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  1. This is one problem ive never really understood. Sometimes i get calls in a location that a bc10 is taking bills but just turns it into change and doesnt let you buy anything. Coin mech error? Programming?
  2. TKK


    Jesus christ $25 per hour?!?!?! Yeah minimum in texas is 7.25 an hour. Went up a few years ago from 5.85 or so. Gas is like 2.35 right now if that matters.
  3. TKK

    Cb500 compressor

    Haha thats your favorite line randy.
  4. TKK


    Minimum wage here is 7.25 an hour about 1100 a month. I would raise him obviously. My route drivers went from 8.50 to 11 an hour
  5. TKK


    Very good and solid advice guys. The manager im looking at is a long time friend. Sounds bad right there right? However i know him and hed never steal a dime. Hes worked for multiple banks and customer service for over 20 years. Hes asking 25k a year to start. As far as full repairman i dont get that many repairs. Maybe 20 to 30 jams a month which get fixed the same dates by the drivers. Compressors maybe 2 a year and a guy i know fixes them within a day or two. Installs we are training the drivers to do them slowly, although i dont mind installs, we got very good at them with the right equipment, liftgate, dollies, etc. For example today, me and my fiance serviced from 9am to 930pm. We ran our ice cream route. 15 stops. We took a breakfast hour and a lunch hour. We then went to 4 locations weve been wanting and we landed 3, 2 of which need to be installed by tuesday. Dont u guys ever wonder, what happens if your life ends? Who will keep the business afloat? Who will know what accounts to use, payments to make, bills to pay, inventory to order, etc? Thats why i think a manager would be great id also have a peace of mind knowing the business can practically run itself. Who knows, maybe start in another city and open chapter 2?
  6. TKK

    Lipton 16.9 bottles

    Lipton sels well the peach, mango, and green tea, so does arizona. All of them are .30 to .40c and sell for 1.25
  7. TKK


    Were on track for 1.5 mil this year, 2.1 next
  8. TKK


    Randy, some of us want a life brotha, not work 8am to 1am. Cash flow means you can afford good help
  9. TKK


    So im at a point where we cant handle the daily tasks. Getting accounts, managing, inventory, installs, moves, gasing 5 vans, payroll, expenses, service calls, repairs, deposits, withdrawls, checks, and a million other things. Were getting a manager to tqk3 off most of it off our plate. What do you guys do with managers? Pay range? Commission? Salary? Tasks?
  10. Yes they get off and check the machines, message the inventory needed, then get the product they need. Even with them pulling it in their vans it would be more acurate i suppose, and theyd save that first visit which can be 10 to 20 minutes per stop. They do maybe 10 to 15 stops a day.
  11. With the tablets do u pull the report on sit or in the mornings? So prekitting really only works for accounts that make maybe under 1000 x month
  12. Would it work for busy locations? So u pull a report at say 6am, you check what sold. You load the exact product you need, then you service. So you get to your 9th location at 3pm and you sold double what you took. Now you have an empty machine when you get there, so what? Go back the next day? Isnt it easier just taking all the product and checking what you need and bringing it down? Or build a report right before you get into the account and pull it from your van? That way its more acurate? What are you guys doing? I have accounts that make $500 in one single day, i dont think prekitting would work for those
  13. TKK

    Bill counter

    The coin sorter i use brandt and ive gotten 2 for like 300 each. And they count really good
  14. TKK

    Bill counter

    Ive used different. Glory, shinwoo, and jetscan with dual pockets. All discriminate
  15. Allen your putting gatorades and waters in elementaries?