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  1. About 100 out of 120 machines have readers. Equipment that don't are 10 USi CB300's, 4 late model snack & beverage machines in basements with no reception. The other 6 are a couple of Rowe 5900's, 2 DN 501E's and 2 late 90's USi snacks....
  2. I've purchased a couple of your upgrade kits and wow! My Bevmax 2 & 3 that I upgraded are operating just as good if not better than my Bev 4's! Thanks for making it easy for me by putting the kit together and making it available, VT!
  3. Cool! It's on there, they make it tough to find! I searched their site for folding platform cart. I screen shotted the info below off of their site :):)
  4. Good to know! Thank you, lacanteen!
  5. ....same here, my cashless sales have been steadily trending upwards and is now about 55% of my total sales. Question...does the vending machine's non-resettable meters for accounting also include card & Apple/Android payments together with the cash payments?....
  6. It's still hard to find on Magliner's website. Search "convertible hand truck" on their site and a picture of it will come up and is listed as "6 wheel folding platform truck." These dollies are awesome! Good luck!
  7. I use a dollie sold by Magliner that comes in 2 parts, the main platform truck and an extension. The main dollie section is also foldable and has a foot activated brake on one of the pivoting wheels. The extension is super easy and quick to attach to the dollie and just as fast to remove. With the extension attached, the dollie has 6 wheels and maneuvers just like the blue flatbed carts at Sam's and can hold almost as much product as the Sam's flatbed. I use the extension when I have a huge load or I'll use just the dollie section on smaller loads. It's well hidden in Magliner's website, but it's there. I think I searched their site for "6 wheel platform cart.".....
  8. This is great! :):) You've pretty much summed up my 22 years dealing with this business in just a quick, really witty, stroke of the pen! Ha! Ha! Hilarious!
  9. Yikes! Yeah, you're right about that! I'd be nervous if i had to place a machine like that on an upper floor. And placing 2 side by side would be out of the question! Every location where i saw the machine, it was on a 1st floor level. It's a huge machine, way bigger than the Bevmax!.....
  10. That's good feedback Tayshay, thank you. I am somewhat familair with the Jofemar machines from seeing them over the last 20 years at the NAMA shows. Their progression over the years from an ok machine to a nice, good looking reliable piece of equipment has been astonishing. Your machine looks well stocked with a very nice assortment of products, and it's super clean & super bright! Congrats on your purchase of the 8 machines. Are there plans in your future to venture into the large drink and large snack machine side of the business?....
  11. Taysha, do you also have traditional coiled machines on your route, too? If so, what has your experience been with the Jofemar "pushers" compared to traditional augers? I've never owned a Jofemar and am curious to know what kind of issues you've experienced with their product delivery system. Thanks!....
  12. Yeah, that would be my biggest concern. But I tell ya, this machine is light years ahead of our equipment and maybe even a couple of steps ahead of my Bev 4s and Merchants! It has a smooth gliding elevator that retrieves the products and delivers it to a very solid delivery bin that has an automatic sliding delivery door. The touch screen tech is very cool and semi easy to navigate, and you have many different languages to choose from, so I was able to have a European vending experience in English:):) The machine is just under 7' tall and, according to Unicum's website, weighs over 1700 lbs! Wow! Have you heard of a U.S. distributor?.....
  13. ... .from vacation and saw this super cool combo machine manufactured by Unicum, which appears to be a Russian company. It offered a ton of snacks and 24 rows of beverages, going back 8 deep! Does anyone have any experience with this machine? It supposedly made its' U.S. debut a couple of years ago at the Chicago NAMA show. It's pretty impressive!....
  14. Yessir, you're right about that, vavendor! My customers (and me!) love the variety the Merchants offer. I have mine set-up to where there is 54-58 selections per machine. I also switch out most of the factory included augers that come with the machines with higher count augers. I love the ease of swapping out augers in the Crane machines as opposed to other manufacturers. The Merchant snack machines, when paired up with Bevmax 4's, just looks so awesome & inviting! And you know you've blasted a home run when your patrons, including your contacts, are taking pics of the machines and sharing the pics with colleagues and friends! :):) I do wish Crane would use a thicker grade of sheet metal for the cabinets though and slow down on using so much plastic. They are pretty flimsy.....but still very effective! I only buy Merchants and Bevmaxes these days :):)
  15. Got about 15 of the Crane Medias & Merchants. Haven't experienced that problem, although a couple of weeks ago I got a courtesy call from one of my locations saying that the snack machine (Merchant Media) isn't closed and she said they made it worse by trying to close & lock it. I arrive on the scene and see that the t-handle is locked, but the service door isn't fully pushed back and the locking mechanism isn't engaged. Your experience kind of makes me wonder if the same lock popping due to shaking the machine happened in my situation too. I use Medeco locks. That's something to keep an eye on....
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