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  1. bullyfrog

    Crane National GPL 173 DEX issue?

    Is there a way to check for sure?
  2. I've got a Crane GPL 173 that I recently added a card reader to. When I hooked everything up, no DEX. I purchased a 4 pin DEX harness and installed that, still nothing. Is there something else that needs updated before it will work?
  3. bullyfrog

    dixie 501 live front

    These are the machines I have.
  4. bullyfrog

    dixie 501 live front

    I just checked one of mine. I have a Mars VN2312 (24v) in one of my 501E Live Displays.
  5. bullyfrog

    DN Bottle Shims Available

    The previous owners were using rods to vend 20oz bottles?
  6. bullyfrog

    DN Bottle Shims Available

    One more quick question regarding shims and rods. The 501e I'm robbing parts from was set for bottles. They had bottle shims with the rod in the middle hole. So, when would you not use the rods? I never paid em much attention to be honest.
  7. bullyfrog

    DN Bottle Shims Available

    haha..didn't realise this post was from last year.
  8. bullyfrog

    DN Bottle Shims Available

    Which slot does the rod go in? I'm in the middle of converting a 501E. There are three holes for the rod. I've already changed the shims out.
  9. I appreciate all the tips. This machine has been at this location for years with no issue though. I know it's still possible but I don't think it's the location.
  10. Just like you posted above. Was getting 120+/-.
  11. Like the title says, I've got an old single priced DN 501E on site that's giving me hell. I've swapped 3 cooling decks with each one lasting about a week. I thought I was just having bad luck and grabbing bad decks or something, but on the last one I pulled it from a working machine and it did the same thing to it. I tested the outlet and am getting a firm 120 from there. So, where do I look next. Power supply? What else is there on these old machines that could be burning up the decks like this so quick?
  12. bullyfrog

    Old video game machines...Worth anything?

    There are arcade and pinball restoration groups on FB that would probably be interested in them. Even in rough shape I bet they're worth something to some of those guys.
  13. bullyfrog

    Anderson vending dolly

    There's about 1000 different casters on that site, which ones did you go with? Did getting larger wheels make the dolly lift higher?