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  1. i tried calling and cant find a source for vendors they think i wanna sell vending items on their website lol. is there like a tgird.party thing or bids? how would u find the plant manager? the news just shows the area and construction company. also u guys have machines or.micros?
  2. they are building one with 750 employees, has anyone gotten one? if so how?
  3. i got 6k for 6 employees. apperantly im also a candidate for $45k for PPP
  4. Since we dropped 95% sales, we had about 30,000 snacks in our warehouse i started selling them on craigslist for about double our cost. Today i sold $800 so its gonna keep us a bit busy. Good thing is federal finance and our mortgage let us forbear our accounts so i dont have to do those huge payments nor pay fees or interest
  5. I havent done any of these because they ask how much you lost but were still in the middle of it. Plus it asks what u need it for
  6. Choc chip and brownie sell really well
  7. I am down 90%. Its been like this for 3 weeks. Losing about 25k a week in sales. Had to temp lay off employees. Im gonna catch up with accounting and finish watching contagion lol. Anyone know about the small business loans? I was gonna apply but it asks how much you have lost. And i dont wanna ask for a loan if this keeps getting worse. I havent ordered or paid vistar either.
  8. Yeah thats what im thinking they should be extending the school days hopefully. I will cover them a whole month but after that i think they should see if the govt helps them.
  9. I have 80% in schools, spring break our sales drop $60,000 in 2 weeks. They just extended 2 weeks off so thats $120,000 lost in revenue. I dont know what to offer my employees as theres no work. Are you guys still paying your employees their normal wages or are you guys suspending them temporarily? Does anyone know how we are supposed to get some relief in our business?
  10. All bills disabled message on a crane its the ones with the big blue buttons and blue screen. Im not there to check it but what would make it do this after years of properly working? Is it reprogramming or the bill validator
  11. Start upgrading to your own machines. Best decision ive made. Coke hates me here but they are in ALL accounts almost so a flo operator cant compete or remove them so screw that. Offer over 30 drinks, and sell drinks that are .11c to .65c cost for 1.50 to 1.75. The other thing is to raise your prices. Compete with the gas stations.
  12. Whats ur number az? Text me at 9159207445 if you dont wanna post it
  13. Its the number the motor says on it, they are brownish maroon wheel
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