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  1. I stopped doing charity last year. I had too many potential locations try to turn me down because they were having a hard time paying their bills and felt robbed that I was giving money to a charity and not to them. I locate strictly on commission now. I've kept my old charity locations as charity, but I am no longer locating charity any more.
  2. I've done exactly as you propose. I have one column at one location where all my flat junk goes and liquidate it at 25 cents. I do the same thing with capsule toys. I have a couple of heads on my route where I sell slow movers for 25 cents.
  3. The best way to get started in bulk candy vending is to sell toys out of a double. I won't even mess with candy unless a location requests it. Too much spoilage, too hard to control cost. For somebody just starting out, a double with toys will offer the best chance of success with minimal risk. You can put gumball in one head if you think edible product would work in a location. Singles are a good choice, too. Just don't jump into candy right away. You'll lose money and get discouraged. Once I made the switch toys, I couldn't believe I ever messed with candy.
  4. Prices? I'm interested in the Fossil Friends. I've been wanting to buy some for a couple of months but they weren't available.
  5. I'm glad I'm not in Texas. I sell gumballs for 50 cents.
  6. Does anyone know where I can get parts for a Wizard spiral? I don't think the company is in business anymore and I would like to swap out the coin mech. It has weird screws with two little holes holding the mech in place. Where do I get a wrench to fit these screws and what coin mech do these machines use?
  7. This is what I was thinking. Spiral with Nerds at 50 cents and the biggest flat machine you can get away with as a "single" head.
  8. Exactly. This is what I did with most of my 1800 triples. 50 cent mechs across the boards with capsule toys and Nerds gumballs. I only have a couple of machines with 25 cent mechs and they are in places that sell a ton of candy and didn't respond well to toys. And even those machines have a 50 cent head selling Nerds gumballs.
  9. Not yet. I'm still trying to decide if I want to pull the trigger on it. It would be a huge step up in time demand and I have to balance that against a full time job and family.
  10. This is the main reason I won't be buying many more A&A machines. I will still buy their racks, but I've grown so fond of the speed of service for my NW machines.
  11. I'm in Iowa. I have no explanation for the hostility toward bulk vending in my city. If I go south to Iowa City, nearly every place has a bulk machine and they'll let you put machines in. Here in Cedar Rapids, everybody hates them and it's incredibly difficult to locate here. As for the LRU experience, I have no idea what their deal was. They claimed their VOIP phone system didn't work in my area. Strange, since I'm pretty sure that Kickstart uses a similar system for their people (I'm assuming their call center is offshore, too). Kickstart has placed several machines for me without any ph
  12. On the locating side, I will definitely agree with you, Rodney. That is why I use singles, doubles, and triples as scout machines. Easy to get a foot in a door. Even if I don't have time to locate, any telemarketing locator can place these machines (except for LRU, they never managed to place anything for me because they claimed their phones don't work in my area [WTH?]). Once I get some good locations, out with the little machines and in with a 4 way or larger. If you're spending 30-40 minutes servicing an 8 way rack, you must be doing it blindfolded. 20 minutes tops if you have to restoc
  13. Why even bother with singles? They don't really take that much less time to service than a double or 4 way rack and make a lot less. I like to measure my productivity in dollars per hour, and when you factor in driving time then singles are horrible. I only have one single on my route and if I hadn't got if for free I never would have a had it in the first place. The only thing I can think of that singles might be good for is as "scout" machines. Use them to gauge the potential of a location and then upgrade to double, 4 way rack, or larger depending on what the place will support. Look at
  14. The only things that have been selling well for me lately are Grumpy Cat stickers and NFL stickers. Otherwise the last couple of months have been terribly slow. I'm hoping things really pick up this month. Oh, and the two locations where I'm experimenting with Nerds gumballs at 50 cents have been performing well. I hope that pattern continues.
  15. I only have one place where I have competition and that guy doesn't sell gumballs. I do, however, have a laundromat where I sell both Nerds at .50 and Dubble Bubble at .25. They both sell well. I would say I sell just a little bit more (in dollars) of the Nerds at that location than the Dubble Bubble, but it's pretty close to being 50/50. I sell a larger quantity of Dubble Bubble, but the dollars are nearly the same. And my cost of goods is very close to the same on both. Nerds comes out to around 13% and Dubble Bubble is around 11% I think.
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