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  1. I sell gumballs only and I love it. I used to sell candy, but the constant client requests for new items, and getting the vend size right was becoming a pain. With gumballs I only need to buy one product, I know exactly how much I sold, and its easier to determine how well a location is doing.
  2. Found this on ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Lot-of-13-Commercial-Dual-Vending-Machines-Double-Gumball-Machines-W-Keys-/111468272172?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item19f406da2c These are my favorite machines, I'm so jealous I'm not close enough to pick them up :-)
  3. I'm thinking about buying a route priced at $3,000. The owner claims the profit is $400/month, gross is $600/month. (I will confirm those numbers as part of my due diligence). I asked what he was looking for as a down payment, and he said $1,200 which I think is high. Anyone have suggestions for how much the down payment should be?
  4. Finally meeting with the seller of a route this week, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to purchase it. What kind of sales contract should be used when purchasing a vending route? My plan is to have it financed by the seller.
  5. Damn, she was a special kind of idiot. At least she didn't ruin a good location.
  6. In Philadelphia, PA: Republic Bank and Philadelphia Federal Credit Union. Both have free coin counters in the lobby, and offer business accounts with no miminums or fees.
  7. I run a bulk vending gumball business, and I'm thinking about getting into the countertop game business. It seems like it would be much easier to run. What are the costs to get started, and what kind of maintenance is required (game/hardware updates, etc.)? Are there locating services available to get the machines placed? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  8. Now that I think about it, I remember I bought them unassembled. Lesson learned
  9. The rod is at its highest, and still stops about a half inch short of me being able to reach it with the lock. I'm starting to think the guy I bought them from gave me the wrong rods.
  10. I bought 3 Northwesterns and took them apart to install gumball wheels. Now I can't put them back together, and I can't find a diagram anywhere online. The center rod is sitting too low. Can anyone give suggestions or point me in the right direction? Any help would be greatly appreciated :-)
  11. I'm doing single-head gumballs, and I like it much better than when I used to sell candy. Gumballs are cheap, ROI is easier to track, and everybody likes gumballs so they sell pretty well. I've also found that I have less machine problems with gumballs than with candy (jamming, ants, not dispensing at all, etc.) My route is compact so that I'm not driving all over town to service the machines, and I service them every two months.
  12. Learned a locating lesson that cost me money today. I paid a service to find a gumball location for me, and they send me a sandwich joint that I'm a regular at. The owner is super friendly, but I was always too shy to ask if I could place my machine. God only knows how much money and time I could've saved placing these machines myself. The shyness ends TODAY. It's costing me way too much!
  13. This is why I only vend gumballs. Higher profits and simpler bookkeeping.
  14. I've been wantng to get into the ATM business but the cash requirements are a bit high for me. I've read about using a vault service or having the location provide the cash, as well as used ATMs. My questions for the experienced owners are: 1) What are the pros and cons of using a vault service versus having the location supply the cash? 2) What are the typical fee sharing scenarios for these situations? 3) Is it a good idea to invest in used ATMs? If so, which models are best?
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