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  1. hmm swapped the display board and seems to be working
  2. Any of you guys here that have schools in Texas?
  3. have like 40 of these, they are the 3 wides frozen newer units. I hate em, the latches always get ice, and of the 40, 3 messed up within the first year one never worked to this date. one I placed a few months ago and the lights are out and the lower 3 buttons on the machine don't work.... i checked the plug that goes on that charger thing and still nothing. should have warranty but vendnet hasn't helped they have sent a local guy but no luck.
  4. so I've gotten complaints a bev 4 will just go out (display) sometimes this happens when they are making a purchase and it keeps their money. i verified it and its true... i was test vending it and at the third time the display went off and came back after I messed with it. but the credit was gone. anyone know of this issue or how to fix it?
  5. but are u guys refilling them? don't wanna lose even more had to throw thousands of items and donate
  6. still no sales in schools here in Texas. our revenue dropped over 90% since March. they have told us to unplug, empty, and flip them around. any of you guys back with them?
  7. i tried calling and cant find a source for vendors they think i wanna sell vending items on their website lol. is there like a tgird.party thing or bids? how would u find the plant manager? the news just shows the area and construction company. also u guys have machines or.micros?
  8. they are building one with 750 employees, has anyone gotten one? if so how?
  9. i got 6k for 6 employees. apperantly im also a candidate for $45k for PPP
  10. Since we dropped 95% sales, we had about 30,000 snacks in our warehouse i started selling them on craigslist for about double our cost. Today i sold $800 so its gonna keep us a bit busy. Good thing is federal finance and our mortgage let us forbear our accounts so i dont have to do those huge payments nor pay fees or interest
  11. I havent done any of these because they ask how much you lost but were still in the middle of it. Plus it asks what u need it for
  12. Choc chip and brownie sell really well
  13. I am down 90%. Its been like this for 3 weeks. Losing about 25k a week in sales. Had to temp lay off employees. Im gonna catch up with accounting and finish watching contagion lol. Anyone know about the small business loans? I was gonna apply but it asks how much you have lost. And i dont wanna ask for a loan if this keeps getting worse. I havent ordered or paid vistar either.
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