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  1. Vandalism

    If it happened once at the account it will happen again. Really evaluate whether it's a stop that's worth keeping. You have to sell a lot of chips and soda to make that $80 profit + time spent back every time it occurs.
  2. We have card readers on every machine and use a custom programmed set of excel sheets to import data from USA tech that tells us what to add to the machines, when to service them, top selling items etc all automated. Creates a big list of what's due every day and we prepack exactly what we need for the machines. First 4.5 years we were cash only. The benefits of the data and the huge increase in sales was well worth it. We use 10 cent two tier on every machine and have around 40% credit 60% cash. Most our accounts make enough off the two tier to cover the monthly telemetry fees.
  3. Vistar

    I get my vistar delivery every Tuesday for the last 6 years. They've never missed an order and most of the time I get all the items I ordered.
  4. Suppliers

    Cash & carry
  5. Considering a purchase

    Every new vendor wants to do soda only. Just because snack isn't easy doesn't mean it's not worth doing. Think of solutions to the snack problem instead of shutting it down because it's difficult. (Most) Good locations don't want soda only.
  6. I think you're much better off eliminating the small accounts. You're still running wear and tear on those machines and when parts start breaking there goes all your profit on repairs.
  7. Apartment complexes

    Putting the machines inside an anti theft cage. A steel box around them (that can still be broken into regardless). Its costly so the account better be pretty awesome.
  8. Route Value?

    $1500 each for DN5591 on site is a good price. But I think the general consensus is it's not worth having at a $1200 / year stop. I'm sure you could list them for up to $2000 on Craigslist if they're fully functional.
  9. Route Value?

    I agree that a new vendor would have a lot of issues with bottle drops. The only reason I buy 5591s anymore is if I need to convert the top two shelves to entray. Otherwise I get DN5800/3800 from Coke, Pepsi or Columbia free.
  10. Apartment complexes

    In my experience most apartments are more trouble than they're worth. High vandalism, usually wants a commission. Gym and pools are not good locations for machines.
  11. Hacks

    The kids got you buddy.
  12. Minimum to keep machines in place

    We don't service anything under $4000 a year. Typically no notice we just go get them.
  13. 20 O.Z

    In my area there's no more rebates. The cost of bottles through coke directly is cheaper than at Costco though.
  14. Hey guys here's one for you all - Forward Air @ 2507 Frank Albert Rd, Building C, Fife WAWants DN5591 with Entray shelf. Already has a coke 8 select, may also want a snack machine. Michelle is the contact. Around 30 warehouse workers. Truck drivers visit regularly volume depends on the day. I'm not taking it because it's a bit out of my range (I only go as far south as Kent) and the number of employees is too low for food in my opinion.