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  1. Az #1 theres no manual. #2 if you read what i posted test vending the motors works they DONT work if someone tries to pirchase something. The machine acts like it vended and keeps the money. This machine doesnt have a golden eye. Its not dumb to not have aps i dislike them period. Ps. I know its hot af in phoenix but take out your grumpyness elsewhere.
  2. I sold this machine because i dont use ap anymore. However the guy says that 3 of the top motors do not turn when purchasing an item. Not having sensors it takes peoples money. If you test vend them the motors DO turn so that rules out the motors. It showed no row 8 for a while then went away. What could it be?
  3. I have like 45 usi frozen machines and they are ok but i heard fastcorp is alot better. Id go with them, the new model can be had for under 6k if u buy a few
  4. Have like 150 to 200 of these some have 20 to 80 of the same key number. Make an offer for all of them. Also have like 60 bill validators and coin mechs some are new and some are the bill recyclers. Text 9159207445
  5. Put frozen pastries at the bottom of a tote. Say 10 boxes frozen on the bottom then the thawed ones on top. Here at 110 degree weather they will still stay fresh til the end of the day... if anytjing they sell those freezer gel packs the big ones you cannput 2 or 3 flat ontop inside the bins and they will last even more.
  6. Still got em its like 50 some are even the bill recyclers the mei
  7. Ive seen the ppwder one that looks like ground coffee i just feel like its too thick
  8. Hi guys so we got a folgers machine that has a hopper for creamer or hot choclate etc, the location is requesting hot tea. The machine can do it but im looking for product. What powdered teas do u guys use? Vustar only has a starbucks one thats 79 dollars. At the restaurant store there was like macha latte but thats a milky type tea they want like normal black tea?
  9. I have about 50 to 75 mixed coin mechs and validators. 1 ro 3 are the old metal ones. 8 to 12 are the non mdb ones. The rest are mdb. I wanna say 75% of them work 100%. I will ship all i will not go through them. Mayne 10 to 30 are mei cashflow and coinlux
  10. G10 for $191 brand new why buy any g8 or g9s
  11. I would say 1.5 times gross would be a good start. Depends on how many machines as well. Net income is a huge factor
  12. Im sure he didnt sell anything he just knows your not a sucker.
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