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  1. Hey NYCandyman are you still around here on the forum ? would like to ask you a few questions if possible.



    1. NYCandyMan


      sure always here, whats up?

    2. tblair


      Do you still use vending essentials software and if  so is this program still available somewhere.? I went to the site and it is gone so if you can help let me know.




  2. Do you ship to Canada?
  3. How do I get a hold of him So he’ll reply to me?
  4. Sadly I have tried several times . Phone / email no reply whatsoever. I guess their not interested in running the business.
  5. Sure would like to get a reply from them of some sort then
  6. Hi All . I’ve used Vend-trak before and am trying to rejoin but have had no reply ( email or phone ) dodyoi shut down ?
  7. yes I was looking at that option , I'm just not sure how many key options there are for these machines
  8. Hi all ! Hoping for some help on my stupid mistake , I have a Tomy Gacha toy machine that I've somehow lost the keys (its on location,sadly) any one here have extra key I could buy form them ? or a idea how to get into it without drilling the locks (my locksmith said its a no go . I like the machine and don't want to damage it to service it .
  9. Hi All. I bought at a bankrupt auction a few machines that I'll be needing keys or locks for , These look like oak machines ( know off) I anyone have a set of locks with keys they want to sell ? I'm located in Canada . Also looking to keys to a Tomy Gacha toy machine . thoughts ? you can Text me at (204) 995-2587 if you want . Thanks .
  10. Ok, if let’s try this LOOKING FOR OAK gum ball wheel(s) !!
  11. Hi all. I'm looking to buy some Beaver gumball wheels for my machines, please let me know what you have to sell,
  12. cashman

    Machine ID

    Finally, thoughts?
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