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  1. will.vend


    And now i feel right at home lol yes hillbilly I miss this to. Kelly what mistakes did I make ? I left you a couple. I've been gone so long that they let bb's back on here. Gbp..is he still in Tvf jail?
  2. will.vend

    TVF loses a great friend

    I haven't been on for a long time and just read this thread, sorry to hear this...T-bird is the one that told me about this forum several years ago. Yes he will be missed! Rip John!
  3. will.vend

    Coin pusher thief BUSTED!

    Wasn't this posted a few months back? Maybe I'm having deja vu!
  4. will.vend

    Sportsblaster question

    Up to 150.00
  5. will.vend

    Rethinking machines for starting out

    Great thread... And really good advice from the veterans on this one, I will reiterate the small panel head machine, it is the one one that I use and highly recommend it. Use the triples you have but start buying singles as advised, even though it's a triple I would only fill 2 of the heads with runts and gumballs. You have just been given free advice from several of the most successful vendors that participate on this forum. I concur with musser about single gumballs, if I could do it over that would be my business model good luck! Sent from my A76H using Tapatalk
  6. will.vend

    used toy taxi double play vs smart double up

    You could not give me a toy taxi new or used they suck!
  7. will.vend


    Pm me your number and I will give it to Bob
  8. will.vend

    Bringing it all together

    Glad to Hear Things Are Coming Together For You, You Deserve It Buddy!
  9. will.vend

    what brand of maching is this?

    Those Are pn95 a&a machines. 50 bucks for a dbl with stand is a decent price. I would buy those.
  10. will.vend

    Oak and A & A Compatibility?

    I have aa machines both 2 inch and 1 inch that have been on location for over 10 years with normal wear and tear. I like oak but would most likely not buy them because I can have machines from aa added to my bulk order and save on shipping because of pallet. But back to op question...older aa 1 inch machines were interchangeable with oak with no problem. But about 5 years or so ago aa changed whoever was making their machines and the specs have been off ever since. I have used a dremel more times than I want to on newer aa 1 inch machines. Aa accepts this with never really acknowledging there is a problem.
  11. will.vend

    My oh my!

    pm me ur addtess and i will send you one @ no charge
  12. will.vend

    All American Chicken

    there's a pretty loud siren that goes off when it gets jammed. I didnt know this until a location told me to come fix the chicken.