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  1. Hi bulkjake, it's been a while on this post but did you ever find a company to do business with at a lower price on the acrylic boxes?
  2. Thanks LC! I live in Pearland just south of Houston. Grew up in your area, in Irving. Thanks again and good luck!
  3. Hey Lake Cities I'm also considering the Pink Ribbon Boxes, did you ever get any and how are they doing for you? Also whereabouts in TX are you?
  4. Hey L&L what part of TX are you in and how are those Pink Ribbon Boxes still doing for you?
  5. Well Soldier what's your review of your locations so far? I'm considering having 50 four selection U-Turns located for me by either LRS or First Choice. Who would you recommend at this point? Thanks for your service, Sammy
  6. I bought 5 of these for $35 each and a case of the Buzz Bites from Vroom Foods in California about a year and half ago and I can definitely tell you that the product is OK but the machines are crap and are to be avoided all together! They look cool but each one of them has jammed at least once and the servicing is a hassle since you have to slide each candy (upside down to help avoid jamming) down chutes, about 10 candies each chute and there are 8 of them. I still have them out on locations but once the BB's are gone I'll pull these and replace them with something similar to the NW Triple Play and never try this again! I'd appreciate any input on triple head type machines since all I've done to this point is research. Thanks for the forum! Sammy
  7. Awesome letter, I'll definitely use this one! Thanks Steve!
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