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  1. TKK

    Micro market success

    Have u guys used avanti and grab n go? Parlevel is expensive
  2. TKK


    Ok i guess we will join them up and see how it goes
  3. TKK


    So you order through usg vend your vistar items? I thought ur vistar accounts would get linked up. Do you get good rebates?
  4. TKK


    So every 3 months they keep $250? I usually spend like 40k from vistar a month, not sure if blue bunny and frito lay count, but that seems like a big rebate fee. They keep 1k a year i wonder if its even worth it. I know usatech has usg deals and other perks. What other perks do u guys get? Anacapa....what do u mean purchase from usg vend? Is that a differnt usg?
  5. TKK


    Just got approved, can anyone break down the basics? They charge per quarter plus a percentage? $500 + $25 fee?
  6. TKK

    Usi combo....

    Lol, i dont like usis compressors
  7. TKK


    Just expense it
  8. I see alot of these for sale. I just found 4 of them w readers and that crappy healthy 4 u decals for 2k a piece. They said they would take 4k for the 4 and look new. I have a school who needs 2 in their break room and they want one to sell coffees and pastries. I dont wanna do combos but i also dont wanna put a 6 to 12k pair if its in a slower spot. Have u guys had problems with these? Can you put glass i think it has spirals like a snack machine for the drinks...? https://phoenix.craigslist.org/wvl/for/d/phoenix-vending-machine/6799287099.html
  9. TKK

    Micro Markets

    Which markets are yall using
  10. TKK

    Micro Markets

    I think it would be more time consuming checking footage than covering the cost of an item
  11. So the bigger we get the more i think diversifying each account is best. By this i mean If you have ice cream and snacks and drinks in one location, hire a full time ice cream guy, a full time snack, and a full time drink guy. Lets see to start you need to think big. There was no way i was going to be able to outfit a van to carry ice cold ice cream, chips, pastries, and drinks in 115f heat. Its too expensive. I think its easier having different routes within routes. I have an ice cream guy who does 28 spots which ALL have snack machines that some get serviced daily. The ice cream sells less ofcourse. But its been super efficient. The snack guys just worry about maybe 30 types of chips that are all dry snacks. They also check the ice cream machines when they get to those places to fix any jams or add escrow. We are looking at a contract that requires 75 drink machines, 105 snack, and 35 ice cream. Im thinking of having drinks just for other drivers as well. So a place that has a drink and snack machine may get serviced monday for snacks and thursday for drinks....but they wont go empty. Has anyone done this? Have guys just do 1 vending type route? I think in the long run prekitting, servicing, etc gets optimized. Why? A place that would get serviced 1x per week can now be physically checked 2x a week. Just in jam avoidance youd make alot more. How easier is it having a box truck only with drinks, or snacks etc. Plus they do alot of places. Right now a girl driver we have does 12 to 18 spots per day (snack only) and shes there from 8am to like 4. Thats without prekitting yet.
  12. For those of you using these do they do well? I see through vistar its like 37 bucks for 100 of them do u guys just double the cost and charge places for them? Do u still charge for foam cups and sugar and creamers?
  13. We do bottles. Vending a 10 column machine would show we made an extra $15 or so per machine. Im hoping vms will help alot. However good accounts want glassfrronts
  14. TKK

    Ocs help

    So what r u guys using?
  15. TKK

    Crane 172

    Definately wanna dex it up