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  1. falls

    Women in the Healthy Vending Biz

    Maybe try to contact forum member Taysha. If not read through some of her posts re healthy vending.
  2. falls

    Cashflow 690

    I'm pretty sure that the machine doesn't think that there are 20p coins in the mech, so thinks it can't give change. Dump all the coins from the mech, then refill using the machines tube fill mode (or refill coin mech by buying product until the mech is full again). Don't just refill the tubes by hand.
  3. falls

    Your Bev Or Combo Machines?

    Assuming you are talking about the 5591 bottle drops: What size cans and what specific problems are you having with each? Do you have diving boards on either can selection? Do you have the full redbull kit or just the front shim installed?
  4. I agree with ORSD If no light check the cabling to the sensors from the main board to ensure they are still plugged in properly. In the short term turn off the sensors Action Display 1. Press Service Mode Button Motor Count or Error Code ** 2. Press 5 for Options Menu Options 3. Press 6 for Optical Vend Optical Vend 4. Press 3 to toggle for All Items Menu All Items (Current Setting) *-Exit 3-Edit 5. Press 3 to toggle between ON and OFF All Items (Choice Flashing) *-Exit #-Save 6. Press # to save the setting All Items (New Setting) *-Exit 3-Edit 7. Press * four times to exit 0.00 else try 1. Press Service Mode Button Motor Count or Error Code ** 2. Press 4 for Configuration Configuration 3. Press 0 for Advanced Config Password: Use keypad to enter password (default is 2314) 4. Press 2 for Optics Disables menu Optics Disables (Current Setting) *-Exit, no change 2-Edit 5. Press 2 to toggle ON/OFF Optics Disables (Choice Flashing) *-Exit, no change # to Save 6. Press # to save the setting Optics Disables (New Setting) *-Exit, no change 2-Edit 7. Press * three times to exit 0.00
  5. falls

    Hello from UK

    Coinmech flashing yellow how many times? From the video I'd guess at 4 flashes You could try cleaning the arm and base, if you're lucky its just gunk/dirt. Otherwise you will need to replace the dispenser module.
  6. Search ebay for antares edina But seriously you don't want to spend much money on the machine, it's just not worth it. just the cost of changing the prices can cost more than you paid for the machine.
  7. D&S have 13900003 , they also have 13900006 which I think is for 240v machines.
  8. falls

    Saeco SG 200 operators

    I no longer have a Saeco machine, so running from memory and the manual I have: 1) Have you tried resetting the error log? 2) Check CN11 on the power card. There should be a pair of wires leading to the dump tray microswitch. If it's not there, jump the two pins together. If there chase the wires to the microswitch and make sure it's there and working.
  9. 3 people should be enough (depending on the additional weight of the cage). The first thing to do is use a tyre iron or similar to wedge under the top of the door to lift it slightly off the ground and simultaneously slide a piece of wood into the gap to provide a gap you can then grip from. You can repeat this with multiple pieces of timber until you get a decent space under the top of tha machine. You can then either lift it (one on each side, one lifting the top) or use the lift you linked to raise it. If manual lifting the hard part is getting it to about waist height, after that it gets progressively easier If you use the lift I recommend using a lifting strap and ratchet strap, rather than trying to use the forks (Tie the ratchet strap around the machine as tightly as possible about 2/3 of the way up the machine - use a lifting strap from the forks to lift the machine via the ratchet strap). Experience has proven to me if you try to lift the machine from underneath the machine will slip on both the forks and the floor. As for the machine, you might get lucky - I've got an AP Studio I dropped face down - The machine still works but the door hinge was bent back into the machine and required some metal beating to make useable. The door is still not right, and requires lifting a certain way to close, but it works and isn't a problem for the location it's in.
  10. falls

    Moving machines

    For 24x$300 I can fly from Australia, rent the truck and transfer them, fly home, and still make more money doing that than my normal vending. Keep me in mind for future moves
  11. falls

    ICT P70 bill validator erroring out

    ICT just says check for foreign objects on sensor or bill path and clean.Based on the description 'purple sensor error' I'd guess at here being a UV LED that has failed, or is somehow masked. I only have V6 acceptors, so not the same.
  12. falls

    How to pick a coffee vending machine?

