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  1. TKK

    Anyone need..

    Yes i got atleast 75 keyed alike And a few that are 5 to 10 keyed alike
  2. TKK

    Anyone need..

    Still got a ton of this
  3. TKK

    Shelving machines

    I think ima do the bottom machines on pallets or an their own. The top ones ima tilt the drink machines, put a pallet, then put on the top shelves. I think the legs are wide enough to not hit the pallets. The other option is to put shelves on the bottom and leave like a 4 inch gap and then pallet the bottom row and the legs will never obstruct. I wish i could post pics here but they are always too big and dont know how to resize them
  4. TKK

    Teachers lounges?

    Damn that bad hu lol. 400$ a mo th isnt bad beags having 10 snack machines collecting dust, those higher earners are why? Bigger schools? Bigger break rooms?
  5. TKK

    Teachers lounges?

    What are ur best teachers lounges bringing in? I do havr maybe 12 snack machines in the warehouse but they are 4 and 5 wides
  6. So i was thinking of making more revenue from some of the schools were in. We are implementing the ice cream program, but we are also thinking of putting 1 small snack machine in the teachers lounges in the high schools. Reason is they have 2 to 3k students so i know they have atleast 100 or so employees. I have a middle school that has 2 lounges we did a 3 wide in one of the two and it blows. $60 a month if you are lucky. I figured the high schools have to make atleast 3 times that so say $200. Thats not good but they get serviced daily and 10 schools times $200 is 2k a month extra. Usi has new 3 wides for 2500 and 4 wides for 2700. Anyone do ok in teachers lounges?
  7. TKK

    Shelving machines

    Yeah its like even the ones i have that strap on the sides and lift the machine, its a pita. Once you place one trying to tilt the other side is hard
  8. TKK

    Shelving machines

    Yeah i get that part but what i mean is is there an easier way to lift the drink machine onto the forks? Or do you guys rock it on them
  9. TKK

    Shelving machines

    How do u guys put the 4x4 under the drink??
  10. TKK

    Anyone need..

    Only got like 90 left. Even some are newer mei bill recyclers.
  11. TKK


    True that theres those sry food trays could.probably sell for.like 3 bills
  12. TKK

    Shelving machines

    This looks dangerous... https://elpaso.craigslist.org/fod/d/mega-warehouse-sale-mega/6519154543.html
  13. TKK

    Shelving machines

    Are big cold food trated as snack?
  14. TKK

    Shelving machines

    Right? I can imagine not screwing them on would have atracted more heat than just placing them loosley..
  15. TKK

    Shelving machines

    Do you guys screw the woods under the machines? Or just slide them under there? These forks are adjustable, honestly it is alot stronger than it looks. It weights like 2000lbs itself, and is rated for 2k lbs and extends about 14 feet high, i didnt want a forklift because of the size of them. So those pallet racks are heavy duty enough? Im wondering how to put 2x6s under the legs