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  1. There should be a red LED light on the top right of the board when the board has power. If there is no light, you may have a power supply problem or have damaged the board. I don't think there is any user trouble shooting for the boards. InOne have a repair option if you call them direct
  2. d&s also have the config and use manual Do you have heartbeat light on the board?
  3. probably Jiangsu Blue Sky Airport Support Co., Ltd. vendingmachine37.com But they may not sell parts direct, you may have to find the original importer
  4. Actually one of the longer term Chinese vending machine companies TCN. Depending on what you are used to they will seem quite flimsy Thinner steel carcass, plastic trays. Much like Seaga your biggest problems will be if there is continuing support for both tech support and parts. In the US there may not be a large enough installed base to maintain a long term support network. Only time will tell.
  5. ebay , you only actually are missing the frame. New from D&S
  6. cup head bolt aka dome, button, or mushroom head
  7. Owned by Wittern Processed by Cantaloupe Hardware "from a 20 year pioneer"
  8. I'm having a problem with the cash reporting on my DN5594 (240v version of 5591) and am wondering if anyone has a fix. I have 2 machines with different eproms (0.61 and 0.81). Both machines do the exact same thing When a product is dispensed for cash, Nayax shows a single transaction for the correct value. When a product is sold via credit card Nayax shows a CC transaction for the correct amount, but then, 7 seconds later, shows a cash authorisation and settlement for 655.16. Value is the same for both machines. Nayax don't know, DN distributors in Australia don't know, 0.81 is latest eprom as far as I know, Any help appreciated.
  9. https://www.dsvendinginc.com/p-8039-d14400047-ap-cashbox-plastic.aspx
  10. Coke is a minority shareholder in Body Armor. No guarantee they are always the distributor 🤑
  11. Try this manual for a HY900 - it has the keyboard I think you have.
  12. If you really want to go ahead... The InOne board is an option that will provide MDB (the current connection payment system connection scheme, and required for card readers).
  13. Operators Manual but after that you are pretty much on your own.
  14. Just a thought, have you adjusted the rear spacers to suit your products? If not have a look at pages 15 through 19 of the owners manual . If that all checks out OK you probably have a wiring issue with the sold out paddles, for which you'll have to do some investigating as wiring diagrams seem to be hard impossible to get.
  15. Tube for sale Video of tube changing Set Up
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