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  1. Rick Falcon

    Chewy Sprees

    They sell well on my charity routes but their really expensive
  2. Rick Falcon

    Another Great Video

    You guys are just getting a little taste of how we do business on the streets of New York machines on the side walk is a norm out here, Bradley was one of the biggest street operators at one time, those were the good old days.
  3. Rick Falcon

    Racks outside?

    The biggest problem with machines being placed outside is the rust, and as long as the machines are up against the store front you should be fine that will be sufficient space for the pedestrian to walk by
  4. Rick Falcon

    Racks outside?

    If you come to NY all you see is machines placed outside, I say do it just don't vend candy or gumballs
  5. Rick Falcon

    Goodbye Peanut M&M

    It all depends on the commission you are paying out pmm are great for charity locations and low commission locations
  6. Rick Falcon

    Paying commission

    I agree I rather pay commission on the spot it only takes two minutes with the acucount scale
  7. Rick Falcon

    What toys are selling the best right now?

    Goop in 2" and any 2" toy that lights up
  8. Rick Falcon

    Allstar product at Sams

    Depends on what you're looking to buy and how much of it, but generally there's not much of a difference.
  9. Rick Falcon

    Allstar product at Sams

    A&A Global
  10. Rick Falcon

    Monkey Bizz-ness versus All American chicken

    How could you say that the Chicken Machine doesn't make money if you don't even own one, your biggest problem is that you have a monkey machine and the last time I checked monkeys don't lay eggs and besides that if the Chicken Machine wasn't such a profitable machine why would they invest their time and money in making a bigger one that vends both four inch capsules as well as eggs?
  11. Rick Falcon

    Monkey Bizz-ness versus All American chicken

    TWvend my first question to you is do you own a Chicken Machine and if you do could you share with us what kind of location you have it in? I wouldn't want to see other members feel mislead by one negative comment.
  12. Rick Falcon

    North American Vending

    Thanks for the prompt response.
  13. Rick Falcon

    Monkey Bizz-ness versus All American chicken

    Yes all metal and comes with different options you could use tokens,coins or bills. My personal favorite features has to be the flashing lights and the revolving chicken these are the things that make the kids come back.
  14. Rick Falcon

    Monkey Bizz-ness versus All American chicken

    Candyguy I really can't elaborate on the Monkey Bizz machine but I could assure you that the All American Chicken Machine is a Huge money maker, I started out with one and now I'm up to six.I have them in Laundromats,Supermarkets and Chinese Buffets you could purchase it the way it comes or with your own graphics even your own custom music, these machines are also built to last and it pays for itself in 6 months or less. I'm looking forward to the new All American Machine as well.The people over at Parisi Vending are also great to work with. Feel free to call them with any further questions (516)678-3600
  15. Rick Falcon

    Be Prepared