    If you are talking about the company you linked,,, They don't seem to sell machines, but offer a coffee machine as a full service vending company. If you talk to them, find out what brand and model of machine they are offering for placement (will be based on expected number of sales/users), then do research on who supplies and services the specific machine. It appears you are in pommyland so could be a company like westomatic or logicvending. I'm not really across machine distributors there though.
  13. Very basic, but check bill validator connector cable, it is possible on some validators for the cable connector to engage at one end and not the other (mine happened when the cable was moved a little on door opening).
  14. Could be wrong as several Chinese companies use that VC or VCM nomenclature, but probably a 'Jiangsu Blue Sky Airport Support Co., Ltd.' product. A manual can be found here . If the error is "VMC 5" this is a health guard warning. Without having a machine to look at this should reset when you open and close the door, but you may need to try entering service mode or resetting the health guard limits (chapt 6.6.13) to reset it. If you aren't selling perishables from the machine, turn it off.
  15. falls

    Royalty Fee?

    Yes, or send the boxes back. You have no right to use the 'Pink Ribbon' boxes unless you are paying the royalty fee, as that is what (partly) pays the charity for the use of their name on the boxes. If you don't want charity boxes that support a charity buy the plain or wood-grain boxes. Don't pretend you are supporting the pink ribbon charity if you are not sending them any money.
  16. I think you got into the <test> mode which shows co 1, co 2 etc to test vend the selected column. Try looking at the manual section 3, It might take a while to wrap your head around 4 button programming, but try writing down the key uses before starting. I'm guessing you hit a wrong key along the way to PriC (I'd guess at enter [4] rather than next [2]when tESt was on the display) The machine will exit back to sales mode if: No response from the selection switches is received for approximately five minutes; The service mode button is pressed a second time; The Return to Sales mode is activated; or The door is actually closed. The code doesn't work in sales mode.
  17. NO. You need to connect the 3 9V batteries in series. The way you describe your connection it had 18v going one way and 18v opposing it - output = 0V and the batteries getting hot trying to overcome each other (before destroying themselves).
  18. falls

    Crane 497 combo

    5 wide refreshment center with 10 drink fridge module. parts manual programming guide
  19. To be honest this is a bad idea. Moving a machine with stock in it is fraught with problems. A loaded machine is quite top heavy and prone to falling over when moved (experience speaking - they can't be stopped once they start to tip) Remember you should move the machines standing up.. Any stock in the machine will cause loads on the delivery system that can easily distort and cause misvends/jams when redeployed. Additionally stock has a tendency to bounce out of position if the machine is subject to vertical travel (such as potholes in roads or heavy handed forklift operators). One additional thing is when moving a machine either empty the coin mech first, or make sure that the mech is secured fully - I know I don't usually tighten the mounting screws and the mech can bounce off them when badly jostled if they are not tightened If you want to do this you should consider a machine crate to contain the empty machine and a locking stock crate to fill/refill on site.
  20. falls

    Trouble finding 16 oz cans

    Is this the manual for your version of the 3589? I can't see anything there that specifies a 16oz only, only a 12oz only and either '20oz max or "24oz max"'.
  21. falls

    2 Machines

    A quick search shows that they used to supply Saeco machines. From other threads in this forum there doesn't seem to be much support for them in the US/Canada. Having said that: Do you know which machines you have? 7P, 8P, 800, SG200/Rubino, or something else? There is a very long thread here about the SG200, which might help somewhat. I can dig around to see what manuals I have once I know which machine you have.
  22. falls

    CONLUX bill accepter

    Apparently that bill acceptor is only supposed to accept $1, $5, and Coupons. If it takes a $10 note it has a problem, exacerbated by the fact that it thinks a $10 note is a $5 note. I'd just replace the bill acceptor with a spare.
  23. Open Door Press mode button until display reads 'Test Mode' Press 1 Insert coins (in any order) until mech is full Close Door It is a good idea to start with an empty mech, but as long as the coin totals shown while inserting coins match reality, it isn't essential
  24. Give me a couple of days and I'll be able to answer your question for the inone board. I've got a 123 that didn't come with a control board. I've set up the inone board that seems to be working by itself, but haven't tried the drop sensor yet. I've got the inone drop sensors, but there is the original goldeneye sensors already in place. I believe they are the '34VDC' drop sensors referred to in the destructions but have to confirm it. They should work one way or the other (plug in directly or cut and splice green wire to change power to drop sensors). I'll let you know once I've actually got it working.