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  1. I would be all over this, if it was me. I have a few of these machines, on locations for years. Overall pretty trouble free. Yes the coin mechs can jam, but I have had few issues.
  2. I dealt with them, when they were called Action Matic. The customer service was pretty terrible. I would keep calling, until you get an answer.
  3. Not sure how to explain it, but whwn the quarter is in, it will turn a bit but then won't turn anymore.
  4. Did a search could not find any info, sorry if this is a repost. I recently bought a NW60 machine used, and the coin mech is no good. Besides the A&A copy coin mech, are there any other brands that will interchange? I searched ebay and everyone that is selling a nw60 mech wants a fortune. I don't really want to buy a whole machine, just for the mech. Anyone have a 25 cent or 50 cent mech for sale at a reasonable price?
  5. There are so many o these machines for sale in my area, alot of people fell for this scam
  6. Just having a bit of fun
  7. I am wondering the same thing musser, lol
  8. They are standard Beaver mechs. They make a plate to make them work on Tomy machines. Far superior to the junky mechs they come with.
  9. Must be nice to have so many suppliers to choose from :/
  10. Depends what enviroment the machines are in. Gumballs and harder candy like skittles , or pressed candy(bonz etc) hold up in pretty much any enviroment. Peanut mm's, and mike and ikes/ hot tamales dont hold up well in hot humid enviroments. In the beginners mega thread post, there is alot of valuable info on product selection. I recommend reading everything. Hope that helps
  11. I love my Tomy machines, but thats a bit steep
  12. This has been my experience with vending. I purchased a charity candy route that had 30 located machines and about 30 unlocated machines. With my charity route, I was constantly relocating machines and losing locations. My route was in a 30 mile radius, to service every machine would take about 6 hours roughly, including driving. This route I made about $300 per month, before expenses. Which I was ok with. Then i purchased 2 tomy gachas machines, put them in 2 busy pizza spots, on commision. With those 2 machines combined, I averaged $140 a month. I sold my charity route. I now have those two pizza spots, plus one more with a double head with 1" caps and skittles. For only 3 locations I average $170 a month before paying my 25% commision, and I can service those 3 locations in under a hour including driving. Im no expert, but to me building slow with toy/commision locations is the way to go. I made decent money with the charity route, and had a great return on my initial investment. But it was way more hassle and work. Plus Ive never had to throw capsules in the garbage because of spoilage.
  13. Welcome Where do you have them placed?
  14. Aww man lolYou know what they say, one mans trash...
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