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  1. BorderJerry


    SSM was planning on carrying the NW mechs and some parts, and A&A is going to carry almost all of the parts for NW machines. http://ssmvending.com/northwestern/
  2. Be careful of Flying J truck stops, they were just bought into by Buffet. When his company bought Dairy Queen 20 years ago we lost a few locations when they booted the bulk. Don't know if that was company policy or we just had a nervous franchise owner...
  3. If its for a commercial rack I would suggest 'Adopt a Puppy' from A&A....if for a charity two head then 'Emoji Toys & More' from Flatline.
  4. SSM sent out an email last week showing a new line of "Steampunk" tattoos. Last I looked it still was not up on the website yet, but they can email you a photo of the display.
  5. BorderJerry


    Whats not to like about rust, bugs and oil?? You get your protein, minerals and essential fatty acids...
  6. http://aaglobal.com/bulk-candy-gum/850E-850-count-zed-emoti-gumballs.asp
  7. If it is a normal retail / restaurant type location with kids as part of the traffic I would add Emoti gum from A&A to the DB 850 assorted mix at one out of 3 or 4. Your cost will go from 9+% to 12% but you will have a unique product with a lot less increase in expense. The kids that really want the Emoti will end up spending a couple quarters with each visit....same tried and true concept of the 'loss leader' in a general cheap toy mix. We don't do charity, but if we did I sure would at least test this strategy (for those locations with competition offering assorted gum).
  8. That bottom shelf on the small rack is designed and sold by Oak and should only be able to hold 3 of their Vista's. You should probably remove one of the NW's before there is a big mess to clean - one of the reasons I don't care for those racks is the front support cross bar....it's just an invitation for kids to start climbing...sits there like the first rung of a ladder...
  9. To protect laminated fixtures in shopping malls...
  10. Smart Industries should have it....but shipping will be very high. HAvending has best solution (home depot) if you can't pick up part without shipping. I would use this peel n stick clear corner guard to unite the vertical joints of the panels, just because I am afraid of any hardware that might snag a tag... http://www.homedepot.com/p/Trimaco-5-8-in-x-5-8-in-x-4-ft-Self-Stick-Plastic-Corner-Guard-Residential-11434A/202061358 I have never used home depots version, we use these on our mall bulk displays: http://www.kofflersales.com/p/corner-guards-clear-and-colored.asp?gclid=CLXn3dHPl9QCFQIRaQodLhQF6w The 3/4 x 3/4 heavy duty clear 4ft works good (peel n stick option).
  11. That's a Beaver wheel, set up for 1.1" capsules. To convert to a gum wheel, you just add another spring to the remaining empty hole on the brush off plate. Or you can replace the entire set with an Oak set (wheel, riser & brush off plate).
  12. I bought a pallet of used Beavers from them this past summer, and about a month ago asked about buying more. They told me they were no longer taking credit cards and I would have to use pay pal...that plus the poor service scared me off from ordering again. It seemed to me that they might not be around too much longer - but I have no idea of their current status.
  13. “If America could be, once again, a nation of self-reliant farmers, craftsmen, hunters, ranchers, <vendors> and artists, then the rich would have little power to dominate others. Neither to serve nor to rule: That was the American dream.” - Edward Abbey
  14. That's a Triceratractorus...
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