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  1. Harvending

    2 for .25 Gumballs

    Would like to get feedback and opinion on 2 for .25 gumballs for charity machine
  2. Harvending

    Blank Honor Box Decor

    I have 150 acrylics and all I do is , charity sticker, Price, also you need to put on the box A portion of proceeds support the charity. This is a must!
  3. Harvending

    Gumball Racks

    Yes, doing 4 flavor on a 4way and doing a charity
  4. Harvending

    How to sell your honor box route

    To buy new boxes and hire locator and candy would cost about $35.00 per location. Do the math.
  5. Harvending

    Gumball Racks

    Would like to hear opinions and ideas about useing and placing 4 way gumball racks.
  6. Harvending

    Beaver machine-Good deal??

    All you be able to sell are .50. Capsules. I think you should use these machines for capsules.
  7. Harvending

    Beaver machine-Good deal??

    This is a machine for Fuzzy Brush. I bought some a while back. You can get .50 coin mech. conversion kit from Beaver. I think they were about $15.00
  8. Harvending

    NC Acrylics

    Try Acrylic Designer & Fabricator. Hey made me 100 boxes a year ago, did a great job. Cost about $30.00 each, remember a year ago. 1800-586-4300. Josh
  9. Harvending

    ProPlus Vending system, any experience?

    DON'T DO THIS!!!!!
  10. Harvending


    Rodney placed 45 mint honor boxes for me April 2016. 15 were taken out one reason or another. Total revenue for 9 months $7500.00. By the way he replaced 5 of the 15, the others were out of warranty. You have to look at the big picture on your locations. To me this is great work.
  11. Harvending

    Snack box update

    End of the week count how much money you collected, and how many bags of candy you bought, and what they cost. This is all you need to know. To keep up with loss, (example a box holds 100 Mints cost $7.00 should collect $33.00.) What is the lowest profit your willing to make on this location?
  12. Harvending

    Pulling Locations

    If you are making a profit, leave it. This is a numbers business, I'm speaking of mint boxes.
  13. Harvending

    Let's Cut the small talk and talk PROFITS!

    Also, how many times a month a location to earn $22.50 per month. I look at my profit by how much I make when I service a location.
  14. Harvending

    Tips from a seasoned veteran in charity vending.

    quote name="honorboxcoach" post="221541" timestamp="1453891758"]It's good to hear that you all are finding your own niche with this business. To answer your all's question regarding the Goetze's candy, the cheapest way is to order it directly from the Goetze's candy company, that's what I do. In order to do this though you're going to need to do a few things You're going to have to order in large bulk quantity from them. Normally when I place orders with the Goetze's company, it's for at least 1,000 pounds and I don't think they ship for anything less than half ton orders. Until you get established with them you'll have to pay for all orders up front with a check that you'll mail in to them. Goetze contracts with the large freight trucking companies so you need to have an office in commercial real estate where they can deliver to. They're not going to try to bring an 18 wheeler rig into a residential area. If you do not have an office in commercial real estate then ask around with different people you might know who have a store location somewhere that would allow you to have this delivered to their store. There are a lot of meetup groups that you can join where you can make business contacts this way. . Also check with Goetze who carries their product locally. Make sure you ask for 30lb bulk, chocolate. And straw. come 10lb. This product is great for boxes.
  15. Harvending

    Tips from a seasoned veteran in charity vending.

    Good information. This is exactly what I have been doing. Yorks mixing with caramel creams, and using caramel creams straight. Sometime mixing Chocolate creams and strawberry. I have used Toosie fruit rolls with mixed results. I have stayed with acrylic boxes because they look much better than card board in locations and helps keep the location. Would like to here more from your experience. Thanks, Harvey