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  1. a tech helped me.out. I swapped boards and nothing. he couldn't find any grounds. I was w usi for a while and when I reset it there was a spark by the deport and fried the board. now screen doesn't work. it's getting me upset cuz its expensive and it's junk machines!
  2. RVV500 Bevmax 4 a location wants me to put them outside because they keep leaking indoors. There's a covered breezeway with no direct sunlight. I'm thinking of just taking them a stacker but glassfronts do so much more volume and let's me sell 13c waters for $1.50 the stackers get jammed a lot. Any recommendations? Also any recommendations for having them not leak as much? don't see a water tray in the bevmaxes.
  3. a bunch if them I had to change a fan. as far as for a short on the harness I checked everywhere if it was a tray just some selections wouldn't work but everything says short 😢
  4. keep having problems. Have over 40 of these and every week some thing happens. this week was new doesn't let you pick anything. then you test vend spirals and it just says SHORT. I swapped boards w another machine and still says short. anyone had these issues? also have issues of the darn fins freezing up and melting my ice cream
  5. I have over 100 used coin mechanisms and bill validators ranging from the older units to newer units to the newer cash flow and bill recycler units.. does anyone know who refurbished them?
  6. would it be the drop sensor harness or the plug one? and I think I did have them linked up before
  7. have never had this issue before. So I have 2 different usi satellite machines. ones a 2 wide one is a 3 wide. they have been connected to the drink thin machines on the sides. both only show 15 or 23 motors and when you hit selection 80 for drinks 81 etc it says no 80 so it's not reading them. how do u add them?
  8. hmm swapped the display board and seems to be working
  9. Any of you guys here that have schools in Texas?
  10. have like 40 of these, they are the 3 wides frozen newer units. I hate em, the latches always get ice, and of the 40, 3 messed up within the first year one never worked to this date. one I placed a few months ago and the lights are out and the lower 3 buttons on the machine don't work.... i checked the plug that goes on that charger thing and still nothing. should have warranty but vendnet hasn't helped they have sent a local guy but no luck.
  11. so I've gotten complaints a bev 4 will just go out (display) sometimes this happens when they are making a purchase and it keeps their money. i verified it and its true... i was test vending it and at the third time the display went off and came back after I messed with it. but the credit was gone. anyone know of this issue or how to fix it?
  12. but are u guys refilling them? don't wanna lose even more had to throw thousands of items and donate
  13. still no sales in schools here in Texas. our revenue dropped over 90% since March. they have told us to unplug, empty, and flip them around. any of you guys back with them?
  14. i tried calling and cant find a source for vendors they think i wanna sell vending items on their website lol. is there like a tgird.party thing or bids? how would u find the plant manager? the news just shows the area and construction company. also u guys have machines or.micros?
  15. they are building one with 750 employees, has anyone gotten one? if so how?
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