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  1. And now i feel right at home lol yes hillbilly I miss this to. Kelly what mistakes did I make ? I left you a couple. I've been gone so long that they let bb's back on here. Gbp..is he still in Tvf jail?
  2. I haven't been on for a long time and just read this thread, sorry to hear this...T-bird is the one that told me about this forum several years ago. Yes he will be missed! Rip John!
  3. Wasn't this posted a few months back? Maybe I'm having deja vu!
  4. Great thread... And really good advice from the veterans on this one, I will reiterate the small panel head machine, it is the one one that I use and highly recommend it. Use the triples you have but start buying singles as advised, even though it's a triple I would only fill 2 of the heads with runts and gumballs. You have just been given free advice from several of the most successful vendors that participate on this forum. I concur with musser about single gumballs, if I could do it over that would be my business model good luck! Sent from my A76H using Tapatalk
  5. You could not give me a toy taxi new or used they suck!
  6. Pm me your number and I will give it to Bob
  7. Glad to Hear Things Are Coming Together For You, You Deserve It Buddy!
  8. hello tvf! how is everyone?

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    2. will.vend


      honeymoon was great, wife is hot as hell and kids will be kids...

    3. Hillbilly


      lmao......I hate you....

    4. will.vend
  9. Those Are pn95 a&a machines. 50 bucks for a dbl with stand is a decent price. I would buy those.
  10. This summer has been great for collections...I am seeing a slow down though, oh well I still love vending!

    1. LandJGroup


      This summer has been great for us too. Have reached a bunch of goals. Once school starts Ive noticed a decline as well.

  11. I have aa machines both 2 inch and 1 inch that have been on location for over 10 years with normal wear and tear. I like oak but would most likely not buy them because I can have machines from aa added to my bulk order and save on shipping because of pallet. But back to op question...older aa 1 inch machines were interchangeable with oak with no problem. But about 5 years or so ago aa changed whoever was making their machines and the specs have been off ever since. I have used a dremel more times than I want to on newer aa 1 inch machines. Aa accepts this with never really acknowledging
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