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  1. Whats ur number az? Text me at 9159207445 if you dont wanna post it
  2. Its the number the motor says on it, they are brownish maroon wheel
  3. Yes its a motor for a shimless older drink machine,id upload a pic but vendiscuss never lets you upload any normal pics
  4. For an older singleprice i think a dixie. Noticed the top was burnt and the wheel spins loosly. Cant find a place that has it?
  5. Good luck, i spend hundreds of hours and thousands and you need months of data and training to tour enployees to launch it. My problem was when ccs go offline and it messes up your prekit. May show 0 sales then your guy takes 0 items. Then tou have to manually put items and modify...
  6. Trying to change pricing, i go to price program, press 4 and it says single price. Then i try to switch it by pressing 2 or 3 etc and nothing. Is there another mode i have to go into to allow multi price selections? Necer had this problem before
  7. I use parlevel.... cash and cashless is a must! Raise prices about 15 to 20% get a local cabinet guy for shelving etc. Get your own coolers and freezers
  8. But think about schools tho....
  9. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/bfs/d/santa-monica-great-investment-fresh/7021031123.html 🤔
  10. 3 wides? I think they are maybe like 25 inches or so
  11. Thats good pricing anything under that is ridiculous.
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