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  1. Vistar

    Do they deliver to texas?
  2. Vistar

    what other suppliers do u all use
  3. Vistar

    So ive been ordering from vistar lately. They couldnt keep up with demand. In the last 3 weeks we irdered iver 45k from them and they are bringing in deliveries 2 times a week. They are 7hrs away. They said they should be caught up this week but theyve said that before. They even overnighted 40 boxes of chips this week from cali to keep our business. Have you guys had problems with them before?
  4. I noticed the g9s have tgat fill button is that what its for?
  5. Thats what we were thinking, taking a picture of the coin mech to see how many coins where there right before they go to it. Or filling it up to the top of esxrow checking how many bills are there then checking it right after. All of my machines have g9s so im hoping that helps as well. On another note, ive been having alot of jams on the coinlux mechs, they keep getting jammed w pennies and 50c coins
  6. What do you guys with the bigger routes do to make sure employees dont steal?? We just grew over 900% and got 4 fulltimers everyday and wanna avoid theft. Is it total collections minus coin escrow added??
  7. Chip Card Reader

    2g is going away and 3g is guaranteed until 2022. At 200 a pop ill take em all day long. Just got 80 of them this month and all work perfectly. Worry about making more sales before you worry about chip readers
  8. Hacks

    So ine of my schools said their kids found a way to hack it. That they are inputting a code to get free cash and they lift the bin to get extra product. However i tried it and it doesnt happen, i think maybe they are trying but not actually doing it? Its the newer usi gv2 black diamond series. I contacted usi and no response yet
  9. Pairing motors

    The machine goes into a service mode that says PAIR. I thought you would know this well. The manual says pairing but says to remove a motor and spiral which makes it a single motor. I messed w it and it says pair in blue letters.
  10. Pairing motors

    Dude chill out if you dont know how to pair it then by all means dont help. I dont need someone telling me to look up manuals, i already did and it doesnt help it says that u can remove a motor and spiral and use only one spiral in the big space to vend bigger items, and thats not pairing. Thats removing rows and using single spirals to vend. THAT IS ALL IT SAYS IN THE MANUAL RANDY. So if you dont know how to do it then stop with the google it choir or look for manuals. Why have a thread then if your only going to tell people to google or find manuals. We post because most of us have alot of experience with vending and can help without telling people to find manuals. If you knew it would be easier saying press service, then 0 then 7 etc, rather than 5 useless posts about how manuals explain this. Must be hot as heck in Pheonix hu?
  11. Pairing motors

    The older blue display is not a new one. Its the previous version with bigger dark blue letters not turquoise. Will the product be fine with both spirals turning the same way paired? I vended 10 items all worked it just looks weird
  12. Pairing motors

    So i just noticed you can still pair them allthough they spin the same way the product drops like normal! Especially with ivend! Az u got the manual link?
  13. Hi guys so on the new black diamond machines we removed a candy tray by taking off the dividers and pairing 40 to 41, 41 to 42 etc. Work great. I got 10 that were silver color in the front and those both candy trays the spirals all face the same way instead of the selections working opposite. Say 40 turns clockwise then 41 does too instead of one counter clockwise as all dual coil chip selections do. How can i fix that do i need new motors or new spirals? Lastly i have an older 5 wide with a big blue display i thought it would pair the same as the newer ones. I go to pair menu and i dont know what to do from there. It says pair on the screen w blue big letters but i click enter or click most buttons and it does nothing. How do you pair on those machines??? Thanks in advance!
  14. Dual Coil 5 Wide Machine

    Vendo vue 40s break down alot, and parts are rare.