cancer society. I would like know how to set up appointment and not drive and walk to all these places. Because seems to me like wasted gas and time when calling is so much quicker. Rodney and any other veterans how are you closing or setting appointments over the phone? What type business's easier to cold call. I have been trying all local restaurant's in my city. I have called around 30 of them. All call back or flat out no thanks. I am staying positive but like tips or advice what can do better how to improve.
  9. My 2015 goals are to gain at least one new location a month. And place 2 4 or 5 way racks. And get small route self staining and not having keep feed fire with personal money.
  10. once drilled can use other locks in beaver machines? Or can only a beaver lock fit a beaver machine?
  11. put it on drill press and drill small tiny whole in top of the key
  12. How profitable is ice vending I have looked at it but I wouldn't know where to place one and they are costly 20,000-100,000 for a decent unit. And then have pay rent for location I am sure and all power they draw and utility bills. What can someone gross with one of these machines? And what are the margins like the one in my town is $1.75 per bag what is profit on bag of ice after all expenses? I moved down south about 2 years ago now and see them pretty regularly here. Just curious how that type of vending works.
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