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  1. Hey Dude! My apologies. I'll make sure to take a look at your account and see what's going on. Regards, Rob
  2. Hey Ya'll! I see some confusion in this topic, Kick Start is up and doing well. My dad passed away in March and it was difficult but I've got a great team that held the ranks while I was away. Regards, Rob http://www.kickstartlocations.com < Bringing Innovation to Locating
  3. Awesome! Great to hear! Regards, Rob P.S. We've been doing some really exciting Admin Panel upgrades. If anyone has some ideas for the Admin Panel to improve service level let me know. One of the hardest things is managing all of the businesses that we call. Clients change their areas often and then we have to create new lists and sort of merge the old lists together. If anyone has some insights on how to deal with this issue please let me know. Rob
  4. Scott (kandyman), if you see this, great speaking with you this morning! Regards, Rob
  5. Pretty high class! Regards, Rob
  6. The Happy Holidays comment was a joke Regards, Rob
  7. Great to hear! Happy Holidays is what Terrorists say. Merry Christmas - Rob & Team! Regards, Rob
  8. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! It's great to be around family. I'm excited to get into 2011 too. I'm sure it's going to be a good year. The economy is starting to look up and people are spending again. It's really a great time to get into vending and take advantage of the flourish of new companies and new management. Regards, Rob
  9. Restaurant and Bar upgrades are super over here. We have a lot of clients who like to use it. Platinum + Restaurant and Bar upgrade is an amazing package. For every 3 Locations you order you get 1 Free Replacement, plus for 2 Years you can Order Unlimited Replacement Locations for $20 each. Many of our long term clients use their $20 replacements to continually make their route better. Regards, Rob
  10. candyman007

    If I could

    Silly bands are selling like crazy. You can buy them in bulk for cheap. http://www.dhgate.com/silly-bandz-amp-shaped-rubber-bandz-animal/p-ff80808129d93e870129f67b675150f6.html Don't go with products that spoil unless you have to. Gumballs + Silly Bands. If you can get a Silly band in a machine for 25 cents, you're going to sell them like crazy! Regards, Rob http://www.kickstartlocations.com
  11. I've got to chime in here. When I first started in this business I was super gung ho about getting cheap machines so you could expand fast. Live and learn. Beaver is the only way to go. You will make far more sales using a Beaver machine then you will with others. And, I've figured out the reason. Beavers always vend the same amount of product. 80% of your consumers are repeat buyers. I've used other machines that vend 5 one time and 15 the next. I've put two quarters in a Dentyne machine and it never even gave me one piece of gum. If you want people coming back to your machines, go Beaver. I have a client who averages $30+ / month using gumballs only on single Round Beaver machines. Tell me that's not interesting. Sour Gumballs you all! It's where it's at. I've got the information from the pros. Buy in bulk direct from Oak Leaf. You can get gumballs under 2 cents. It's all about gumballs. Keep it simple. Regards, Rob http://www.kickstartlocations.com P.S. Beaver WILL negotiate on pricing for large orders.
  12. Our live chat girl Ana gave me a report that you've been spending too much time on our website Scott! J/k. Bars are usually pretty big money makers. If the bar is active and your machines not doing well you need to test out other combination's of products. I've seen Mike & Ikes do really well in bars for some reason. I've heard decent things about the Alco-Buddy machines in bars. $60 - $300 / Month. Under $60 is very low I've heard. Regards, Rob http://www.kickstartlocations.com P.S. Been a while since I've been active around here! Good to see everyone!
  13. It sure looks like SuperPro is gone to me. I've had many clients call and tell me they can't get a hold of them. I even gave Steve's cell phone a ring with no response. I feel bad because I have told so many people about the product and now it's defunct. Live and learn. Go with the people that have been around. Beaver all the way! Regards, Rob
  14. We're usually pretty quick! Sometimes we hit tough areas and it's a big longer. Much love! Regards, Rob
  15. Hey Andrew! The largest toy machine we would do is a 2 selection candy machine. The 4 selections, like you said, would be more of a mini rack. That would be more in the realm of commission locating and we're a charity company. However, I would make this suggestion. Start off with a 2 select machine in a business. If he does well then ask the owner if you can upgrade. Owners are far more apt to allow you to put in more machines if they see the current machines being used and get to know you. Have a great one! Regards, Rob
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