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  1. You got to actually talk to your Coke rep??? WOW!! I can't get mine to call me back...ever!!! I don't even know who it is now. They won't tell me when I call in an order. When they "forget" to deliver my product I call them back and I am ALWAYS told that my rep will call me. Since our bottler changed hands a few years ago I haven't been able to talk to a rep at all. The old bottler was great, but the new one that bought it is terrible.
  2. It does display the correct amount when pressed. It is not a soda machine, snack only. How would the motor have coupled suddenly? It was working fine until a few weeks ago when it just started not working. I don't know of any sold out switch and any of the selections, where would that be. I test other empty selections with money and they work fine. I don't think I want to mess with the programming just yet, just sounds like too much of a hassle for one selection.
  3. I agree. In my experience, going more than half up will put too much weight on the bottom and cause jams with those softer bottles.
  4. I agree, Fred sounds like a good name for it.
  5. I've been playing with this machine. It's still on location and I still can't get that one selection to work with money. It still works in test mode, but no one can buy anything from that one selection.
  6. I put another coin mech in and now it seems to be working just fine. That coin mech works fine in another 3129-L though. Kinda strange.
  7. I've been using Payrange also and haven't had that happen.
  8. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT buy a Genesis !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Learned that lesson the hard way!!
  9. Are you still doing snack honor boxes? We do vending machines, but we're placing our first two snack honor boxes at a location where I had to move the snack machine out due to reconfiguring space. They are keeping our drink vendor, but now they don't have room for a snack machine so we're placing 2 larger honor snack boxes there. Just wondering if you are still doing it and how it's going.
  10. I keep all my chocolate in a refrigerator and I’ve never had any issues with it in the last 14 years.
  11. Today, it wouldn't take quarters, just dimes and nickels...for a few minutes, then it started taking quarters too. The DBA worked every time I tried it today. No idea what it might do tomorrow as it just seems to randomly do stuff. Still have no idea what's going on with it.
  12. I went back to the machine and put a different coin mech on it and it worked. The DBA still didn't take dollars. Then I put the coin mech back in that was in it, and the machine works just fine now. It even takes dollars now. I had both the coin mech and DBA unplugged before and plugged them back in. In fact I had unplugged and plugged all the connectors and it wouldn't work. Then today, after trying a different coin mech it partially worked, then putting the old coin mech back in, the whole thing works. How odd.
  13. OR the #3 selection button could be slightly pushed in. I've that happen a few times.
  14. I have a Crane 497 that has only one selection that will not work right. E5 says to choose another selection when pressed after putting money in. It just doesn't do anything. However, then I test the motor it works just fine. Connections on the back of the tray seem good (thus it works during testing), but it will not vend when the correct amount or more of money is inserted and credited to the machine. Every other selection in the machine works just fine. What could cause this on just one selection??
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