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  1. I turned a USI snack machine into a huge toolbox on wheels. I think it's cool to see what people can do to repurpose things.
  2. I never could get a stacker to work in either of my two genesis machines. I finally sold them for scrap.
  3. Sam's and Costco are almost next to each other where I am. BJ's is just a little farther away. I've found that Sam's has the best vending selections. The other two just don't have much for vending at all... in my area. I was buying from Vistar, but they've raised the minimum order and added fuel charges and it cost me more to have them deliver than it does for me to go to Sam's and my local small distributor and pick it up myself.
  4. WOW!! I just bought my first items from Vendors Exchange. They sent my invoice with one shipping charge on it, which was okay, but charged my account an ADDITIONAL $10.33 for shipping! I called to find out why and the lady told me that it "should say" "estimated shipping". It does not. Then the lady hung up on me while I was talking to her. This is terrible service. I guess she was tired of talking over me while I was talking to her.
  5. I started this way too. I still have some Vendstar 3000 machines that I can't even give away. I've had them about 14 years now. Reckon I should through them away since they just take up space in my warehouse. They are really "cheap" plastic that cost a lot. Anyway, I like the Northwesterns. I don't do many bulk machines anymore since I moved into the drink and snack area, but I kept a few of the really good ones.
  6. I’ve been using mostly USI machines with few issues. They’re easy to work on. I also have some Dixie Narcos that have been good. At one time I obtained 2 Genesis machines. Don’t even think about getting any of those. I couldn’t even give them away.
  7. We’ve had candy at $1.25 for a while. I quit buying from Vistar because their prices just got ridiculous. I go to Sam’s and a local wholesaler now. I do order from Coke occasionally from Coke, but the new company that took over can’t seem to deliver it. It took 5 weeks to get my last order and it was wrong when it came. The old company was great. Not the new one. They also don’t fix their own machines anymore. They want me to buy and install a fan on one.
  8. I did order them online. They were expensive. Then I found Lightbulb Depot near me. They are inexpensive there.
  9. They sell well for me. Not as good as they used to, but still good enough throughout the year. No so much in the summer months though.
  10. I've ordered online before. Then I found Lightbulb Depot near us. They have everything!
  11. I placed a snack machine at an account one month and was told they wanted a drink machine when they made room for it in a few months. After about a month with the snack machine the owner I went in to service it and the owner was mad because she hadn't received any commission for the snack machine. I told her that neither of us mentioned that beforehand, but we can talk about it. She was busy and couldn't talk about it right then. So, the next week I came in to service the snack machine and the owner told me to get my machine out because they don't want any machines in there at all. So, a few days later my partner and I got it out. The very next week on a Sunday afternoon as I was riding by, I saw her and someone else moving a snack machine in from her pick up truck. It was EXACTLY the machine that I had in there and just pulled out. I think she bought a drink machine shortly after that .
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