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  1. jeremiah

    Lighting Upgrade & Repair

    So one is 12-24v and one is 110v?
  2. jeremiah

    Lighting Upgrade & Repair

    Is there a generic go to replacement or is it machine specific? Can replacements be purchased that simply plug in or do they all require to be hard wired in? Sorry for the noob questions. I've never really had to mess with the lighting other than changing bulbs.
  3. I've recently bought some machines, both snack and soda. I don't know the history on them but several of them have the lights gone and need repaired or replaced completely. As I'm going through them several are missing one or both of the sockets others look burnt and I'm very doubtful that they work. All of the drink machines are Dixie Narco, some are old single price machines with a few 501Es as well. Snack machines are all over the place, mostly Polyvend and USI. Can someone walk me through the quickest easiest way to add lights to these machines. LEDs or fluorescent, I really have no preference. I've got about 20 machines that need repaired and some are older so cost is the main concern.
  4. I usually don't. Just didn't know if you were aware.
  5. jeremiah


    For real?
  6. Not sure if this was posted elsewhere but when ever I'm on Internet Explorer (11) the post run on into the dark areas to where they're unreadable. When I log in from Google Chrome it works fine.
  7. jeremiah

    Polyvend pv6640 need assistance

    I've got some, can get you a picture of the programming label if that will help.
  8. jeremiah

    Vendesign Top Locks

    Message sent.
  9. jeremiah

    Vendesign Quad Machine help

  10. jeremiah

    VenDesign Machines

    You can vend hot tamales, mike & ikes etc. Just have to remove the little metal plate in the bottom of the canister.
  11. jeremiah

    Vendsoft tips/tricks

    Have you tried Vend Track? Much more cost effective. http://www.vend-trak1.com
  12. jeremiah

    Vending Monster in 501E (again)

    They are 16oz cans, I'll give the can shims a try. Do I still need the rod installed? How do you manually vend or advance the rotor to get to the shim? Thanks again.
  13. jeremiah

    Vending Monster in 501E (again)

    In this post everyone was saying bottle shims?
  14. jeremiah

    Vendesign coin mechanism HELP

    How many do you need?
  15. jeremiah

    Vending Monster in 501E (again)

    I forgot to mention that I'm trying to set it 2 deep.