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  1. jeremiah

    Old video game machines...Worth anything?

    There are arcade and pinball restoration groups on FB that would probably be interested in them. Even in rough shape I bet they're worth something to some of those guys.
  2. jeremiah

    Anderson vending dolly

    There's about 1000 different casters on that site, which ones did you go with? Did getting larger wheels make the dolly lift higher?
  3. jeremiah

    Anderson vending dolly

    It lifts drinks and snack machines all about the same. Inch and a half or so. Biggest, heaviest I've lifted with it so far have been a couple of DN501Es. It did fine. The dollies come with a safety strap which helps on the heavier loads and you can add ratchet straps over the top also if it makes you feel better. The safety strap helps hold the top of the dollies together when you're pulling on them to move the machines around and also helps to release the machines a little "softer".
  4. jeremiah

    Anderson vending dolly

    To be honest, I haven't loaded to either one of them yet. It does fine over small inclines so I would think it wouldn't be an issue.
  5. jeremiah

    Anderson vending dolly

    About an inch and a half or so. Just enough to get it up off the ground but I haven't had any issues clearing thresholds or anything with them yet.
  6. jeremiah

    Anderson vending dolly

    Just to tip my hat once again to Anderson Dollies and the great customer service they have. I had a small issue with the snack risers, probably could have fixed it myself or just purchased another set for $40 if I had to. I contacted Tom and he took care of it without a bunch of hassle. For moving snack machines especially, I really like these.
  7. jeremiah

    Anderson vending dolly

    I recently purchased a Dutro for tilt back moves. I also have a set of Anderson Dollies. Between the two it gets the job done. That being said, I pay someone else to move most of mine when I can. That is what I would suggest for any of you on here that are using those cheap $200 appliance dollies (which I also own btw). Just pay someone, it's not worth the risk.
  8. jeremiah

    Anderson vending dolly

    Do you have a link to the StepRider you use. Their website needs updating bad.
  9. jeremiah

    Anderson vending dolly

    Those Northern Tool/ Harbor Freight contraptions are not made for this. Get a Dutro or equivalent hand truck that is made for moving Vending Machines. There is nothing sold at Northern Tool that is made to move a vending machine. I don't care what they're called or how much they cost. It's not a matter of anything tipping over, it's a matter of the hand truck failing. Doesn't matter how many guys are there when those little dinky kick out wheels callapse whoever is behind it has about 1/2 a second to run.
  10. jeremiah

    Anderson vending dolly

    I agree 110%. Buy the proper equipment if you're gonna move 1000pd equipment. Yes, it's expensive. So is getting hurt or worse. If you can't afford the good stuff, find someone to hire for moves while you save up.
  11. jeremiah

    Anderson vending dolly

    What make/model trailer do you have? Do you have any pics? I have the Anderson Dolly also. While they won't completely replace a hand truck, they do work good on level surfaces. I've moved both soda and snack machines with them. They raise up about an inch and a half or so and clear most commercial thresholds. The blocks for snack machines lock in and work pretty good but take a little more time to get set up. The frames are guaranteed for life and seem to be well made. They're a small company, you can call and speak directly with Mr. Anderson.
  12. jeremiah

    Need to find some of these

    Download section..or Ebay
  13. Gotcha..I was picturing it going completely around the machine. I think I found one finally.
  14. I'm still looking around, not having much luck local. I found some places online if I have to. How does the overhead strap work? What I mean is how do you get it under the bottom or do you have to break the machine over before you can strap it? With my Northern Tool death trap, I had to strap it around before I broke the machine over. Also, does anybody have any experience with Wesco, specifically https://catalog.wescomfg.com/item/hand-trucks/wesco-steel-vending-appliance-trucks/230075-1.
  15. I do have 2 DN180's out on location...haha. That's the same thing I was thinking, just ratchet em to the dolly and I should be good. Thanks for the insight.