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  1. Well im in line with competitors here and i do give alot of incentives sometimes. Our product line is great and so is the service and equipment. Ice cream cohs are at 28% due to transport and dedicated freezers etc.
  2. Yeah ima load up in parts for sure i ordered 25 to try em.
  3. Yes they said they arent they come w generic wraps but you can do dr pepper or coke
  4. I went ahead and raised all my prices. Some places were told in advance some through contracts. Wow! What a difference! I rose everything .25c. I was scared sales would drop alot as people who could buy chips for $1 now would pay 1.25. Candy from 1.25 to 1.50. Ice cream from 1.25 to 2.25 to 1.50 to 2.50. 16.9oz from $1.25 to $1.50, 20oz powerades from $1.50 to $1.75 etc. Results after 1 month. Previous month before increase gross sales: $115,700.00 Cogs: $51,263. 44.3% Net: $64,437 This month: Gross sales $127,650 Cogs: $44,677 35% Net: $82,973 An extra $18,500 NET this month while ordering About $7,000 less in product or roughly stocking over 14,000 items Less! This is great! Sales actually went up, while items sold went down (as expected). My inventory orders are alot smaller yet theres more cash. $18,500 in profit more per month = $222,000 per year in profit and carrying less items. Just for a measly .25c. So raise your prices! Only bad thing is we went from adding about $3000 a month of quarters in the mechs to $2500 a week in quarters. But its all goo
  5. What problems have u guys encountered?
  6. How.much is the mei readers? And the plastic panels?
  7. Yup get calls about this weekly, tell them to check their account the next day and if it goes through, for them to call you. They never call back
  8. The bottlers here are my enemies. Im glad i didnt join them, as im taking a bunch of their accounts. They are bevmax 4s, but ive never had any. I also got a guy who worked from coke and knows how to fix em easy. He just said the cups mess up.
  9. Are these good? Got them down from $3800. A pop refurbed to $2500 a pop refurbed for 25 units. Im looking for reliable glass fronts, whats the pros and cons about them? Vendo vue 40s and royal 550s i hate.
  10. I got rid of 6 slow accounts that would make 200 to 400 a month gross. Sold all 6 w 11 machines for $30k with that i bought 18 usi 5 wides refurbed and those placed are making like $15k a month. Smart move.
  11. Pastries should be at 1.25 to 1.50 too. Yes some dudes price em at 90c and what not but you want new machines that accept apple pay and great service? Then its gonna cost. As long as you are cheaper than the gast station who cares. Would u rather pay 1.25 with tax outside your office or 1.89 plus tax and drive there?
  12. Apple leisure same here. Pmms and snikers are all .58 here and thats the best sellers, i will sometimes carry kit kats. But i dont get vendors that have all 10 spirals with chocolates. I sell more .30 to .38c cost items than chocolates and way better margins (rice krispies, oreos, corn nuts, trail mix, fruit gummies, sponch, barritas, etc)
  13. Everyone raise your prices. Im at 1.25 no com 1.50 w comission. At my sams they are still .59 to .61
  14. Doesnt the newer mei mechs set up for 5s usually fix the problem? Or would it be the machine
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