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  1. There a guy not this guy but another guy who says he has 18 of these in storage and were used for 2 years. Are these good machines? https://albuquerque.craigslist.org/bfs/d/vending-machine/6768979391.html
  2. What everyone stated this would be a guaranteed fail. #1 prices are too high as those machines suck. #2 u will never run it right if you arent involved. You need to be the salesman, accountant, manager, warehouse manager, repairman, mover, stocker, etc. Your employee may quit or may need to get fired, the business must be serviced with or without them. 250 for 2 days of work is ridiculous. Then you have a van, repairs, etc to add to it. So you wanna offer 80k to net 25k a year? You do know that means for 3+ years you would have to stay fully consistent not losing accounts or machines messing up to brake even?
  3. Usat is 219 for g10s i think 5.75 per swipe and 6 a month. Nayax i saw 199 and 5.95 a month. Parlevel is 13?
  4. I was actually thinking of advertising moves for machines. 16ft npr w modded liftgate i can do like 8 machines super quick and safely. With what ppl are paying here i think i should.
  5. I used to do it like that back in the day. Ill probably pay for it in a few years when im in a wheelchair. 5 guys should be super easy 2 of us would lift them like this on a lifted tundra. Dangerous af too.
  6. So i can do a g10 on those meis? Does it still take payrange and all? I rather just use the g10s
  7. Thanks, so you take off the dude eating chips? That doesnt seem ada at all haha
  8. I have some mei bvs that take credit card but i dont know how to put them on to usatech somehow.
  9. TKK

    Stop growth?

    Yes the schools kick our butt when they are off
  10. The 6 wide newer ones. I cant find a plate or somewhere to mount. Please tell me you dont have to drill it...
  11. TKK

    Stop growth?

    Yes, i usuqlly get accounts that the assets get paid off in 6 months to a year. I have also sold many machines to keep up, sometimes id buy one for 200$ sell for 1k etc...
  12. How big do you guys plan on getting? Ive surpassed any goals i could have possibly dream of years ago. And it seems that we cant even get a week without getting requests or new acts. My problem right now is not paying off debt like i should. Cash flows great, margins great, but machines are expensive, especially since we buy like new or new models $1800-6k each machine. When do you guys say this is enough lets stop and pay debt, or is it always growth regardless of slow payoffs on debt?
  13. TKK

    Gps monitoring

    Really? Is it very noticable? I also have tmobile
  14. Anyone have a good gps tracker for route vehicles? Monthly fees or one time fees?