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  1. At one point you put a manual out for a 3 setting dip switch treasure chest claw machine.  I have a few of these and can't get them working correctly. I hope you still check this.  Is there is a way to email me or take a picture and send me the dip switch settings for a 3 dip switch board I would appreciate it. 





  2. Is there any upgrade coin doors made to upgrade old mechanical pool coinop pool tables for dba use? Seems like there would be but I only found one and it was a grand which is more than my tables cost
  3. The problem with rented lift gate trucks is the crane is too tall to roll under the door clearance so if u go that way be prepared to tip it back with a appliance dolly
  4. https://photos-3.dropbox.com/t/0/AAA0y72uHVXJUK86JQg6lFleeVfqv-f0lWQ47y3TPqyCvQ/12/51199366/jpeg/1024x768/3/1394388000/0/2/IMG_20140309_114840.jpg/Kp0lSS3moZf2Q2cWT0J2Bi-rGHVvdRTWWvZZmYcnVV0
  5. U will have to buy some 9pin molex connectors and populate urself. Hard to find 12v stackers so u will have to draw a 110v line in to the harness from the pwr supply. The only other ones u have to worry about are coin and gnd. The pinout bcharts of both are easily found onlinr just find the corresponding pins. Don't forget to set the new val to the correct # of pules
  6. Yeah I was looking to put in the bar at a bowling ctr with a golden tee...id need it above 200 a wk to cover the lease oh well..thx for the heads up I guess ill kep an eye out for a used one
  7. I was thinking leasing one of these curious what ppl are making
  8. First pop is always awesome true test is 90day in
  9. I guess I wasn't clear its hooked up rigt but where do I go to get SERVICE for the device its def connected right the token changer was prev in service
  10. i would and do use them in laundromat accts, i would not put them anywhere good i look at it as a disposible machine i buy them $400/ea and when it gets beat to hell i will toss it out and replace it with another cheapo, i wouldnt put them anywhere good too many issues, my main complain with the 4900 series is the shelf connectors will go bad if ppl rough up the machine alot and the programming is very annoying to use the 5900 has much easier programming. both models have given me probs where the shelf rollers get stuck and thre shelf wont come out of the machine anymore
  11. Way too much for 800 u can get a smart import from betson w 90d warantee Id pass
  12. He will place full line ccts but he does it like any "street locator" meaning he finds the first place that says yes and doesn't much care how much the loc will make. Most full line locs that are worth anything are gonna take at minmum a few follow ups to even get to the ppoint of making a proposal
  13. I have a inone cc reader on a used coin changer i just got (it changes to tokens) i am wondering how do i get this set up to accepts credit cards i believe it is a standard mdb interface device. but the machine was used so there was no directions on who i should contact for service. any advice greatly appreciated!
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