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  1. I think you got into the <test> mode which shows co 1, co 2 etc to test vend the selected column. Try looking at the manual section 3, It might take a while to wrap your head around 4 button programming, but try writing down the key uses before starting. I'm guessing you hit a wrong key along the way to PriC (I'd guess at enter [4] rather than next [2]when tESt was on the display) The machine will exit back to sales mode if: No response from the selection switches is received for approximately five minutes; The service mode button is pressed a second time; The Return to Sales mode is activated; or The door is actually closed. The code doesn't work in sales mode.
  2. NO. You need to connect the 3 9V batteries in series. The way you describe your connection it had 18v going one way and 18v opposing it - output = 0V and the batteries getting hot trying to overcome each other (before destroying themselves).
  3. falls

    Crane 497 combo

    5 wide refreshment center with 10 drink fridge module. parts manual programming guide
  4. To be honest this is a bad idea. Moving a machine with stock in it is fraught with problems. A loaded machine is quite top heavy and prone to falling over when moved (experience speaking - they can't be stopped once they start to tip) Remember you should move the machines standing up.. Any stock in the machine will cause loads on the delivery system that can easily distort and cause misvends/jams when redeployed. Additionally stock has a tendency to bounce out of position if the machine is subject to vertical travel (such as potholes in roads or heavy handed forklift operators). One additional thing is when moving a machine either empty the coin mech first, or make sure that the mech is secured fully - I know I don't usually tighten the mounting screws and the mech can bounce off them when badly jostled if they are not tightened If you want to do this you should consider a machine crate to contain the empty machine and a locking stock crate to fill/refill on site.
  5. falls

    Trouble finding 16 oz cans

    Is this the manual for your version of the 3589? I can't see anything there that specifies a 16oz only, only a 12oz only and either '20oz max or "24oz max"'.
  6. falls

    2 Machines

    A quick search shows that they used to supply Saeco machines. From other threads in this forum there doesn't seem to be much support for them in the US/Canada. Having said that: Do you know which machines you have? 7P, 8P, 800, SG200/Rubino, or something else? There is a very long thread here about the SG200, which might help somewhat. I can dig around to see what manuals I have once I know which machine you have.
  7. falls

    CONLUX bill accepter

    Apparently that bill acceptor is only supposed to accept $1, $5, and Coupons. If it takes a $10 note it has a problem, exacerbated by the fact that it thinks a $10 note is a $5 note. I'd just replace the bill acceptor with a spare.
  8. Open Door Press mode button until display reads 'Test Mode' Press 1 Insert coins (in any order) until mech is full Close Door It is a good idea to start with an empty mech, but as long as the coin totals shown while inserting coins match reality, it isn't essential
  9. Give me a couple of days and I'll be able to answer your question for the inone board. I've got a 123 that didn't come with a control board. I've set up the inone board that seems to be working by itself, but haven't tried the drop sensor yet. I've got the inone drop sensors, but there is the original goldeneye sensors already in place. I believe they are the '34VDC' drop sensors referred to in the destructions but have to confirm it. They should work one way or the other (plug in directly or cut and splice green wire to change power to drop sensors). I'll let you know once I've actually got it working.
  10. falls

    Tips for Dixie BevMax

    That's WAY too many misvends for a properly set up 5591. Firstly I'd suggest you make sure the machine is level front to back. Secondly the shims need to be matched to the bottles being vended. Make sure that the shims don't pinch the bottle anywhere. Third make sure the slides are clean and friction free (use something like armourall or food grade silicon spray LIGHTLY) Fourth make sure the product pushers are working correctly - change out any springs that are kinked/rusty/lost tension. When saying 'mis-vends' do you mean actual gate operation where the gate opens but the product does not come forward and drop? Or something else. Individual gates can fail either from wear or weak actautors (or stuck full of dried coke syrup)
  11. falls

    Azkoyen M87U motor positioning

    Have a look through the information/downloads here . I have an old Azkoyen, but it's completely different, so can't help from experience.
  12. falls

    Royal 660-9 compressor

    Is it quicker or slower if you wear full length trousers?
  13. I had one that did something similar when there were 3 or more different prices on a shelf. My kludge to get around it was to only have 2 prices on the shelf. I'd then price the entire shelf at one price, then individually price the selections with a second price. eg $2.50 D* then $4 D3,D5,D6. I fixed it by changing control boards in the end, but it worked as described for a couple of years. Annoying but workable if you have time to rearrange products to fit inside the 2 price per shelf parameter.
  14. falls

    Problem with CB500 Wittern 3500 machine

    This is probably the cause of your problem. RAM is volatile memory and won't handle power surges well. There may have been a capacitor or battery that held memory during power down that was damaged by a power surge during a lightning strike. I don't know if there is a battery - if there is replace it, but if it used a capacitor that will need to be removed and a new one soldered in. If it didn't use either the RAM is damaged and could degrade further over time.
  15. falls

    Problem with CB500 Wittern 3500 machine

    Capital Vending have a price for repairing the CB300 board, but no pricing on site for the CB500. I imagine pricing would be similar though, probably easiest to ring them to check.