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  1. TKK

    Insuring drivers

    Does your policy always go up when you add them?
  2. TKK

    Insuring drivers

    Yes they signed an employee non compete and a statement saying they are responsible for the vehicles. One of the guys has duis and very bad record but hes a great employee however adding him jacks up the price to $500 a month.
  3. TKK

    Insuring drivers

    I remember when i would sell cars, they haf insurance but any accident on our end and we would have to pay the deductible
  4. So i have my vans and box trucks with progressive. However one of my employees a few months ago backed into a car. Didnt do any damage except a small dent on the other persons van. Insurance went up about $200 q month because i had to add her to the policy. Todqy another employee hit a car and im going to pay for it without using insurance, qnd im going to take it out of his check. What do you guys do? Is it fair to charge them for accidents or are we supposed to just have our insurance rates double every year?
  5. Usat sucks. I had like 8 cc readers that werent working so i replaced them and they were charging me months for them and didnt credit me. Im sure they charge nore than it is too, how can we see a report with full charges? Usi as well rhey said i had 5% interest and they never show you statements. I asked for them alot and finally they sent them and i am paying like 2500 a month in interest! This isnt gonna end nicely.
  6. TKK

    Back ups?

    So ice cream has been awesome but its a pita to have the machines and freezers all good. Had a power outage locally and 5 machines completely melted and about $1600 of product melted in my warehouse. Is there back up switches or something to avoid this? At 7k a pop per machine it should come with a back up battery or sometying to send you a message about the drop
  7. TKK

    Looking for new box truck

    Promasters and box trucks with side gates
  8. Right? Last month we sold over 200,000 items, i cant imagine doing this detailed spreadsheets
  9. Need like 30 to 60 drink machines from a good distributer. Anyone know of a good place to buy them?
  10. This is one problem ive never really understood. Sometimes i get calls in a location that a bc10 is taking bills but just turns it into change and doesnt let you buy anything. Coin mech error? Programming?
  11. TKK


    Jesus christ $25 per hour?!?!?! Yeah minimum in texas is 7.25 an hour. Went up a few years ago from 5.85 or so. Gas is like 2.35 right now if that matters.
  12. TKK

    Cb500 compressor

    Haha thats your favorite line randy.
  13. TKK


    Minimum wage here is 7.25 an hour about 1100 a month. I would raise him obviously. My route drivers went from 8.50 to 11 an hour