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  1. They don't play nice with the older boards like USAtech does. I see all these new guys who like the flashy reader and then 2 weeks later they're having to call back in to tech support and looking for the updated eprom etc to try and make it work. I also see alot more hardware problems coming from Nayax.
  2. All of mine are still down. I did get a couple of cash sales reported yesterday but very few and no CC sales have showed since Thursday. They had better get this figured out fast or they're gonna be losing a ton of business mine included.
  3. I've had the same thing happen to a few of my 501s. There are different types of thermostats so be sure you match up the new one with the old or call in before you buy. Any of the online vending supply places should have one.
  4. I wouldn't waste my money on any of these programs. There are no hidden secrets to vending machines that you need to pay anyone to tell you about. Spend some time reading through this forum, youtube and FB. If you still have questions after doing all of that then ask away and get them answered in real time for free.
  5. If she did that by hand, tell her good job. I just assumed hydro dipped.
  6. Guess it depends on how much you think a hydro dipped gumball machine is worth? Either way, that looks pretty cool.
  7. I know what you're talking about. Take out the standard 4 and push the DBA from the front. It will pop loose, it's just really tight.
  8. Pop out, pop in. Just have to be really careful to pull it off straight up and to not bend the little clips. No soldering involved.
  9. Depends on what you're vending. There should be a chart on the inner door.
  10. Yeah, their mechs are garbage. I couldn't get NW or the AA clones to work with them. Never tried Beaver, Oak or Eagle.
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